Restless at 3am and tired of hanging with your friends at supper joints? Or perhaps you are up at an odd hour and find yourself with no idea what to do. Singapore has a few 24-hour attractions you may not have heard of. Night owls, rejoice!

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Here’s a list of 24-hour attractions and activities to keep you occupied through the night.

1. Futsal at The Cage

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The Cage at Kallang is one of the few places to go to for a kickabout any time of the day. Located near the sports hub, the indoor soccer arena is a great place to gather your football pals for a game of 5-a-side at their pitches. The arena also has an indoor cricket and can host corporate functions and birthday parties.

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Located at 28 Jalan Benaan Kapal.

2. Mustafa Shopping Centre

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The famed shopping centre is known for its eclectic range of products, including and not limited to household appliances, fruits and sports equipment. It also provides services like foreign exchange and travel arrangements.

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Situated at Syed Alwi Road, the retail hub is frequented by midnight trawlers after having a spot of supper, or those who just need to get random items in the middle of the night. Occasionally, there may be a few patrons who enter just to take a look at the much-talked-about variety of products available there.

Mustafa Shopping Centre can be daunting for those unfamiliar with its array of items on display in the many narrow aisles. However, it’s well worth a visit if you are in the area, or simply curious about this interesting one-stop shopping spot.

Located at 145 Syed Alwi Road.

3. Hai Bin Prawning

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Prawning might be an activity that many Singaporeans enjoy. After all, who wouldn’t love getting in touch with their inner fisherman in and enjoy a meal of freshly barbecued prawns at the end?

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When you combine those perks with a 24-hour prawning facility like Hai Bin Prawning, you’ll find that there is no simpler luxury than being able to enjoy this simple bonding activity amongst friends in the cool breeze of the night.

The best part of the prawning facility is its panoramic views as it spans an area of 15,000 square feet that overlooks Punggol lake.

Located at #01-04, 6 Tebing Lane and HomeTeam NS Sembawang, #01-08 301 Canberra Road.


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In a bustling city like Singapore, it is not unheard of to spy fatigued workers crawling out of the office afterhours, mentally drained from working overtime and muscles sore from sitting upright for hours. 24-hour spas are no longer the stuff of dreams for these people.

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At any time of the day, one can simply pop over for a pampering back-rub to unknot muscles or relieve any mental stress.

Located at #02-02, 102 Guillemard Road.

5. Sentosa Boardwalk and Casino

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Sentosa is home to many attractions that are open 24/7. The Sentosa boardwalk, also open for 24 hours, is a nice way to enjoy Sentosa without being subject to the touristy crowds through the day. Some say it is the time of the day when it truly comes alive, as the boardwalk is beautifully lit up and contrasts well with the night sky.

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For those looking for more adult-only activities, Resorts World Sentosa is also home to the city’s first casino. Open for 24 hours, one can take a dabble in table games and slot machines of their choice.

Located at 8 Sentosa Gateway.

6. Take a ferry to Ubin

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Not many are aware that ferries to Ubin operate 24 hours a day, as long as a minimum quota is met, or you pay the sum to charter the whole bumboat.

Kampong House At UbinImage credit:

If you get over any paranormal anxieties of taking a ferry at night, a late night ferry to Ubin can be a potential reprieve from the urban cityscape as you escape to nature or go stargazing on Pulau Ubin. Just be sure to check the availability of the boat operators before embarking on such a trip.

Located at Changi Point Ferry Terminal, 51 Lorong Bekukong.

7. Khakabo Internet Café

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While some might argue that you can enjoy a computer game in the comforts of your home, indulging in a virtual game with your mates next to you in the middle of the night provides an unmatched experience, much like playing in an arcade or having a more immersive experience.

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A visit to a 24-hour internet café with your friends would make computer gaming a less isolated experience, and more a social bonding activity. Alternatively, people who are just interested in e-sports but do not want to play can drop by when the cafe hosts its occasional gaming competitions.

Located at #01-58 Burlington Square, 175 Bencoolen Street.

Although there are food joints aplenty that operate well into the late hours, it can also be a refreshing change to engage in something different during the night. Sometimes, switching up your late night grub for these activities may even lead to more memorable experiences, and no post-supper guilt the following morning.

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