Let’s face it. As much as Singapore is just a tiny little red dot, the price tag of everything here is definitely not as tiny as itself.

With everything being so expensive in Singapore, a good deal here and there might go a long way. Everyone likes savings, but everyone loves free things. If you find yourself agonising over what to do this holiday season due to your unjoyous wallet, fret not. Below is a list of things that you can do in Singapore without spending a single cent. That’s right, they are all free.

Outdoor movie screening


Ever dreamt of watching a movie under a sky full of stars with your loved ones? Well if you still don’t know it yet, you can do that in Singapore. MovieMob is an outdoor drive-in movie screening concept that takes place in all locations around Singapore. Not only can you save on your movie tickets, you get to vote for your favourite movie prior to the movie event.

If you are looking for a fixed location for movie screening, you can consider Ion Orchard Shopping mall which screens a free movie on its huge outdoor video screen on the last Saturday of every month. Alternatively, The National Museum of Singapore also plays free movies from time to time.

Alternatively, you can recreate the outdoor screening experience everyday of the week, playing the movies you want to watch. Just invest in a good quality mini projector. You can get a Mini LED projector,  which is worth it compared to those expensive cinema tickets.

Concerts at the Botanic Gardens


If you are more of a concert goer than a movie goer, you can head to the Botanic Gardens for free open air concerts at its bandstand. Performance by student groups and the Singapore Symphonic Orchestra are typically held there. Grab a great, waterproof picnic mat and pack some portable grub. Good scenery, fresh air and soothing music all at the price of zero, what more can you ask for?

Concerts at the Esplanade Concert Hall


In case you are afraid of the scorching heat on this sunny little island, there’s something cool for you too. Once a month on a Sunday, Esplanade presents a series of free concert. Named ‘Beautiful Sunday’, it features performances by home-grown music groups. No air-conditioning charges required.

Grab Stuff at the Free Market


That’s right, no typo there. A Free Market, not Flea Market. If you never knew such a thing existed in Singapore, here’s some free knowledge for you. The Singapore Really Really Free Market  is a temporary market where everything up for grabs is free. If you are in for a little act of kindness, you can set up a booth to distribute your belongings as well. The next event date is tentatively on 20 December 2014, so keep a lookout for it.

Get Acquainted with Animals at Farmart


For parents who want to keep their children off the computer this school holiday, you can bring them to Farmart Centre. Activities such as farm tours and animal feeding are sure to keep your children entertained. Although animal feed have to be purchased at a small cost, admission is free. Hop on for a fun-filled and educational day!

Help Out a Furry Friend


If you have been wanting to visit the Dog or Cat cafe but are just too broke to afford their admission fee, here’s something better for you. Volunteer at S.P.C.A or Animal Lovers League today and spend a more meaningful time with these adorable ones this holiday season. As you spread some love to your furry friends, you are loving your wallet too.

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Know more free sights and activities? Share it in the comments!


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