My comrades who are fighting (or complaining about) the haze, I know how hard it is. I stepped on a lovely Saturday morning only to be greeted by The Haze that got my nose sniffing every time the bus doors open.

As a kiasu Singaporean, surgical masks are aplenty in my home. But as usual, the absent-minded me forgot to put one in my bag. And then I found out the hard way that it is impossible to buy any masks once The Haze strikes. After failing to get my hands on the N95 masks that are sold out in the 2 Watsons and 2 Guardian stores that I visited, I settled with the rather useless surgical mask just to get me through the day. It then fueled my impulse decision to buy not one, but two air purifiers when the moment I got home. 

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What should I look for in an air purifier?

  1. Choosing the correct type of air cleaner: There is a difference between an Air Purifier and an Ionizer. The former sucks air in and runs it through a filter to get rid of the tiny particles; the latter releases ions into the air so dust will clump together. An ionizer will dirty the surrounding floor which can be a real bummer. I suggest looking for those that come as a 2-in-1 air purifier cum ionizer!
  2. Filters: A good air purifier is fitted with at least a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter which removes 99.97% of pollutants, including the tiny and hazardous PM2.5 particles (which are aplenty in the haze). Air purifiers which have a negative ion filter also remove contaminants and microorganisms from the air. Those fitted with a carbon filter will also help to trap and eliminate odour.
  3. Area covered: Make sure the air purifier is suitable for your room in terms of area of coverage. As a rough guide, an air purifier with an area of coverage of 70 square meters will be suitable for a new three-room Housing Board flat.
  4. Price: Air Purifiers with smart features such as smartphone controls and mosquito catching functions tend to be more expensive. But no matter what your budget is, you can get some cashback on air purifiers sold by our merchants here.
  5. Warranty: If you’ve opted for a less expensive air purifier, I will say you spend money to extend the warranty. You are most probably be leaving the air purifier on for at least 18 hours during the haze season so it is good to have a warranty. Look up on the warranty coverage of the air purifier before you purchase!
  6. Check user reviews: Just as you’re about to read mine, do search up on other user reviews to find the one best suited for your home!

For The Living Room – Philips AC2887/30

woman pressing the controls on an air purifier
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I spend the bulk of my time on weekends solidifying my family status as a couch potato. Living in a resale flat also means that my living room is huge and hence calls for an air purifier that covers at least 70 sqm. To spare you the trouble, I’ve done my fair share of research before buying the Philips AC2887/30 and here’s what I love about it.

What I love:

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1. Clean and Sleek Design

The clean and sleek design of the AC2887/30 fits into any home setting without sticking out like a sore thumb. While it looks fab, it needs to serve its purpose and that is where the Aerasense PM2.5 Sensorcomes into play. It can detect extremely fine particles smaller than PM2.5 and automatically adjusts the settings to ensure cleaner air output. 

2. Installation is a breeze (literally)

I’m a clutz when it comes to putting things together but the filters in the AC2887/30 were so easy to install. I had no trouble putting the purifier together and if the clutz can do it, so can you. The carbon filters certainly served its purpose as there was no burnt odour at home and the air smelled crisp. 

3. Low Noise at Sleep Mode

I shamelessly admit that my air purifier is set to Sleep Mode all the time. I enjoy watching Netflix with minimum disturbance for maximum indulgence but it is really up to you.

4. Allergen Mode for the Allergic me.

One main consideration I had was – will I ever have any use for it besides combatting the haze? Yes, I assure you. Yes, a million times. Besides the General mode, the Allergen mode was my personal favourite as my entire family live with sinus. The Bacteria and Virus mode will be useful for those of you with kids and elderly as it will keep all the harmful germs at bay.

Miscellaneous considerations

1. High price point

I bought mine when there was a sale and using the Lazada promo codes to earn my cashback, so it was a worthwhile purchase for me. If you don’t have to dig deep into your wallet to fork out S$699, then I say you go for this.

Find out more about the Philips AC2887/30 here.

For The Bedroom – Xiaomi Air Purifier 2S

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China-manufactured home and living products have long shed their unreliable image. With huge names in the smartphone market, it is of no wonder that Xiaomi made the move into the industry. The Air Purifier 2S marks a remarkable advancement for Xiaomi as it solidified their position in the market as a frontrunner of home and living tech products. If you like to keep your windows open at night just like I do, then you certainly need this to keep the air clean.

What I love:

white air purifier with round panel display
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1. A smart device for the 21st Century

The OLED display, Mi Home app controls, laser sensor and voice assistant all in one? The smart controls are extremely useful and user-friendly even for my parents. With a few taps on the Mi Home mobile app and a few spoken words, the purifier does anything you want it to.

2. The super cool tower structure

With over 900 intake holes, it is optimized for maximum air intake and efficient air filtration within a short 10 minutes. I use the app to turn on the purifier, check on the air conditions in my room and change the fan settings while never leaving my bed.

3. Extremely low power consumption

If you run the purifier on Normal Mode, it uses only 4.8 watts of power – which is less than an LED light bulb! Crazy, I know, but not as crazy as the tech that goes behind this. And if your parents ever nag at you for not turning the purifier off, just let them know that it consumes less power than the light bulbs in your room.

4. Changing the filter is as easy as changing a battery

Pop it out. Pop it in. Changing the cylindrical filter has been the one and the only task I don’t shy away from when assigned by my parents. You only need to do so every 6 months and it will work perfectly for the rest of the time.

Miscellaneous considerations

1. Not for the Trypophobics

I have friends who have trypophobia and they can’t take a single look at the purifier. Fortunately for me, I don’t live with the phobia but I cover my purifier with a cloth whenever my friends visit. 

2. Short 1-year warranty

As far as I am concerned, a good product should last for a minimum of 2 years. The 1-year warranty was a bit of a bummer to me but you can enquire about warranty extension if you are purchasing it directly from the store. For those of you who are not particular about this as it is cheaper, then this will be the ideal choice for you.


What else can you do to protect yourself from haze?

Apart from getting a good air purifier, there are other additional precautions you can take to protect yourself from the unavoidable haze.

Don’t exercise outdoors

Avoid outdoor exercises during this period. Heavy breathing will just lead to a higher intake of air which has a higher concentration of pollutants. Although it sounds inconvenient, we suggest working out indoors with your windows closed or at the gym. Go for boxing and yoga classes that will still give you the workout you need.

Wear the N95 mask

No use looking like a doctor or a ninja when the sole enemy you will be fighting is the haze.

Take more Vitamin A, C & E

Food rich in Vitamin A help protect your eyes and lungs. Vitamin A is needed for maintaining the health of mucous membranes, which will be affected adversely by the haze.

Vitamin C and E contribute to the health of lung tissue. Thus, daily supplements of these two vitamins will help prevent inflammation of the lungs.

Should you get one?

If your pocket says yes and your home has space, then definitely go for it. Be it to fight the haze or just to clean up the air at home, an air purifier is a worthy investment that will improve the quality of living and your family’s health as well.

*Article originally published in Sep 2016. Update on 17 Sep 2019Featured Image credit:

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