Let’s list down the components of our unofficial national costume:

1) T-shirts

2) FBTs

3) Flip-flops

Looks like Singapore won’t be hosting our own JEFW or AMKFW (Jurong East Fashion Week or Ang Mo Kio Fashion Week) anytime soon.

Depending on how you see it, the modern mass production and retailing of clothing have both their “Yays” and “Nays”.

Yay factors: Clothes are relatively affordable (3 for $10 boyfriend shirts at Bugis Street). Also, no more of those horrible ancient pointy cone bras.

Nay factors: The crowd thronging the streets is starting to look alarmingly homogeneous. Also, errbody crampin’ ma style!

In most local cafés today sit at least one pseudo-hipster decked in pseudo-hipster gear looking, in the succinct words of ShopBack writer Kristabelle, ‘fresh out of Haji Lane’. Is our nation really a tundra of blind mainstream trend-followers? Nope! However, as much as bona fide trendsetters and fashion mavens may love expressing themselves through fashion, the choices of apparel available can be quite restrictive.

If you drip with disdain for conventional (i.e. basic AF) dress codes and refuse to live life confined to peplum, neoprene, and ombré high-waist denim shorts, then going vintage may be your golden ticket! Most pieces are rare and one-of-a-kind, meaning there’s little chance of bumping into someone else wearing that same 1980s ruched velvet gown. Leaving well-preserved vintage pieces untouched and dust-jacketed is truly a shame.

Unfortunately, most people aren’t blessed with entire attics of vintage clothing bestowed upon them from a benevolent Nai Nai. Even so, you can still unearth heaps of perfectly-aged apparel at eBay’s vintage fashion goldmine. Look at these gems we’re fawning over!

1. 1980’s Nadine sequined mini dress

Vintage 1980's Nadine sequined bodycon stretchy mini dressVintage 1980's Nadine sequined bodycon stretchy mini dress

Price: SGD 62.36 after cashback

Starting off with a blast, we found this stunning vintage mini from the decade of decadence. The stretchy fit means the dress will show off your curves, and how can you go wrong with those adorable sequined fishes?

2. 1980s Ethnic Belted Vest


Price: SGD 98.70 after cashback

Made in India, this cover-up is vibrantly embroidered and has a front-hook waist closure for a flattering result. Something unique like this is sure to earn you many glowing looks at music festivals.

3. 1930s Peach Art Deco Evening Dress

Vintage 1930s Deco Evening Dress Silk Lace and Chiffon Chevron Inserts

Price: SGD 311.74 after cashback

If you’re tired of recycling that same LBD for parties, weddings, and company D&Ds, then this slinky silk dream would be a great vintage investment. Best paired with a sultry pout and a gin rickey.

4. 1970s Twirly Skater Dress


Price: SGD 47.10 after cashback

Skater dresses are all the rage now, but that doesn’t mean this sassy lilac retro dress circa 1970s isn’t unique! The full circle skirt is imprinted with sweet ivory flowers, which will swing beautifully on the hips when you walk.

5. 1920s Vintage Sheer Beaded Flapper Dress

vintage BLOODRED Sheer DIAMOND CROCHET Beaded Flapper 20s Glam DECO GATSBY Dress

Price: SGD 109.71 after cashback

What do you get when you wear this flapper dress over a blue or white slip? An amazing contrast that accentuates the intricate diamond crocheting, AND the title of the best-dressed lady at the speakeasy this weekend.

6. 1970s Gunne Sax Bohemian Wedding Crochet Dress

Vintage 70s Gunne Sax Dress Boho Wedding Hippie Prairie Crochet Lace Party MaxiVintage 70s Gunne Sax Dress Boho Wedding Hippie Prairie Crochet Lace Party Maxi

Price: SGD 202.28 after cashback

In the wide white world of wedding dresses, unique details and designs are your best ways to stand out. Even so, blowing three months of salary to have your wedding dress custom-made, only to be worn once, doesn’t seem like an economically sound decision. Heck, Carrie Bradshaw rocked her thrift store wedding dress in Sex and the City! Alternatively, this delightfully quirky boho wedding dress with the delicate lace and peekaboo corsetry will do just as much to charm everyone.

Vintage doesn’t just belong to Saturday Night Fever or the wardrobes of wrinkly octogenarians. Even if you’re a proud millennial whose motto is ‘Get wid da tymez’, you can still find a badass style entirely your own by pairing vintage with contemporary.

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