With the hype surrounding Apple Watch Series 6 release in Singapore, the device might seem like an “over-glorified time keeper” at first glance. However, there are some compelling reasons to get one. Imagine exercising without your phone, not having to fumble for your wallet at the store. Compared to other fitbits, this neat tool also has unique features to justify the price hike. 

This bad boy might just become one of your best purchases. But wait! What are the differences between the Apple Watches? Should you even get one in the first place? Read on to find out!

Price Comparison of Apple Watches in Singapore

Apple WatchSeries 6SESeries 3
Connectivity GPS
GPS + Cellular
GPS + Cellular
PriceFrom $599From $419From $299

Of course, we’ve got to examine the price tags first. In ascending order – Series 3, SE, Series 6.

The Series 6 is almost twice the price of Series 3 in Apple Store Singapore, *gasp* how can?

Let’s take a closer look at the features of these watches and find out why. 

Differences between Series 6, SE and Series 3

Apple WatchSeries 6SESeries 3
DisplayAlways-on retina displayRetina displayRetina display
Stainless Steel
Battery18-hour “all-day”18-hour “all-day”18-hour “all-day”
ProcessorDual-core S6 SiPDual-core S5 SiPDual-core S3 SiP
Apple Pay supportYesYesYes
Emergency SOSYesYesYes
Optical heart sensorYesYesYes
Fall detectionYesYesNo
Blood Oxygen readingsYesNoNo
ECG readingsYesNoNo

There are also several different colours available. By far, Series 6 has the most variety of options.

  • Series 6
    • Aluminium – Silver, Space Grey, Gold, Blue, Red
    • Stainless Steel – Silver, Graphite, Gold
    • Titanium – Titanium, Space Black
  • SE
    • Aluminium – Silver, Space Grey, Gold
  • Series 3
    • Aluminium – Silver, Space Grey

Now it seems like Series 6 is definitely a forerunner in this competition. It’s time to examine the unique, and common features of the Series 6 that makes it so special.

Key features of Apple Watch Series 6

Blood oxygen readings

Apple Watch Series 6 Blood Oxygen function
Image Credit: Apple

Blood oxygen saturation of a healthy person is around 95-100%. If the readings are out of that range, it signals potential health issues. We all know how much the government emphasises on our health. No matter how healthy of an individual you are, it always doesn’t hurt to be always alert. Now Apple Watch Series 6 can measure your blood oxygen on demand via the app. Also, you can set up your device to measure readings in the background or during sleep. Note that the readings are not meant for medical use, but for general health purposes.

ECG readings

Apple Watch Series 6 ECG
Image Credit: Apple

Electrocardiogram (ECG) records your heartbeat and rhythm, and identifies any irregularities. Apple Watch Series 6 allows you to take a reading anytime, anywhere within approximately 30 seconds. But, note that it cannot detect a heart attack, blood clots, or other heart conditions. This cool feature is only available in a few countries, including Singapore!

Sleep app

Apple Watch Sleep App
Image Credit: Apple

The new Sleep app allows you to set your sleep schedule, and it is available on all apple watch models. But what’s special is that the Apple Watch Series 6 has a better battery efficiency and faster charging, so it can handle your sleep data well. Another nifty feature is the Wind Down function, weaning you off your phone before bedtime. Most Singaporeans have trouble maintaining a healthy sleep schedule. So we definitely see how the Apple Watch might help improve that. 

Always-on display

Apple Watch Series 6 always-on display with fitness data
Image Credit: Apple

Always-on display allows time and other information to be always visible – even when you’re not using your Apple Watch. This means that you don’t need to raise your wrist to see the time. Fitness metrics, such as calories burnt, distance ran, will always be on the screen. This is also a unique feature that’s only available in this model.

Which Apple Watch should you get?

Now, before you rush to the nearest Apple Store Singapore, let’s do a final evaluation. 

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6
Image Credit: Apple Singapore

If you want a premium health tracking, fitness device, go for the Apple Watch Series 6. It runs very smoothly and has super sick features and colours unique to this model. Understand that given the high price tag, not everyone has the budget for it. However, there are some features that are pretty innovative and we can see how they can be possibly useful! However, if you’re already an Apple Watch Series 4 or 5 user, keep your wallet in your pockets. There’s little reasons to do the upgrade, unless you’re really intrigued by the new features. 

Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE
Image Credit: Apple Singapore

SE is overall a lower-cost alternative to Series 6. Although similar in design, it lacks several features. For instance, there is no always-on display, blood oxygen, or ECG readings. This device also only comes in aluminium, the cheapest and lightest of all available casing materials. However, it supports all basic Apple Watch functions like heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, fitness activity. 

If you’re looking for a nifty watch, go for Apple Watch SE. Given the price difference, it might be worth making the upgrade from Apple Watch Series 3. You get a more pleasing display and faster performance overall. 

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3
Image Credit: Apple Singapore

Series 3 is overall an older watch design with a smaller display screen compared to the other two contenders. Similarly, it’s also lacking key features of Series 6. Here, the key disadvantages are the slower S3 chip and smaller display. Apple Watch SE’s S5 chip delivers up to twice faster performance than Apple Watch Series 3. So, you can imagine the Series 6 is even faster.

But still, the Series 3 does a decent job with basic functions available. If you’re not an extensive watch user, or just want a functional watch to flex on your friends and neighbours, go for this model!

Where to get an Apple Watch?

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