Gamers unite! Or actually split. Between the Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch, all of which have their loyal following, it is hard to choose a clear winner amongst them. In this age of game exclusivity, a gamer’s biggest woe is not the price tag, but rather which console to get.

Here, we dive into the key features and offerings that set the three players apart and help you decide which is the best to get.

When the Nintendo Switch was just released, it was barely considered a direct competitor to the Xbox and Playstation in terms of gameplay and experience. It was simply seen as a portable extension of a gaming console and lacked that particular edge to compete with the latest releases of the Xbox and Playstation.

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Yet, the Nintendo Switch remains one of the most popular items, especially whenever there’s a sale. And here’s why.

Nintendo Switch

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Launched in March 2017, the Switch is a newer concept than the Xbox and Playstation, specifically in its ability to work both as a portable handheld console and a home gaming console. But even then, we found it rather unwise to directly compare it with the Xbox or Playstation.

Game exclusivity aside, the Nintendo Switch does not have many of the features and specs that the Xbox and Playstation have. It is prioritised as a handheld console before it is a home gaming console system, and hence should not be directly compared against the two.

Game Library

The Switch started out with only 13 games for play. But fast forward two years later, players will be spoilt for choice with an overflowing library filled with 400+ games. Headliner games such as Super Mario Odyssey and Super Smash Bros; Fortnite; The Legend of Zelda are just some of the many games that are in store for you. For the Pokemon lovers, there’s a special Zcian and Zamazenta edition of the Switch Lite that you can purchase here!

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With an ever-increasing game library, we will recommend going for the Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite Console if you are looking for a monster game library at the tips of your hands, and even more so if you love the Nintendo-exclusive games!

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Tech Specs and Features

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Nothing, in particular, to mention here as there’s no fantastic screen resolution or gaming specs that are on par with the Xbox and Playstation. But it is impossible to downplay the portability of the Switch, not with the ability to game while on a flight or busting out a quick session of Super Smash Bros while waiting for your girlfriend to finish shopping. 

You can access the online multiplayer feature at a monthly subscription fee of S$5, which also allows you to add friends directly from your friend list on 3DS and WiiU. But Switch does not support Twitch or YouTube streaming, nor allows you to stream Netflix. Minor issue, but could possibly set the Switch apart as an all-rounded entertainment console.

Price and worthiness

At S$499.00, the Switch is just slightly cheaper than the Xbox and Playstation, and even 2 years after its launch, the Switch is still in one of the frontrunners in the market. There’s a high possibility that you can get your Switch cheaper than the retail price, especially during the upcoming Black Friday sales!

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The Nintendo Switch Lite released less than a month ago retails at S$329.00, much cheaper and lighter than the original Switch. Although it is considered the budget version of the Switch, Switch Lite seems to boast a more robust construction as no switching up of parts is required, and you will still be able to access all the games of the original Switch. 

Old school Gameboy lovers will feel absolutely at home with the Switch Lite, which is what you should go for if you’re looking for a handheld console.

Xbox vs Playstation

There’s a good reason why we didn’t split these two up. Their overall features are rather similar and it would be much better (and easier) to look at them together.

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Game Library

Both the Xbox and Playstation boast a respectable library of quality games featuring some of the biggest names such as Apex Legends, Borderlands 3 and Cyberpunk 2077. Fortnite is also available, similar to the Switch. The only disparity comes at the exclusive games tied to the console.

There are a few subscriptions that you should know about:

  • Xbox Game Pass – Access to more than 100 games to download and play
    • 1-Month Subscription: US$9.99
  • Xbox Live Gold – Online Multiplayer access; up to 4 free games per month; discounts via Deals with Gold
    • 1-Month Subscription: US$9.99

* Subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which gives you access to both the Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass games for just US$14.99 per month.

  • PS Now – stream over 800 most popular and newest games (PS2 – PS4 inclusive) for:
    • 1-Month Membership: US$9.99
    • 3-Month Membership: US$24.99
    • 12-Month Membership: US$59.99
  • PS Plus – Online Multiplayer access; access to free PS4 games each month; up to 75% off in the PS store, early access to demos, 100GB of cloud storage.
    • 14-day trial for first-timers
    • 1-Month Membership: US$9.99
    • 3-Month Membership: US$24.99
    • 12-Month Membership: US$59.99
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Xbox-exclusives include the Halo Series, Project Scarlett, Gears of War 4 and Sea of Thieves. While Playstation-exclusives seem to boast even bigger names, most notably being Marvel’s Spider-Man, and others such as Bloodborne and God of War. Avid gamers will also be thrilled that Playstation will play host to Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding, his first-ever game since leaving Konami.

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Tech Specs and Features

Both consoles have 8GB RAM and a 500GB hard drive, but the PS4 takes the lead here with the Full HD 1080p resolution which the Xbox lacks in. Most games will also run at 30FPS since they are commonly made with the console’s specifications in mind.

If resolution matters, then we suggest going for the premium versions – Xbox One X (S$699.00 for 1TB) and the PS4 Pro (S$599.00). Similar to the normal consoles, the PS4 Pro’s resolution is just a tad better than the One X, although both are 4K consoles.

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VR gameplay is only available on the Playstation as well, with Microsoft stating that it is unlikely the Xbox will move into the field. We personally think that’s a huge miss on Microsoft’s front as VR gaming has been slowly gaining popularity in recent years.

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Broadcasting your gameplay directly to Twitch is possible via both consoles, with the Playstation being able to stream YouTube as well. The PS4 can also connect to an alternative device such as PS Vita, PC or Mac, while the Xbox connects to any Windows 10 PC, laptop or tablet.

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Price and Future

If you are on a rather tight budget, you might want to go for the Xbox One S or the PS4 Slim instead. Both versions are priced at around S$450.00, with the One S gaining the edge here with its Blu-ray feature.

There are offers that are way cheaper than the retail price, especially during the sales season! We recommend getting yours through a legitimate seller on Amazon or Lazada.

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The PS5 has been slated to release in the end of 2020 with Microsoft’s own Project Scarlett to follow. You will still be able to get a lot of great games and content with the current consoles, so don’t skip out on it just yet. If you plan to get the new PS5, it would be wise to get the current PS4, same goes for the Xbox and Project Scarlett. Both new consoles are slated to release with full backwards compatibility, so any games you purchase now can still be played on the next console.


Game Library

Each console has its exclusive games, and depending on the kind of games you like, the corresponding console will be your best choice! One additional thing to note, Singapore has seemingly fewer Xbox players, so the online multiplayer function might not be expressed to the full potential here.

Tech specs and future

Apart from the VR capability, there is little difference between the Playstation and Xbox in terms of features and services. As for the Nintendo Switch, portability set it apart from its competition.

Pricing and future

In terms of pricing and features, it is hard to differentiate the Xbox and PS4. The biggest comparison and deciding factor should come from the exclusive games you can find on either console. Both consoles are constantly getting new upgrades so you might just want to hold till 2020 where Sony’s PS5 is slated for release.

Do note that the Playstation requires an S$20/month or S$129/year subscription service, Playstation Now, if you wish to play older generation games.

Overall, we personally lean towards the Playstation, purely due to how amazing Spider-Man and God of War was. The incoming Death Stranding, though still unreleased, would definitely be a must-buy for any Kojima fans too. Of course, the Xbox and Nintendo Switch also has their pros as well and it ultimately boils down to what is the most suitable for your gaming needs! 

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