The “trick or treat” festival is just around the corner and Singapore is all set to spook the living daylights out of you. It’s the return of the evil to The Universal Studios that has now been transformed into a horror fest, complete with scare characters on the loose, scare zones, and haunted houses. Halloween Horror Nights is back, and the sixth year promises you that ‘the night will be dark and full of terrors’!

Read on to know more about the tips and tricks you absolutely MUST have up your sleeves if you wish to survive Sentosa’s scare fest, because once you’re in there’s no turning back!

1. Do Not Panic

The USS will no longer be your happy, sunshine-y place; instead, it’s going to be dark and sinister and the scare characters will do what they are meant to do – SCARE! The key is to not panic. Do not use profanities, react offensively, or even touch these characters. The USS laws are pretty strict and you WILL be expelled from the park. And don’t worry, the performers won’t touch you either. But this isn’t for the faint-hearted. If you’re not up for some spine-chilling experiences and high-anticipation moments, it’s best to stay far far away from the USS this time of the year!

Scared Guests

2. What can you (not) wear?

Dress comfortably but don’t dress up. The costumes are only for the performers and HHN6 expects you to be an ordinary mortal (for just this one Halloween party) who’s all set to be spooked.

You’d want some cool (preferably cotton or dry-skin) clothing on as it can get pretty stuffy and humid, even outdoors, with increased footfall and the warm air and water effects used by the horror zones. Special tip for the ladies: wear comfortable and covered shoes, if possible, and avoid heels as the scary houses are quite dark with uneven flooring. If anything should bring you to your knees, it shouldn’t be the shoes!

Visitors Dressed Properly

3. What can you (not) bring?

It might be a good idea to keep an umbrella handy in case the weather lets up, and a power-bank that can keep your online entertainment quotient high through the night (the queues are pretty long!). And of course, some cash to buy snacks and drinks as the pushcarts inside the park do not accept cards. There are a couple of ATMs near the Jurassic Park zone in case you run out of money.

But things like masks, laser lights and costume weapons are a strict no-no. Also go through the list of items that are typically banned by the USS, to avoid hassles during entry.

Chinese Zombie Masked Man

4.  Look up the age ban

The USS Halloween Horror Nights have, historically, not allowed children under 13 to enter the park. So it’s better to plan in advance and make your babysitting arrangements accordingly, to avoid last-minute troubles and disappointment. However, if you do have logistics issues, the last resort would be to leave your kid at the Sentosa Hard Rock Hotel Kids Club that offers discounted per-hour rates for the HHN ticket-holders.

RWS Kids Club SEAA VisitSource:

5. Know your way around the park

Reach on time because every year USS puts up an opening ‘scaremony’ show which is not to be missed. And then consult a map know your way around the park to get the best of the biggest Halloween party in Singapore. The USS Survival Guides are available all over the park – pick one to chalk out your route, or visit the digital map on your phone – which gives proper information on the location of the haunted houses and the scare zones along with timings of the shows and parades.

Halloween Horror Night 6 Map

6. What to expect at HHN6?

Definitely horror! HHN6 has some exciting shows and events lined up for you this year. The curtains have been lifted and you can now get a sneak peek at the most promising Halloween event of the year.

The HHN icon this year is Lady Death, a unique character that looks quite deadly with her face tattoos and ‘dark’ ways. Her scare zone is called the ‘March of the Dead’, based on the ‘Day of the Dead’ festival in Mexico. The other zone is the Suicide Forest that comes alive in the night. Enter these spaces at your own risk as they are quite ‘interactive’ experiences!

The five haunted houses are, of course, walkabouts that are not at all ‘a walk in the park’. The narrow, maze-like layout are perfect traps to ‘conjure’ up dark, sinister presence. Shudders! These spaces are apparently based on some true Singapore stories. Old Changi Hospital, Bodies of Work, The Salem Witch House, Hu Li’s Inn, and Hawker Centre Massacre constitute this year’s haunted houses in the park. While we do have some more spoilers on each of them, it’s best to leave them out for now. We don’t want to take away the surprise elements that are bound to keep you on your toes!

Lady Death

Finally, the two shows – Jack’s Recurring Nightmare Circus and Match of the Dead: the Resurrection – sound quite thrilling and are a must-watch.

And like always, USS has little tricks and treats for everyone around every corner! Our last little spoiler: click lots of pictures with these amazing performers and catch the Halloween-special Shrek short film at Far Far Away.

7. Avoid closing-time rush

If it’s almost closing time, congratulations! It means you’ve successfully survived a night of horrors. But to avoid the rush, the smart thing to do would be to leave very early or at closing time. Because a large part of the crowd starts milling out from one hour before the park gates close. So choose the exit time carefully and spare yourself the horrors of long, winding queues, humidity and aching legs, because you just don’t need any more of that for the night!

Halloween Horror Night Installation

Do not miss out on this massive spook-fest at any cost! Check the HHN6 calendar and buy your tickets NOW, if you haven’t already. Look up the awesome bundle offers and promotions that are sure to hook your interest. And to save some more bucks by way of Cashback, don’t forget to shop through

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