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Food is a huge part of the lives of Singaporeans. Despite being one of the smallest nations in the world, Singaporeans are exposed to many cuisines. From Japanese to French to Italian, there is at least one good place someone knows to recommend. However , when it comes to food delivery, the fast food restaurants are the more well-known places that are able to deliver food for a small delivery fee.

Thanks to Foodpanda, there exists an online catalogue of various restaurants that Foodpanda delivers from. Now you do not have to worry about your limited choice of food when it comes to home deliveries. We browsed around Foodpanda and managed to sieve out 5 restaurants (besides fast food of course) that offer free delivery until 31st December 2015.

5 Free Food Deliveries You Can Get

1. Sushi Burrito


Sushi Burrito is a healthy Japanese restaurant that offers a huge selection of burrito sized sushi rolls. By combining both Mexican cuisine and Japanese cuisine into one single dish, customers will be able to experience the burst of a unique yet harmonious taste.

 2. Outback Steakhouse

Who says that good steak cannot be delivered to your house? Outback Steakhouse, with 12 years of experiences, has charmed customers with its serious food and generous portions. Besides being well known for their generous steak portions, burgers and seafood, they also offer a wide assortment of salads and sides for you to choose from.

 3. Tea Tozz

Ever had a craving for bubble tea yet too lazy to go out? Well, you can get bubble tea delivered to your house. By offering fine quality tea leaves at affordable prices, you will never have a bad bubble tea day. Ever.

4. Moc Quan

This quaint Vietnamese restaurant has gotten rave reviews. You can tell how serious they are in their commitment to give you the most authentic Vietnamese food when they actually import the whole oven and flour from Vietnam to recreate the famous Banh-Mi.

 5. Hanpan

Korean BBQ are getting popular nowadays. But one negative thing about korean BBQ is that you have to walk out smelling like BBQ. Now with delivery by Foodpanda, you get to enjoy BBQ in your own home in comfort!

Foodpanda offers a huge selection of restaurants that they are able to deliver from and to your house. Get a 8% cashback by shopping with Foodpanda via ShopBack Singapore.  You will get double savings and great food at the same time!

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