Bali is a playground of nature’s wonders, where fun-loving travellers come to admire the beach or even the vast fields. For Singaporeans, Bali is a haven for relaxation — a couple’s retreat. Thus, Bali vacations need to be accompanied by hotels or resorts that represent the idea of relaxation; an exotic getaway, if you will.

So here are 8 awesomely tranquil and exotic hotels and resorts under S$120 that will ensure total relaxation.

*Prices are correct as to hotel bookings made for May 2015. Rates and availability subject to change.

1. Le Grande Bali – S$72


Shrouded amongst fields, forest trees and the sea, the Hotel Le Grande Bali is the ultimate getaway for urbaneers to enjoy peace and tranquility. The hotel is also set on a golf course so the scenery is beautiful no matter where you turn to and greenery is inherent. That also means that the hotel is isolated from supposed civilisation. If you’re tired of Singapore’s urban jungle, perhaps Hotel Le Grande will ensure that you experience something new for your vacation!


Le Grande offers an outdoor pool (or spa is you’re into that kind of stuff), karaoke rooms, sauna and hot tubs, and even a tennis court. It’s safe to say, everything that you’d want to experience in a getaway is covered by the hotel. Dreamland Beach and Klapa Beach Club is only 5-minute drive away if you’ve decided to board the free shuttle service provided by the hotel!


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2. Novotel Bali Benoa – S$90


Beach getaways are just the kind of getaways every Singaporean needs. Every time I think of beaches, I imagine the calm waves slowly enveloping my feet with my toes digging through the sand. I’ll be looking straight into the horizon where the sky meets the sea. That’s when I feel the ambiance of the beach. OH MAN. Need to stop daydreaming.


But it is clear that the Novotel Bali Benoa offers experiences like these. The hotel is located at the edge of Tanjung Benoa, overlooking Tanjung Benoa Beach. If you’re looking to stay at a resort that screams BALI, then Novotel Bali Benoa is the right one. Furnishings and decorations are made from darkened wood and the textures found around the hotel fits the style and design perpetuated by the Balinese culture. You’ll definitely be able to soak in the Balinese sophistication!

The hotel features three different pools and even two whirlpools for maximum relaxation. If you’re the type that stays indoors, then perhaps the private balcony or tropical ground views that all the rooms provide will make you love the vacation.


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3. Sun Island Hotel Kuta – S$86


If you’re not a completely beach-going maniac, perhaps you might want to enjoy a full touristic experience. That means, you’re going to want to spend time shopping besides the spree of activities at the beach. Sun Island Hotel Kuta is conveniently located in the middle of Kuta Beach, Discovery Mall and Traditional Art Market. Just 5 minutes walk from all of them! Since the train station is really nearby, accessibility around Bali is abound. Alternatively, report to the tour desk and arrange awesome activities like water sports and cultural day trips!


So yes, Bali is not just a vacation for beach activities and relaxation (although it is, for the most part); shopping, cultural sightseeing and exploration is part of the full Bali experience!


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4. Mercure Kuta Bali – S$89


Mercure Kuta Bali is one of those hotels that you’d see in TV dramas and movies that will feature exemplary standards and professional facilities. One step into the hotel and you’ll know that you’ve been transported into a wonderland of relaxation services and an experience of a lifetime.


One of the awesome facilities offered by the hotel is the outdoor infinity pool that is fully decorated with the Balinese-style. Even Marina Bay Sands would be jealous! Of course, the whole Balinese-style decorations and furnishngs are constant throughout the whole hotel. The rooms, lobby and pond are all part of the whole idenitfiable Balinese culture. Much like most Bali hotels, there are massage treatments like spas, lounge and rooftop pool. Similarly, plan your Bali day trips at the hotel’s tour desk.


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5. Sing Ken Ken Hotel – S$95


Looking for a simple getaway that offers simple pleasures? Sing Ken Ken Hotel is the best hotel to be in. Hotels like these aren’t meant for things to fail. The staff are friendly, helpful and attentive, the room are very comfy, the gyms are top-notched, rooftop pool looks superb (not to mention, the random bridge attached on the pool looks so Instagram-worthy!), and the rooftop that overlooks the beach is just an amazing sight to see! If you’re one of those jaded travellers that could never find hotels that are good enough, start with Sing Ken Ken Hotel!


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6. The Widyas Luxury Villa – S$83


PRIVATE POOL. That’s all you need to know about the Widyas Bali Hotel. An outdoor PRIVATE POOL. Kidding, of course the PRIVATE POOL is only the tip of the iceberg. The garden views from the private villas are incredible! Relax in the vast living area or lounge on the sun beds by the outdoor pool. Truly, the dream vacation for every couple.


The Widyas Bali Hotel is for the romantic travelers. Great scents that will relax your mind are everywhere around the hotel – the stage is set for a memorable romantic time. To top it off, recreational options like the gym and the availability of massages are also available. It really sounds like a perfect pre-wedding honeymoon trip!

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7. The Bene – S$68


The hotels in Bali aren’t short of elegance and aesthetic brilliance because The Bene is definitely a living proof. At the same time, it’s modern design does not hamper the inherent Balinese style of the hotel. If you’re keen about having a full vacation experience that satisfies your luxurious taste, The Bene will do just fine. It may be cheap, but the experience definitely isn’t!


The hotel is located very conveniently to the 24-hour marts, Kuta Beach, Beachwalk Shopping Mall as well as Kuta’s very own nightlife that is both vibrant and spirited. Restaurants and bars are aplenty! Go have fun with the locals as well as other tourists!


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8. Bintang Kuta Bali – S$73


While many hotels in Bali have an ‘open’ concept where it tries to inculcate the atmosphere of the beach into the hotel itself, Bintang Kuta Bali plays it differently. The design and style is more ‘closed’, recognising that its guests are exclusive and the architecture seems sef-reflective. The outdoor pool is located in the middle of the hotel, where the rooms look in. It’s an interesting concept definitely, where the hotel demonstrates an intimate vibe.


The outdoor pool boasts a spectacular artificial waterfall as part of it facilities. You could definitely relax your body under the running water from the waterfall! Pleasure-seekers are going to be incredibly thrilled! As with other hotels mentioned, Kuta Beach is right around corner for all you beach-lovers while the Discovery Shopping Mall is about 5-minute walk away!


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Bali’s role as a Singaporean getaway is unmatched. It’s one of the first few places that pops up into mind when we think of vacations at the beach. Of course, the beach isn’t just Bali’s only strength! The locals, culture and even shopping some of the few things that brands Bali to be one of the most unique places you’ll step foot in!

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