Singapore has been listed as one of the most expensive cities in the world, and no one bears the brunt of that like students do. Whether you’re thirteen or tertiary, we’re going to help you stretch that dollar a little further with some life hacks on cheaper textbooks, electronics and even sporting equipment. Who knows? You might just save enough money for that graduation trip.

It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many of us impoverished student-types fail to realize that there are many opportunities for saving on the good ol’ interwebs. The best place to start your penny-pinching journey is with ShopBack. Here, you’ll find the best places to get everything you’ll need to help you graduate with a full wallet*.

We do everything we can to ensure that the prices on our and other companies websites are correct. Prices referenced were accurate on April 2015.



Get Them At: Better World Books 

With a ‘used book’ option and free shipping, your days of feeling that post-bookstore heartache are over. Featuring a wide selection of titles and subjects, all your bases will be covered whether you’re a secondary school POA student or a final year biology undergraduate. With used books going for as low as USD 7, you’ll be kicking yourself for all those times you spent USD 30 on a brand new book which you’ll probably only use for a year.

Too cool for hand me downs? Fine. You’ll still make huge savings when you buy that brand new Schaum’s Easy Outline textbook for USD 14.37 (Retail price: USD 28.36). You get a textbook under SGD 20 with up to 50% savings, homie! That’s an extra USD 14 dollars in your pocket for every textbook you purchase. What’s more, they’ll be delivered free to your doorstep, leaving you with enough time to catch up on Game Of Thrones.

You’ve Just Saved: 50% on new textbooks. 75% if you get used ones. That means instead of spending a USD 100, you only spent USD 25.


Get Them At: Courts 

In today’s curriculum, assignments are not only limited to worksheets but presentations and project work too. The humble thumbdrive has gone from being a luxury to a necessity. Sure, you have your Dropbox account, but that’s not going to be too useful without wifi (didn’t think of that, did you?). Not to worry. At Courts, you can get an 8GB thumb drive for less than SGD 8. Just think a semester’s worth of presentations, research papers and past exam questions all in your pocket. Welcome to the 21st century, boys and girls.

Feeling kiasu? Get the 1TB hard drive at only SGD 89! Now you can save that drawing of your cat you did when you were in Primary 1. But hey, who said it has to be all work and no fun? Pick up some new video games for yourself with that money you saved on textbooks (remember?). If your Courts receipt exceeds SGD 200, your delivery is free.

You’ve Just Saved: SGD 5 on an 8GB thumb drive, SGD 20 if you got the hard drive, and a whole lot more on chiropractor bills by not having to lug a whole stack of papers around.



Get Them At: Lazada  

Okay, so maybe World of Warcraft isn’t your thing. Maybe you’re the outdoorsy kind with a penchant for sun and surf. Or maybe you’re just looking to get into shape. Never fear, we’ve got you covered. At Lazada, you can get ripped without ripping a hole in your bank account. With basic equipment like badminton racquets at a mere SGD37 (Retail: SGD44 to SGD260).

Team sports not your thing? Maybe you’d like to try some boxing or Muay Thai. With quality gloves at SGD35.28 (Retail: SGD70 and up), you’ll be getting a great workout without having your wallet break a sweat.

You’ve Just Saved: yourself from being dateless. Kidding. With about 50% savings on sports equipment, getting fit just became a more viable investment.



Get Them At: Herbs Pro

Your education is an investment, and one of the best ways to fully optimize that investment is to do and be the best you can be. Like Lao Tzu said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”. The first step is a nutritious breakfast. You’re not going to be able to nail that important presentation or ace that calculus exam if your stomach is rumbling.

With Herbs Pro, your body will be supercharged without the hassle of waking up early to make food or queuing up for toast and eggs. Protein powders like Almased go at $21.95 ( Retail for similar items are north of $50), and they contain all the proteins, vitamins and minerals you need to go be the awesome, beautiful and majestic creature that you are. Like they say, healthy body, healthy mind.

You’ve Just Saved: With 50% savings, protein powders aren’t just for muscleheads anymore.


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Get Them At:  ShopBack

You can find over 500 retailers all in one site making it easier for you to get everything you need. Shop for things from gadgets, to clothes, to even food. What’s more, if you sign up with ShopBack, you not only get the aforementioned discounts, but you also get coupon codes, updates on promotions, exclusive access to selected sales, AND cashback! That’s right; you get cash back from your final payment price with every purchase you make with us.

Why are we giving you cash? Because we’re nice people and we like to share. We also know how difficult it is as a student to keep your hands out of your pants (when you reach to get your wallet, of course). When you make a purchase through us, we receive a commission from the retailer and it is this amount that we split with you as cashback!

You’ve just saved: Tons of cash with each purchase which you can accumulate and save up for that vacation to Phuket on your next semester break.

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