Singaporeans take food very seriously and our world-famous hawker-centres are just one of our greatest achievements. But even as we celebrate the best of local food, we also love to try out new and interesting cuisines from around the world. With ShopBack GO, you can embark on your own gourmet world tour without even leaving Singapore!

Before I go on to talk about some of my favourite 1-for-1 deals, this is the one and only cheatsheet that you will need for the best value-for-money deals that you can enjoy on ShopBack GO! You can save up to ~$35 just by dining with ShopBack GO and it is really simple!

Breakfast Essentials

It is scientifically proven that breakfast helps to improve the energy levels and metabolism rate of our body which allows us to work more efficiently throughout the day, alongside many other health benefits. So grab a coffee and croissant and you will be cruising through the day in no time!


For the caffeine addicts, head to Spinelli’s for a quick coffee stop before you go to work. The strong and aromatic scent of Spinelli’s Flat White will definitely keep you awake and energised throughout a whole day at work!

Boulangerie Asanoya

Bread is a staple in my breakfast routine, and to have yours from Boulangerie Asanoya will be the best way to clock in the carbs for that day. Reach for the Matcha Salted Egg Croissant for a delightful combination of sweet and savoury that is bound to delight!

Lunch for Two?

Got an upcoming date? Or even a simple weekday lunch and dinner requires you to rack your brains pondering over where to eat? I face that issue too and simply use my ShopBack app to search for nearby restaurants that I can dine at! Here are some of my favourite choices!

The Salted Plum

I love Taiwanese food to bits and I’ve never found a place in Singapore that is on par with that of Taiwan. The closest and best you can get is gonna be at The Salted Plum. Conveniently located at Suntec City and offering some of the best Taiwanese dishes at affordable prices, I highly recommend trying out the Crab Omelette made with real crab meat (U.P ~$20) and the Lu Rou (U.P. ~$15), the famous Taiwanese braised pork.


Jam-packed with flavours and spices in a freshly grilled tortilla, a burrito from Muchachos is what dreams are made of. And when you can get double the joy with the 1-for-1 Burrito/Bowl deal via ShopBack GO, we suggest you grab a friend and hurry down! With fillings ranging from chicken, beef, pork, fish, tongue and also a vegetarian option, Muchachos caters to each and every one of their diners and make sure you leave happy!

Liang Sandwich Bar

If you are a fan of Jay Chou, then you will certainly want to give this a shot! Liang Sandwich Bar has earned its fame as Jay Chou’s favourite sandwich and is pretty much a Chinese version of roti prata. And we love it! It marries the crispy and fluffy roti prata with juicy fillings such as ham and cheese to create a perfect symphony of flavours, ideal for lovers of savoury food.


We are always talking about fashion that takes us from day to night, but what Rookery does with food is bringing you through an amazing journey from brunch to drinks. Nestled in CBD, Rookery is the perfect mid-day pick-me-up (p.s. the coffee is amazing) while transforming into a relaxed bar for an after-work drinks session with your mates. We reckon this is the best you can get in the CBD for quality food and good comfort.


You don’t have to take a plane to get to Germany in this case. Simply head on over to Brotzeit and you can get a real and authentic taste of Germany right here in sunny Singapore. Germany is famous for its sausages and the Classic Berner Sausages are seasoned to perfection here. Get the 1-for-1 4-Course Set Lunch on weekdays (U.P. ~$25) that is more than enough for two. Unless you are Zermatt Neo and would like to take up a challenge?

If you’re looking for more inspiration on where to head for your meals, check out the many 1-for-1 deals that ShopBack GO has to offer!

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