Love them or hate them, Apple products are immensely popular in Singapore and around the world. Despite the premium they charge for their products; lots of people still flock to get the newest Apple products when it drops. his is where we come in. Here at ShopBack, we are all about being The Smarter Way, so here are some ways you can save money while buying Apple products.

Get a Refurbished Model From Apple 

Macbook Pro
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Although the word refurbished may make you think twice, the reality is that refurbished products are substantially cheaper and almost as good as the brand new ones. However, the Apple refurbished program only applies to Mac, Apple Ipad and Apple iPod.

A quick check of the Apple Store revealed that a refurbished 15 Inch MacBook Pro at S$2969 sells for a good S$530 less than the new version at S$3499. This is nothing to sniff at considering that all refurbished models come with an Apple guarantee. Before the refurbished models go on sale, their MacBook (or similar products) will undergo an extensive refurbishment process to restore it. In addition, the products come with the same standard warranty as the new products. If you are still not convinced, you can consider purchasing AppleCare to lengthen Apple support. Aside from the different packaging, it would be hard to differentiate a refurbished model from a new one.

Get an Older Model

iPad with stylus
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On that note, you can consider getting an older model to save money. Getting an older model will provide a similar experience at a more affordable price. 

Take the iPad Pro 2020 for example, it is very similar both in specs and aesthetics when compared to the 2018 version. You are getting a lot of value simply by going for an older model with similar specs but much lower pricing. 

Coupled with getting a refurbished unit, you may end up saving more money and getting a more functional product at the same time.

Find a Friend Who Works For Apple

Handshake Friendship
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Another way you can save money on Apple Products is to get your friend who works for Apple to sponsor you. According to Apple Singapore’s Partner Employee Purchase Program:

“Personal Discount: You may purchase or ‘sponsor’ up to one Mac, one iPad, one iPhone, one Watch, and one iPod each calendar year (1 January – 31 December). No more than the eligible quantity amount can be shipped to the same individual or entity (i.e. company, institution, club or group), whether that purchase is Sponsored solely by you or, also, by other eligible employees/members. To ‘Sponsor’ means placing an order for a family member or friend.”

This will give you a 6% discount on products like the ones mentioned above plus the Apple TV and iMac. Do remember that your family member or friend is doing you a favour by sponsoring your purchase so treat them extra nice!

Apple Education Pricing And Student Discounts

Male on Macbook Apple SG
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Alternatively, Apple provides an Education Pricing discount. This discount is: “available to current and newly accepted university students and their parents; as well as teachers and staff at all levels”. According to the Apple Store SG website; the MacBook Air under the education pricing costs S$100 less than the version without the education discount. This is mainly for MacBooks, iPads and even accessories. This is great for students looking for Apple products for university and their parents who can also benefit. However, do note that this discount does not stack with the employee discount.


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