Some may argue: “I’m just exercising. I don’t need special clothes. Any old t-shirt and shorts will do.” Nothing wrong with that. However, why not invest in activewear that looks and feels great?

Wearing the right workout clothes can improve your sports performance and, most importantly, will make you feel good. The right activewear can make you feel comfortable and gives you that confidence boost you need to tackle an exercise session with gusto. Here is what you should consider when you shop for activewear.

Where to start:

Where to Start with activewear

First, decide what activity or sport you will mainly need the garments for, and shop for sportswear that is appropriate and that you are sure you will wear regularly.


Ask yourself:

  • What sports do you engage in often?
  • How many time do your work out per week?

Look for clothing that can offer you durability and comfort, especially if you engage in outdoor or endurance activities.

The fabric and seam placement of each t-shirt, leggings or shorts should match your frame, prevent chaffing and help control temperature. Good quality activewear will offer you movability, breathability and moisture-wicking so you can make the most of your workout under this Singapore weather.

Different sports, proper sportswear

Different activities demand different types of apparel. Invest in pieces that are more important for your preferred activity.

High-intensity training

Image credit: DIMENSIONE DANZA on Yoox

If you are doing some kind of high-intensity training, a well-constructed garment made with a compression fabric will support your muscles and help a speedy recovery. Invest in quality leggings, sports bra with good support and form-fitting tops.

  • DIMENSIONE DANZA Bra Elastic Logo Active Sports bras and performance tops at Yoox (with up to 5% cashback) from $67

Football, basketball and other high contact sports

Image credit: Nike

Intense cardio and outdoors sports will for sure make you sweat heaps in this weather. Go for wicking fabrics and tighter fitting clothes appropriate for each sport that allows for freedom of movement. Invest in good shoewear and form-fitting pieces that aren’t restrictive.

  • Women’s NBA T-Shirt Los Angeles Lakers Nike Dri-FIT at Nike (with up to 18% cashback) from $49


Image credit: Adidas on Asos

Invest in running shorts with a design that allow greater movement. Most importantly, choose appropriate running shoes that come with some sort of cushioning to absorb shock, maximise movement and at the same time avoid any injuries to the knee, ankles and feet.

Also crucial to include in your shopping list is a breathable sports bra that offers sufficient support, compression and is the right fit for you.

  • adidas Originals adicolor three stripe shorts in black at Asos (with up to 3.5% cashback) from $42.61


Image credit: JD Sports

Like to go for long bike rides around the island? Invest in a pair of bike shorts or a lycra suit with padding. Lycra is a popular choice because it is aerodynamic, weather resistant and fast drying.

  • Pink Soda Sport Tape Cycle Shorts from JD Sports (with up to 8% cashback) from $29.90

Yoga and pilates

Image credit: LNDR on Zalora

In this type of low impact activities, the most important is that you feel comfortable. Invest in lightweight legging or yoga pants, and singlet or t-shirts that are more form-fitting, so they don’t hinder your poses.

  • LNDR Space Crop Top Seamless Medium Support Sports Bra at Zalora (from 11% cashback) from $125.60

Walking and low-intensity workouts


Image credit: Puma on Zalora

Pants, shorts, T-shirts, the choice is yours. The most important thing to look out for is the type of fabric used. Cotton pieces work well if you don’t expect to sweat for an extended, but if considering the high humidity weather, if you plan to be outdoors often, more breathable fabric will help.

  • Puma On The Brink Short Sleeve Womens Tee at Zalora (with up to 11% cashback) from $69

Choose according to your body type

If you follow the “look good, feel good” motto, you will want to dress in pieces that enhance the parts you love the most about yourself. So you might want to consider pieces that are suitable for your body type. Here are some broad considerations:

when shopping activewear

Don't get anything you don't feel comfortable with or you wouldn't wear to exercise right now.

For example, there is no point in getting a crop top if you will only plan to wear it when you finally have 6-pack abs.


Find clothes that fit your specific body type. The right fit will allow you to move freely and look your best.

1. Straight Body Type

Image credit: THE UPSIDE on Farfetch

A “straight” body type is identified when the bust and hips are even in width. People with this body shape tend to prefer pieces that enhance or add more curves to their figure.

Some tips for doing so is to wear different colours for the top and bottom and go for clothes with patterns or horizontal lines. Look for items that will define your waist.


2. Pear Body Shape

A pear body type carries more width on the hips that on the top half of the body, and has a somewhat defined waist. To balance the figure, people with this body type will prefer to draw more attention to the top by choosing sports bras or singlets in bright colours.

Another option is to choose tops with scoop necklines that show off your bust area and still give enough support for any workout.

3. Spoon Body Type

Image credit: Ivy Park on Asos

Spoon body types have hips larger than the bust and a defined waist with shapely lower legs and arms. Go for tops that enhance your top half and show off your arms. Tops with curved down straps or sleeves are a good option.

For the bottom, choose leggings that are above-ankle, skin-tight length to give it a slimming effect.

  • Ivy Park Active Seamless Knitted Capri Legging In Blue on Asos (with up to 3.5% cashback) from $22.23

4. Oval/Apple Type

Oval body types are characterised by having full waists, broad shoulders, a flatter bottom and slender legs. For this body type, v-neck t-shirts that show off and define your collar bone are quite flattering. For the boom half, pick Capri-length leggings.

5. Hourglass Type

Image credit: Lululemon

Hourglass body types show a defined waist with a balanced size in both hips and bust. To enhance this body shape, go for crop tops, printed or monochromatic, that enhance the slimmest part of your waist.

For the bottom half, choose fitted and high waisted leggings that enhance your curves.

  • Energy Bra Long Line Foil at Lululemon from $53.15

(Disclaimer: These are only generic suggestions and meant for guidance and shopping inspiration. If you don’t identify with it, please go ahead and shop whatever clothing you fancy the most.)

Independently of the sport you choose or the body type you identify yourself with, there are some rules of thumb when it comes to activewear shopping:

  • Higher cost doesn’t always equate to higher quality. Do your research and trial the items.
  • Splurge: If you want to invest in higher quality garments, spend more on a quality sports bra and good quality shoewear. These really make a difference.
  • Save: Go budget on tops, t-shirts and other accessories.
  • Give attention to your lower body staple garments like leggings that tend to suffer the most stress when used. The better quality they have, the longer they will last.
    • Very important: Do the “squat test” before buying leggings to make sure they aren’t too transparent.

Where to Shop for the best activewear

Luxury brands we love

BrandWhat it offers


London-based premium brand that offers high-quality pieces that are breathable, well-fitted, feeling almost like a "second skin". You can find it at Zalora.

Ivy Park

This is the famed Beyonce's brand that offers high-tech and super trendy activewear. You can purchase it at Zalora.

Fenty Puma

Fenty Puma is the result of the collaboration betweenPUMA and Rihanna. The result is a designer sportswear collection that feels luxe. Buy it through Farftech.


Nike doesn't need an introduction as it is one of the most successful sportswear brands in the world, constantly offering new clothing designs and high-performance shoes. You can shop Nike through ShopBack.


Lululemon is a Canadian brand, best known for its yoga-inspired apparel.


It is a premium athleisure brand that combines high-performance sportswear designs with a distinct touch. You can shop UnderArmour through ShopBack.


This top brand is iconic and easy to recognise by its signature three-stripe motif. 

The Upside

The Upside is an Australian activewear brand that offers chic athleisure pieces in vibrant prints and patterns. You can shop The Upside through Farfetch.

Alo Yoga

Originally from Los Angeles, Alo Yoga carries athleisure clothing with high-end details such as cutouts, lacing and meshes.


This fitness brand was created by Kate Hudson and offers an athleisure collection that feels elevated and super comfortable.


Affordable brands easily available in Singapore

  • Decathlon – offers affordable sportswear, shoes & gear for all the sports you can think of.
  • Cotton ON Body (with up to 5% cashback) – offers women’s activewear and gym’s clothes with trendy designs and at an attractive price point.

Local brands to try

BrandWhat it offers

Theia Active

Theia Active is an affordable brand that combines luxury designs with quality to create activewear that is long-lasting and suitable for multiple sports.

Rangoon Club Culture

Rangoon Active collection stands out for its versatile and modern designs that are appropriate for both the gym and life in the city.

Tough Cookie Apparel

This is probably the sexiest brand in the list. The collection offers pieces for yogis, aerial enthusiasts and pole dancers.

FITTA Active Wear

The high-quality brand was created by sports enthusiasts for sports enthusiasts that wish to look elegant while working out.


Kydra is one of the popular local brands for gym goers in Singapore. They keep growing their collection and offer activewear for both men and women.


Now you know what to shop and where to shop, so what are you waiting for? Watch out for all the Fashion deals when you shop through ShopBack.

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