Taobao is that guilty shopping pleasure that we know we should stop but we just can’t break the habit. And no wonder that shopping at Taobao is so addictive. This online giant offers everything you can dream of and at prices that are too good to miss. We already loved their 11.11 huge sales day and now we don’t need to wait for November to grab some of the same sweet discounts. Taobao gives us a Mid Year Sale celebrated every year on 18 June. Shoppers rejoice! We now have the big 6.18 Taobao Mid Year Sale to get all the items we have been wishing for.

If you’re like us and your Taobao wishlist runs for miles, this is the time to reward yourself with a good online shopping session. Read on to find out what to buy during the 6.18 Taobao/Tmall Mid Year Sale and how to get it.

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Why you can’t miss the big 6.18

Taobao/ TMall is known for its already affordable products and brands but their campaigns take discounts to a whole new level. During 618 Mid Year Sale, from 14 to 20 June 2018, merchants on Taobao/Tmall are cutting prices to almost half on a massive number of items. The offers are endless: from Nike shoes to branded handbags, cosmetics and phones, there is something for everyone.

To make the campaign even more irresistible and to prove this isn’t your regular sale, Taobao offers some special shopping perks for this 6.18 period. Get ready to be blown away!

Free shipping to SG for selected products

I’m sure you don’t like to waste money on extra fees such as shipping. During 6.18, you don’t have to. Visit the Singapore page here and get your hands on dozens of gadgets with no shipping fee to Singapore.

Grab 50% Brand Vouchers & Hongbao Daily + Up to 10% Cash Rewards

To make this a true celebration, you can win daily Ang Baos from 1 to 20 June. Visit every day to grab one and win 50 and100 vouchers you can use in your online purchases.

And on top of all these discounts, you can get also 30 off on a mininum spend of 300 on selected items. If you are still indecisive on what to buy, we have some great suggestions below. Hold on to your credit cards and click away!

How To Buy in Taobao, Step by Step Guide

If you already have an account on both ShopBack and Taobao, you are on the right track. If this is your first time buying at Taobao, don’t feel intimidated by all the pages in Chinese. Just follow us! We will guide you through the shopping process:

1 – Create an account in Shopback. It’s easy peasy.

2 – Create an account on Taobao. Pro tip: If you don’t read Chinese, don’t worry. Google translator is your best friend.

3 – Download the Shopback Extension.  Buy at Taobao using the ShopBack search bar & extension only to guarantee you get your Cashback.

4 – Shop through ShopBack and earn Cashback. The search bar will automatically show up on the top right of your browser. You can use it to search for your desired items and activate your cash rewards.

Must follow: Empty your cart before clicking through the ShopBack. You may add your item into your cart only from after clicking through the search bar or extension.

5 – Find the products you want. Search for what you want on the ShopBack extension search bar and use the filters to narrow down the selections.

6 – Did you find the product you want? Great, you are a couple of steps away from nabbing a good deal. Check the specifications of the product: colour, size if applicable and quantity and add it to your shopping bag.

For a complete guide for shopping on Taobao, check our how to buy on Taobao article here.

What to buy on the 618 Mid Year Sale?

There are great deals waiting for you during this Taobao 618. Is there anything you have been wanting to get? Now it is the right time to order it. Some of the more exciting discounts are found on items from big brands such as Adidas and Lacoste but the tech and beauty categories also have some great offers. Check the product list below to find your shopping inspiration.

1. Remax Makeup Light Mirror for Mobile phone -【自营】Remax自拍美光灯直播美颜补光灯手机补妆小镜子

Good things also come in small sizes! This mobile mirror that can be attached to your mobile phone comes with a light so you can enhance your selfies or touch up your makeup before that photo-op. And for less than $10 each, you can get one for all your best friends!

  • Price: ¥ 48 / SGD 10

2. Xiaomi 6X full Netcom 4G dual camera Dragon 660 fashion camera phone -【自营】Xiaomi/小米 6X 全网通4G 双摄骁龙660时尚拍照手机

Xiaomi has some sweet discounts on gadgets and accessories during the 618 sale which makes it a perfect time to get a new mobile phone. This new SnapDragon phone is a winner, with strong specs, dual cameras, AI-powered features and a budget-friendly price it is an investment to consider.

  • Price: ¥ 1889.00 / SGD 395.52

3.  Remax S7 Sports Bluetooth Headset  – 自营】Remax/睿量 S7运动型蓝牙耳机颈戴式双耳耳挂脖耳塞式

These Bluetooth earphones are made for all the sports enthusiasts that like to run comfortably at the sound of music. With a top audio quality, noise cancelling features and magnetic design, the Remax S7 earphones are quite the steal for only $33.

  • Price: ¥ 159.60 / SGD 33

4.  Remax mini home humidifier with USB – 【自营】Remax加湿器迷你家用静音卧室小型usb办公室用喷雾器

We love our aircon but we know how drying it is for our skin. If you have to spend most of your day in an airconditioned office, this little piece of technology is for you. This portable humidifier is USB rechargeable, very quiet and can provide you with water vapour throughout the day. It also makes a good inexpensive gift.

  • Price: ¥ 36.00 / SGD 7.50

5. FURLA New square shoulder handbag – 代购FURLA/芙拉女包新款小方包单肩斜跨链条包简约纯色斜背包

A handbag can make or break an outfit. These Furla square shoulder bags come in different bold colours and will definitely make your look more stylish. Use it for a night out or during a weekend outing and you will be sure to receive compliments on it.

  • Price: ¥ 499.00 / SGD 105

6. 2018 Women Summer Halter Printed Button Dress露背连衣裙

Big buttons are all the rage for this Summer season. Get one of these trendy dresses and pair it with a straw bag and sandals for the perfect chic summer look. This particular design comes in different colours and patterns.

  • Price: ¥36.00 / SGD 7.54

7. Millet smart robot vacuum cleaner – 小米扫地机器人米家吸尘器智能家用轻薄全自动静音规划扫地吸尘器

Do you need some help around the house? These robot vacuums are lifesavers when it comes to cleaning. Schedule them to vacuum automatically every day and forget about the dust. You will have a spotless floor teh entire week.
  • Price: ¥ 1699.00 / SGD 355

8. Tasu 9 Color Eyeshadow Palette with Earthy Tones – Tasu 国货9色眼影盘 南瓜豆沙色脏橘酒红大地哑光眼影珠光砖红初学

If you are looking to try the hot makeup trends but don’t want to make high investments in new products, look no further. At Taobao, you will find plenty of affordable beauty brands. Tasu offers these versatile trendy eyeshadow palettes with 9 flattering warm colours, ideal for both day and night-out looks.
  • Price:  ¥29.90 / SGD 6.26

9. Coup de Foudre New Summer High-heeled Sandals with buckle –  香港2018夏季新款细高跟凉鞋女一字扣带后包跟女鞋

The Hong-Kong brand Coup de Froude carries elegant shoe designs for every occasion. One of the most coveted styles are these high heeled sandals in mustard colour that look great when used with flowy maxi dresses. These sandals can be bought at a discounted price in Taobao. Take yours before they sell out.
  • Price: ¥ 440.00 / SGD 92

10. SK-II RNA Power Red Bottle Cream Active Repair Cream 80g –【直营】SK-II/SKII/SK2大红瓶面霜肌源赋活修护精华霜80g

618 Taobao sale is a great time to stock up in a few skincare essentials. If you are an SK-II fan, check the discounts in their entire range until 20 June. This RNA Power moisturizer is part of SK-II best-selling line that improves skin’s firmness and youthful glow. It is suitable for both young or mature skin. Get one for yourself and another one for Mum.
  • Price: ¥ 769.00 / SGD 160

11. Casio Watch G-SHOCK Multifunctional Quartz Men’s Watch GA-110GB-1A –【直营】Casio卡西欧手表 G-SHOCK多功能石英男表GA-110GB-1A

Are you still looking for a gift for the man of your life? The Casio Watch G-Shock is a tough looking watch meant for tough looking people… or just cool people in general. Water and shock resistant, this watch is built for the sporty and adventures ones that don’t have the time to worry about accessories and they come in different designs and colours.
  • Price: ¥ 1099.00 / SGD 229

Sale + sale + sale

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You don’t have to wait for 6.18 to nab these promotions. Head to Taobao / Tmall now, the sale period is from 14 to 20 June and you have the entire long weekend to do your online shopping.

Happiness is knowing that you won’t be paying full price for anything you add to your online cart. Click ‘Check out’ and make your online shopping dreams come true at the 6.18 Taobao Mid-Year sale. What is on your Taobao wishlist? Share it with us below.

Note: All prices are accurate at the time of publication on 14 June 2018. 
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