I’m joking. It’s not a million. It’s actually 2 million.

Ok, sorry I’m kidding again. It’s only 7 things.

In any case, it doesn’t matter how many things there are. What matters is this: whether you are a student, parent or educator, you’ll be able to enjoy these activities in sunny island Singapore (or overseas) during the school holidays or any free day you have for that matter!

1. Go on an escape room adventure!

Escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular in Singapore and groups of awesome people are risking their lives to escape these playrooms (Ok fine, your life isn’t really at stake). It’s time you jump onto that bandwagon too! It’s really fun! Grab your adventurous friends and solve the puzzles you face in the rooms. There are many escape rooms available in Singapore, like Xcape, Lockdown.SG, Roomraider, Exit Plan # 1 and The Escape Artist.


Check out Groupon for awesome deals on game packages! The Escape Artist is having a deal at S$ 60 for four people! Its going for cheap and the deal extends for up to eight pax too so gather all your friends and family for some thrilling bonding time.

2. Visit the pandas in River Safari

Time for a family trip! Kai Kai and Jia Jia will only be here for a decade so better visit them now. Pandas require sensitive nurturing and constant attention so you’ll be visiting them in the best environment you can find. Moms and dads, take this opportunity to educate your children on the needs of wildlife conservation while you’re visiting the river safari. There are many resources around the park for your little ones to learn and play too.


Groupon carries many tourist attraction deals and you’ll find River Safari as part of it! It’s only S$ 57.00 for a family of three (one child: 3 – 12 years) with an extra child’s admission at only S$ 14.70. Click here to get there. And did I mention that you’ll get earn 5% cashback every time you purchase anything from Groupon? Simply click through ShopBack’s portal here to find out more!

3. Appreciate Orchard Road from 218 metres above ground

A hidden gem tucked at the 55th and 56th level of ION Orchard, is the ION Sky observation deck that allows you to view Singapore’s urban landscape, 360 degrees.



There is nothing more romantic than viewing the sparkling skyline of Singapore, which makes it the perfect place for impressing a date, so bring along your significant other. This secret place won’t stay a secret for long as it is gaining popularity. Visit it before everyone hears about this treasure in the middle of the busiest street in Singapore!

 4. Video game day + Pizza party

If you and your guy friends are looking for something fun for the ‘brotherhood’ to do without heading all the way to the city, how about gathering at someone’s place for the best gaming day ever? I bet in your clique, there’s someone with a PlayStation 4 (or 3), or an XBox console. How about a Fifa 15 tournament? Tekken 6 tournament? GTA 5 multiplayer? It’ll be the most fun boys’ day in!


Now, all you need to do is to make that gathering better. Order a pizza delivery! Oh wait. No need to call. Just order online! Yes, you can order pizza online with the help of FoodPanda! Best part is that you’ll get 8% cashback when you click through ShopBack! Pizza parties are the best parties ever.

FoodPanda includes Canadian Pizza, Spizza, Sarpino’s Pizzeria, Pizza4u and so many other pizza stores! Use ShopBack before you order to get coupon codes for discounts too. Cheaper price = more orders for pizza!

5. Watch an ice hockey match at JCube

Basketball and football matches are too mainstream. Golfing events are too slow and boring. Ice hockey matches — now that’s more interesting! The fast-paced action and tough players control the game. You don’t get to watch such sports being played in Singapore every day so go and watch it while its on!


The Singapore Ice Hockey Association organises ice hockey matches every Sunday, Monday and Thursday evening at the The Rink, an ice-skating rink housed at the top floor of JCube. There are grandstands at the side of the rink that allows a great view of the whole rink. You’ll feel like you’re a part of an important National Ice Hockey (NHL) match! The Rink is even complete with the loud buzzer! Feel the authentic atmosphere of an ice hockey match every time the buzzer roars and the whole shopping centre shakes from it’s intensity. Make sure you grab some popcorn or hotdogs from the nearest store, sit yourself down at the grandstand, and enjoy the live-action match!

6. Quick getaways!

The next time school holidays are approaching, pester your family into heading overseas for the week for a short holiday! There are so many places nearby that you could visit, even if only for the weekend! The four Bs (Bali, Bangkok, Batam and Bintan) are always waiting for you! There’s also Krabi, Phuket and Hong Kong. All of them close and the flights are incredibly cheap! Groupon always feature good deals to these places so be sure to check the page for updates to these places. ShopBack is also here to help! You’ll earn 5% cashback when you purchase any deals from Groupon after clicking through ShopBack’s portal.


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School holidays are days when you swear to do something cool, worthwhile, or productive. Time to live it up! These seven things will ensure that your holiday is maximised and fully utilised because every second counts.


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