It’s not often where a company can completely draw the attention of sneakerheads worldwide, yet Adidas has done it once again.

The inception of Boost in 2013 revolutionised the sneaker game by balancing style and comfort in perfect harmony.

Then in 2017, the introduction of 3D printing gave birth to the unique and futuristic aesthetic of the Adidas Futurecraft 4D. Turning heads and further affirming its position in the field, Adidas is now back with the new releases of ZX and Alphaedge 4D sneakers.

Same midsoles you’re familiar with, but better than ever.

What is 4D Technology?

Unlike the heating of individual Boost pellets, the new 4D midsole is made by Digital Light Synthesis. Sounds pretty cool, and it is.

This process infuses light and oxygen into liquid resin and is heated to give the midsole its unique lattice structure. This allows stiffness to vary across the midsole which provides you with better-customised fit than traditional cushioning.

I know what you’re thinking. Why did Adidas name it 4D when it is 3D printed?

Simple. By adding 2-decades worth of biometric data of heel to toe pressure transition of athletes, Adidas adds the 4th dimension and takes it to the next level.

What results is a smooth and unparalleled experience unlike any other.

The Rise to Fame

Back in 2017, merely 5000 pairs of Futurecraft 4D was produced.

And in 2018, nearly 100,000 pairs were made.

If anything, it only proved the popularity and value that people saw in what 4D technology can do.

The New, The Great, The Best

Fans of the Primeknit upper will be thrilled to find that all shoes in the 4D series feature an ultra-lightweight and reflective Primeknit upper which encases your feet in absolute comfort. The signature sock-like fit provides support and comfort during your daily walks and even on runs.

There are three variations of the 4D series – ZX 4000; Alphaedge; and Run 1.0.

Let us dive deeper into each series to help you decide which is the best to get!

For the Runners: 4D Run 1.0

Without a doubt, the 4D Run 1.0 is for the runners. It is ultra-lightweight and comes in a super sleek design.

The future of running starts today. The Adidas 4D Run 1.0 has a digitally-printed midsole that’s crafted based on 17 years of athlete data – an innovation in the world of sports. These insights created a unique 3D-printed lattice structure tuned to cushion and support your feet exactly where needed when you’re on the move. Take these sneakers for a spin and feel the future.

For Retro Lovers: ZX4000 4D

An improved version of ZX 4000, the Adidas ZX4000 4D swoops you right back to the ’80s.

Adopted with a sub-retro design with bright neon colours (iconic in the ’80s), this pair of Adidas shoes is an eccentric mix of old and new.

Similarly, its got the Adidas Primeknit upper and has got an open structure for airflow. But what stood out particularly is its neon orange “I WANT, I CAN” prints on both sides of the shoes.

Inspiring you to strive for the best and turning your dreams into a realistic future, Adidas makes it easy to stand out amongst the crowd.

For Light Runners: Alphaedge 4D Parley

The Alphaedge 4D stood out to me with its environmentally-friendly build. Part of the yarn used here is created from Parley Ocean Plastic™ which is made from recycled waste.

Which means you’re not just buying a pair of shoes, you’re helping to intercept waste that can be recycled before it reaches the beaches.

The Alphaedge 4D has zoned areas of support for additional support and also utilises the 4D midsole which allows for a comfortable and smooth transition during your runs. This pair of Adidas shoes is

Any choice is a good choice

Aesthetics-wise, the one that piqued my interest was the Alphaedge 4D Star Wars edition that is adorned with Death Star graphics. The futuristic midsole further complements this edition and for the Star Wars fan, this is a must-get!

Furthermore, from 14 April 2020 to 14 May 2020, Adidas is having up to 17% Epic Cashback on the 4D collection. Yes, you read that right! 17% Cashback on your favourite pair of shoes which makes investing in a good pair of running shoes a lot easier.

Don’t forget to shop via ShopBack and look out for Adidas promo codes to enjoy more discounts with your purchase!

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