The Pre-99 Cashback Day sales are still going strong! How has your shopping in the days leading up to the official day itself? Good? Do you want to do better? Well, here are some handy tips for you! Have a read and shop to the fullest at the 99 Cashback Day Sale with their many deals including:

  • Up to 90% off
  • Up to 29% UPSIZED Cashback
  • Contest and giveaways

Happy 2nd birthday to us and happy shopping to you!

If you have yet to come on board with us, now is the best time to do so. So come sign up here and join in the celebrations!

1. Bookmark ShopBack’s 99 Cashback Day Page

99 Cashback Page

Well if you’re really serious about saving then nothing short of setting ShopBack’s 99 Cashback Day page as your browser’s homepage would suffice. Failing that, perhaps placing a bookmark would do you a ton of good too. A bookmarks toolbar is an even greater choice as it sits there at the top of your browser as a constant reminder that you’re missing out on the 9.9. Cashback Day sale!

2. Subscribe To ShopBack’s Newsletter


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If you’re not subscribed to ShopBack’s newsletter, then you should be ashamed of yourself! Everyone knows that ShopBack’s newsletter is one of the best way to net a deal even more so during the 9.9. Cashback Day season where deals are coming at you from every angle. So subscribe now and keep yourself up to speed with the choicest deals via email!

3. Subscribe To ShopBack’s Social Media Accounts

Like Icon

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If you’re  a social media hound, then you should definitely ‘Like’ our pages. You will be greeted to many welcoming sights of deals, offers and tons of shopping ideas. It is here where most of our contests and giveaways are happening too. Nothing like free gifts to sweeten your shopping experience! So do keep a lookout for any exciting games and contests happening at this great shopping event.

4. Make A List And Check It Twice

Making a list

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To avoid reckless spending and the tinges of regret that comes after, make sure you take a moment to sit yourself down and come up with a list of things you really, really need. Sure, the thing you’re staring at on screen looks really neat with all the discounts and all, but do you really need it? That is the question you need to ask and then answer yourself.

5. Ration Your 99 Finances

Coins and pens

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Upon doing up your list, I bet you now realize that you have close to a zillion things to buy. This is where willpower and restraint comes in. There will be multiple days of pre-99 sale leading up to the days itself. That is a total of 10 days of great deals and offers for you! So try not to blow all your savings out in one particular day.

6. Read Up On Product Reviews


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The thing with online shopping is, you do not get the opportunity to examine the goods first hand. This is where the communal-nature of the internet comes in handy. Scour the net for product review. Is there something more than meets the eye about the product? Are the product descriptions true to every word?

7. Gather Up Your Squad

Group of people shopping

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Shopping with friends has its various advantages. Firstly, you can get an opinion on whether something is suitable for you, from someone who knows you pretty well. Secondly, it is a great way to get around minimum spend clauses if there are any. #Squadgoals

8. Get Your Cards Ready

Credit cards

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ShopBack does provide special deals for cardholders. You can enjoy better cashback rates when you shop using your card with ShopBack. It is set to get better now that 9.9. Cashback Day is upon us with even better cashback rates offered for you. So it is time to get your card at the ready!

9. Don’t Forget The Coupons

Coupons of the day

ShopBack is all about providing shoppers with ways to extract the greatest value on their purchases. One of the ways this is achieved is via provision of coupon codes to help slash prices off your orders. On offer during this sale period are many birthday coupons to help you do that. So be sure to keep an eye out and check our Coupons page regularly!

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