The craziest, biggest annual one-day sale is finally here. With brands and major online platforms all bringing their A-game and giving you never seen before crazy deals, we round down everything into a single post for you.

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1. Start by watching the NOC House Tour

This is not your typical house tour. It is a house tour with almost every piece of furniture bought from Taobao. Perfect if you’re looking for inspiration to fill up your new home (or simply because you didn’t think having a home filled with Taobao furniture can be a reality).

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Note: Not all items on Taobao are available for cashback! So install the ShopBack Button to get notified on the available cashback!

2. DBS/POSB Exclusive

DBS/POSB is the Official Card Partner for ShopBack ShopFest 2019 where you get to enjoy 2% additional cashback on travel merchants like Singapore Airlines, Qatar, Emirates, Etihad and Traveloka, and $10 cashback for Airbnb.

In addition, enjoy 5% additional cashback on fashion and groceries merchants like Adidas, ASOS, Cold Storage, Deliveroo, Fairprice On, Farfetch, Guardian, Mr Porter, Net-A-Porter, Nike.

Check out our DBS/POSB Exclusive page for more!

3. Singtel customers enjoy up to 17% upsized Cashback!

This 11 Nov, Singtel customers enjoy up to 17% upsized Cashback and exclusive offers from Lazada, Taobao, Sephora, Zalora, Foodpanda and more from playing the Cashback Troopers game! Plus, Singtel customers also stand to enjoy 2% additional cashback on app (no cap)* for Singtel’s exclusive 11.11 promotion.

Participating merchants: Taobao, Lazada, Zalora, Dyson, Sephora, Foodpanda, Viator, Irvins, Reebonz, Shopbop

4. Kicking start 11.11 with the Hourly Epic Cashback!

You know we love our hourly epic cashback and this time, we have multiple deals ongoing in the same hour. So check out what you need and remember to have more than one device on standby if you’re looking to snatch all our deals!

Start TimeEnd TimeStoreEpic CashbackStore 2Epic CashbackStore 3Epic Cashback
12:00AM2:00AMKlook1) 9.0% Upsized Cashback on all tiers excluding Special Activities (was 3.5%)
2) 11.0% Off code (to be revealed)
Irvins Salted Egg15.0% Upsized Cashback (was 4.5%)--
8:00AM10:00AMLenovo11.0% Upsized Cashback (was 5.0%)PedroUp to 15.0% Upsized Cashback (was <6.0%)Enfagrow18.0% Upsized Cashback (was 5.0%)
10:00AM12:00PMVaniday22.0% Upsized Cashback (was 5.0%)Foodpanda15.0% Upsized Cashback (was <10.0%)--
12:00PM2:00PMiHerb1) 12.0% Upsized Cashback (was 3.0%)
2) 11.0% off code (to be revealed)
Charles & KeithUp to 13.0% Upsized Cashback (was <4.5%)--
2:00PM4:00PMShopeeUp to 15.0% Upsized Cashbaack (was <10.0%)Chopedeals12.0% Upsized Cashback (was 3.0%)--
4:00PM6:00PMKKday14.0% Cashback (was 3.5%)Quandoo$8.50 Upsized Cashback (was $4.00)Microsoft Surface + Accessories10.0% Upsized Cashback (was 3.0%)


13.0% Cashback (was <6.0%)Viator13.0% Upsized Cashback (was 3.0%)--
7:00PM8:00PMLazadaUp to 15.0% Upsized Cashback (was <10.0%)----
8:00PM10:00PMDecathlon11.0% Upsized Cashback (was 4.5%)Myprotein15.0% Upsized Cashback (was <8.0%)Under ArmourUp to 13.0% Upsized Cashback (was <5.0%)


Up to 24.0% Cashback (was 3.0%)Lookfantastic1) 22.0% Upsized Cashback (was <7.0%)
2) Use code: SHOPLF1111 to enjoy 30% off sitewide (valid from 7 Nov - 14 Nov)

5. Flash Items at up to 50% off

Dyson V10 series at 20% Cashback, Nintendo Switch Lite Console and Apple Airpods 2 at $100 Cashback? We’ve got you all covered.

Flash Sales

Start TimeEnd TimeFlash DealCashback/Savings
12:00AM1:00AM1) Nintendo Switch Lite Console @ $189 (U.P S$289)
2) selected staycations @ up to 20% off + 9% Upsized Cashback (All-day)
1) $100 Savings on Nintendo Switch Lite Console
8:00AM9:00AMPlay-Doh Doctor Drill 'n Fill Set @ $13.28 (U.P $26.56)
50% Cashback
9:00AM10:00AMMamyPoko Airfit Tape M (6-11kg) 64 X 4 Packs 256 Pcs @ $35.50 (U.P $85.50)
$50 Cashback
11:00AM12:00PM1) Adidas Originals Superstar @ $83 (U.P. $133)
2) Melissa Space Love III Ad @ $76.90 (U.P $126.90)
1) $50 Cashback on Adidas Originals Superstar
2) $50 Cashback on Melissa Space Love III Ad
11:00AM12:00PMBioderma Sensibio 500ml @ $13.50 (U.P $$27)
$13.50 Cashback
1:00PM2:00PMFitbit Inspire @ $69.67 (U.P $99.53)
$29.86 Cashback
2:00PM3:00PMDOSS SoundBox Bluetooth Speaker @ $34.99 (U.P $49.99)
$15 Cashback
3:00PM4:00PMAgoda Hotels $100 Cashback for first 10 customers only (min. spend $150)$100 Cashback
4:00PM5:00PMMilo Pack of 24 @ $6.93 (U.P $13.85)
$6.93 Cashback
5:00PM6:00PMApple Airpods 2 @ $109 (U.P $209)
$100 Cashback
6:00PM7:00PMLogitech mouse @ $11 (U.P $13.30)
$2.30 Cashback
7:00PM8:00PMJedi Headset @ $20 (U.P $379.00)$359 Savings
8:00PM9:00PMBose SoundSport @ $111.30 (U.P $159)

$47.70 Cashback
9:00PM10:00PMBose Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 700 @ $419.30 (U.P $599.00)
$179.70 Cashback
10:00PM11:00PMKleenex Ultra Soft Bath Tissue, 200ct (Pack of 20) @ $9.90 (U.P $12.57)
$2.67 Cashback
11:00PM12:00PM Nintendo Switch Console (Grey) @ $287.34 (U.P $410.40)
30% Cashback

Dyson Flash Sales

Start TimeEnd TimeItemOffer
12:00AM2:00AMBundle: V8 Carbon Fibre (U.P S$649.00) + Dyson Pure Cool ™ Tower TP00 (White/Silver) (U.P S$549.00)
$111 off code: SBV8TP00 + 11% Cashback
9:00AM11:00AMDyson Cyclone V10 Fluffy (U.P. S$799.00)
20.0% Cashback (was 1.0%)
12:00PM2:00PMDyson Cyclone V10 Absolute (U.P. S$899.00)20.0% Cashback (was 1.0%)
6:00PM8:00PMDyson Pure Cool™ Advanced Technology Tower TP04 (Black/Nickel) (U.P. S$899.00)
20.0% Cashback (was 1.0%)
8:00PM10:00PMBundle: 2 x Dyson Pure Cool ™ Tower TP00 (White/Silver) (U.P. S$549.00 each)
$111 off code: SBTP002 + 11% Cashback
10:00PM12:00MNBundle: V8 Carbon Fibre (U.P. S$649.00) + Dyson Pure Cool™ Advanced Technology Tower TP04 (White/Silver) (U.P. S$899.00)
$141 off code: SBV8TP04 + 11% Cashback

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6. All-day Upsized Cashback

Stay up this 11.11 and get all the essentials that you need with our all-day upsized cashback from your favourite brands!


StoreUpsized CashbackStart DateEnd Date

Holland & Barrett on Lazada

1) Up to 15.0% Upsized Cashback on Health & Beauty (was <10.0%)
2) Up to 8.0% Upsized Cashback on Groceries (was <4.5%)

1 Nov14 Nov
iHerb1) 10.0% Upsized Cashback (was 3.0%)
2) Use code: ELEVEN11 for 11.0% off storewide (valid from 7 Nov, 9am - 13 Nov, 2am only)
8 Nov12 Nov
Lazada$15 off min. spend $30 (New Customer only)6 Nov11 Nov


Up to 12.0% Upsized Cashback (was <8.0%)11 Nov11 Nov


Fashion & Beauty

StoreUpsized CashbackStart DateEnd Date
Adidas10.0% Upsized Cashback (was 2.0%)7 Nov12 Nov


1) 5.5% Upsized Cashback (was 3.5%)
2) Use code: 30SINGLE for 30% off
10 Nov (4pm)13 Nov (4pm)

Charles & Keith

Up to 7.5% Cashback (was <4.5%)12 Nov14 Nov
Colourpop4.0% Upsized Cashback (was 2.0%)12 Nov14 Nov

Cotton On

8.0% Upsized Cashback (was 5.0%)12 Nov14 Nov
Crocs9.0% Upsized Cashback (was 3.5%)9 Nov12 Nov


1) 11.0% Upsized Cashback (was <7.0%)
2) Use code: SHOPLF1111 to enjoy 30% off sitewide (valid from 7 Nov - 14 Nov)
8 Nov14 Nov


11.0% Upsized Cashback (was 3.5%)11 Nov11 Nov

JD Sports SG

Up to 9.0% Upsized Cashback (was <5.0%)12 Nov14 Nov
Lorna Jane9.0% Upsized Cashback (was 3.0%)12 Nov13 Nov


7.0% Upsized Cashback (was 5.0%)12 Nov14 Nov

Mr Porter

7.5% Upsized Cashback (was 3.0%)7 Nov14 Nov
Mytheresa7.5% Upsized Cashback (was 5.0%)12 Nov14 Nov


6.0% Upsized Cashback (was 3.0%)12 Nov14 Nov


11.0% Upsized Cashback (was 2.0%)6 Nov (7am)14 Nov (7am)


Up to 8.0% Upsized Cashback (was <7.0%)8 Nov14 Nov


Up to 11.0% Upsized Cashback (was <6.0%)6 Nov14 Nov
Shopbop7.0% Upsized Cashback (was 4.0%)12 Nov14 Nov


1) 3.0% Upsized Cashback (was 2.0%)
2) Use code GETMINENOW for 20% off (excluding Demand and Clearances items) (valid from 11-13 Nov)
12 Nov13 Nov

Under Armour

Up to 11.0% Upsized Cashback (was 5.0%)7 Nov14 Nov


15.0% Upsized Cashback (was 5.0%)12 Nov14 Nov


10.0% Upsized Cashback (was <2.0%)12 Nov14 Nov


Up to 12.0% Upsized Cashback (was 3.0%)13 Nov14 Nov



StoreUpsized CashbackStart DateEnd Date


10.0% Upsized Cashback on Standard Hotels (was 6.0%)9 Nov (4pm)13 Nov (4pm)


12.0% Upsized Cashback (was 6.0%)11 Nov (1am)13 Nov (1am)
Allianz Travel1) Annual Trip: $30 (was $15)
2) Single Trip: $10 (was $3)
12 Nov14 Nov

1) 9.0% Upsized Cashback (was 6.0%)
2) Singles Day Deals at least 40% Off (Booking period: 9-11 Nov; Stay Period: 9 Nov 2019 - 31 Mar 2020)
8 Nov (7am)12 Nov (7am)
Emirates2.0% Upsized Cashback (was 1.0%)8 Nov14 Nov

Expedia Hotels

12.0% Upsized Cashback (was <6.0%)11 Nov13 Nov
Hotels.com11.0% Upsized Cashback (was 3.0%)10 Nov12 Nov
IHG11.0% Upsized Cashback (was 5.0%)8 Nov (4pm)14 Nov (4pm)

Luxury Escapes

7.5% Upsized Cashback (was 4.0%)6 Nov14 Nov
Marriott Bonvoy1) US & Canada: 3.0% Upsized Cashback (was 2.0%)
2) CALA, MEA and EU: 3.0% Upsized Cashback (was 2.0%)
3) APAC: 8.0% Upsized Cashback (was 6.0%)
11 Nov12 Nov

8.0% Upsized Cashback (was 6.0%)8 Nov12 Nov Hotels8.0% Upsized Cashback (was 6.0%)11 Nov14 Nov International Flights

2.0% Upsized Cashback (was 1.0%)11 Nov14 Nov


Food & Groceries

StoreUpsized CashbackStart DateEnd Date


Up to 16.0% Upsized Cashback (was <10.0%)11 Nov13 Nov


9.0% Upsized Cashback (was 4.0%)8 Nov30 Nov


Up to 15.0% Upsized Cashback (was <10.0%)11 Nov13 Nov


9.0% Upsized Cashback capped at $30 (was 2.0%)8 Nov12 Nov

Irvins Salted Egg

8.0% Upsized Cashback (was 4.5%)9 Nov12 Nov
MyproteinUp to 13.0% Upsized Cashback (was <8.0%)8 Nov13 Nov


$6 Upsized Cashback (was $4)8 Nov12 Nov



StoreUpsized CashbackStart DateEnd Date
Dyson11.0% Upsized Cashback (was 1.0%)11 Nov11 Nov


1) 10.0% Upsized Cashback on Electronics (was 4.0%)
2) 20.0% Upsized Cashback on Supplies & Accessories (was 6.0%)
8 Nov11 Nov
JBL4.0% Upsized Cashback (was 3.0%)6 Nov14 Nov


9.0% Upsized Cashback (was 5.0%)10 Nov12 Nov


First Party Device (Surface & Accessories/ X-Box Consoles & Accessories/ X-Box 1st & 3rd Party Games, Movies & TV Shows): Up to 6.0% Upsized Cashback (was <5.0%)8 Nov (7am)11 Nov (7am)
RazerUp to $15 Cashback (was <1.5%)10 Nov12 Nov


Entertainment & Lifestyle

StoreUpsized CashbackStart DateEnd Date

Book Depository

Up to 12.0% Upsized Cashback (was <4.0%)4 Nov14 Nov

Cathay Cineplexes

1) Downtown East, Parkway Parade, The Cathay & Cineleisure Orchard: 11.0% Upsized Cashback (was 4.0%)
2) All other outlets: 6.0% Upsized Cashback (was 4.0%)
6 Nov14 Nov
Decathlon8.0% Upsized Cashback (was 4.5%)10 Nov13 Nov


Up to 8.0% Upsized Cashback (was <3.5%)8 Nov11 Nov
GoGuru6.0% Upsized Cashback (was 3.0%)6 Nov14 Nov
iShopChangi10.0% Upsized Cashback (was 6.0%)10 Nov17 Nov
NordVPN85.0% Upsized Cashback (was 28.0%)8 Nov12 Nov
Watsons7.0% Upsized Cashback (was 2.0%)9 Nov12 Nov
GuardianUp to 7.0% Upsized Cashback (was 5.0%)7 Nov11 Nov (6pm)


6.0% Upsized Cashback (was 3.5%)12 Nov14 Nov


5.5% Upsized Cashback (was <3.5%)12 Nov14 Nov


11.0% Upsized Cashback (was 3.0%)6 Nov14 Nov


Get your cards and fingers ready shop away this 11.11! In the meantime, try out our Cashback Troopers game while you countdown to the start of 11.11!

All information in this article are accurate at the time of writing and subject to change without prior notice.

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