As we enter the last quarter of 2020, there are still a million things on our wish list that we’ve yet to clear. Be it the latest game console, or that fancy Dyson curler, or just that good ol’ Gongcha you’ve been craving.

Did you know that you can score Airpods Pro for just S$99 this 9.9 sale? No joke, it’s really S$99, instead of the usual S$299! For my fellow friends feeling FOMO when everyone was playing Animal Crossing during circuit breaker – this is your chance. Stay tuned for the S$299 Nintendo Switch Gen 2 flash sale! Super sick stuff.  

As ShopFest jets off to a start with the 9.9 Sale, we thought you would need to be well equipped with all the tips to fight the battle ahead. 

Now, continue reading on about the super huge, super savvy 9.9 Sales!

Before we actually start, here are the important dates you need to know:

Pre-sales: 1/9 – 8/9

Actual Day: 9/9

The Pre-Battle

8.9 ShopFest: Magical Live Stream

First up, even before 9.9 begins, tune in to ShopBack’s Magical Livestream on Facebook! Catch us live on 8 Sept, 9PM for exclusive giveaways, voucher sales. For bubble tea addicts, stay tuned to find out how you can even win one year’s worth of Bubble Tea (worth $2k in total!). 

Here are some highlights of the Facebook Live:

  • 1 year’s worth of bubble tea (Free BBT for one whole month for 12 lucky winners)
  • 50% Cashback on $10 GrabFood, GrabCar, foodpanda & Shopee Vouchers
  • Gift Card and Voucher giveaway: $50 ZALORA Gift Card, $50 Shopee Voucher, $50 FairPrice Voucher
  • Lookfantastic beauty box worth $144
  • Lenovo Tab M10 worth $309

What are you waiting for? RSVP here!

8.9 Epic Hourly

Can’t wait for 9.9 to start shopping from your favourite brands? Me neither. Let’s get started with ShopBack’s Epic Hourly which starts from 12PM on 8 Sep, with amazing store upsizes and voucher Cashback throughout the day!

TimeStore UpsizeUpsized Cashback
2pm - 4pmNorton90% Upsized Cashback (was 40%)
4pm - 6pmShopeeUp to 8% Upsized Cashback (was <3.5%)
6pm - 8pmCharles & KeithUp to 12.5% Upsized Cashback (was <4.5%)
8pm - 10pmEnfagrow18% Upsized Cashback (was 4%)
10pm - 12amGOMO45% Upsized Cashback (was 35%)
TimeStoreVoucher Cashback
11pm - 12.30amZalora25% Upsized Cashback (was 10%)
11pm - 12.30amQoo104.5% Upsized Cashback (was 1%)
11pm - 12.30amSephora7.5% Upsized Cashback (was 6%)
11pm - 12.30amfoodpanda11% Upsized Cashback (was 6%)
11pm - 12.30amGrabFood15% Upsized Cashback (was 6%)

The Battle Begins

Flash Items Sale

Tick-tock! When the clock hits 12am midnight, we begin 9.9 Sale with our in-app Flash Items sale. 

With limited stocks available, be sure to get your fingers ready at 12am so you can snatch the goodies below!

ItemPriceCashbackQuantities available
Apple Airpods Pro$99 (UP: $289)0.1%4
Nintendo Switch Gen 2$299 (UP: $529)0.1%2
$3.50 Gongcha Voucher$0.992%300
$20 Pupsik Voucher$9.905%50
Lenovo Powerbank$9.90 (UP: $46.55)3%24
$10.50 Golden Village Voucher$0.995%50
$20 FairPrice Voucher$9.901%50

Tip: For those eyeing more than one item (e.g. both Airpods Pro and Nintendo Switch), camp on several different devices. Or get your family in on this! It will be great family time spent scoring the deals together!

9.9 Epic Hourly

At the stroke of midnight on 9 Sep, look out for amazing hourly deals.

TimeStore UpsizeUpsized Cashback
12am - 2am

1. Pampers
2. MamyPoko
3. Bose

Up to 10% Upsized Cashback (was <2%)
8am - 10am1. Enfagrow
2. Pupsik
1. 18% Upsized Cashback (was 4%)
2. 6% Upsized Cashback (was 5%)
10am - 12pm1. iHerb
2. Pomelo
3. foodpanda
1. iHerb - 15% Upsized Cashback (was 3%)
2. Pomelo - up to 25% Upsized Cashback (was 7%)
3. foodpanda - 7% Upsized Cashback (was 6%)
12pm - 2pm1. HP
2. Pedro
1. HP - up to 18% Upsized Cashback (was <6%)
2. Pedro - 17% Upsized Cashback (was <6%)
2pm - 4pm1. Myprotein
2. Under Armour
1. Myprotein - 20% Upsized Cashback (was <7%)
2. Under Armour - up to 13% Upsized Cashback (was <5%)
4pm - 6pm1. Shopee
2. GrabFood
1. Shopee - 13% Upsized Cashback (was <3.5%)
2. GrabFood - 11% Upsized Cashback (was 10%)
6pm - 8pm1. Lookfantastic
2. Adidas
1. Lookfantastic - up to 20% Upsized Cashback (was <7%)
2. Adidas - 8.5% Upsized Cashback (was 3%)
8pm - 10pm1. Dyson
2. Sephora
1. Dyson - 16% Upsized Cashback
2. Sephora - 4% Upsized Cashback (was 3%)
10pm - 12amZalora10% Upsized Cashback (was 1.5%)
TimeStoreVoucher Cashback
8am - 10amPupsik9% Upsized Cashback (was 5%)
10am - 12pmfoodpanda10% Upsized Cashback (was 6%)
4pm - 6pmGrabFood14% Upsized Cashback (was 10%)
8pm - 10pmSephora7% Upsized Cashback (was 3%)
10pm - 12amZalora23% Upsized Cashback (was 10%)

Tips to get the Best Savings this 9.9 Sale

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Start planning your wish list ahead before 9 Sep and get ready for the frenzy of deals to come! Get all these awesome deals all at 9.9 ShopBack ShopFest now.

9.9 is part of ShopBack ShopFest ‘20 – A year-end festival of 5 sale events including They include 9.9, 10.10, 11.11, BFCM and 12.12. Learn more here.

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