I’m gonna be honest, almost half of my wardrobe is from ASOS. Shopping at a physical store has never really been my thing and ASOS is pretty much the best solution for my reclusive ways. The prices are reasonable and delivery is relatively quick, depending on how much you buy in one go. With all these years of experience under my belt, here are 5 ASOS hacks to save your wallet.

1. Purchase in GBP 

Bad news first – for all of you who have been shopping and buying under the S$ currency, you’ve actually been liberally surrendering extra money to ASOS. The tried-and-tested truth of the matter is, converting your currency onsite costs more than your credit or debit card company’s conversion rate. It sounds like an insignificant amount, but when you’ve spent your last few years buying hundreds of dollars of ASOS apparel, the savings (or losses) add up.

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The good news is now that you’re aware of this, your future purchases will be so much more worth the money! Simply keep the viewing currency in £ and all will be well. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself next time – browse and checkout in £, then compare your credit card statement for the bill with the price of the item on the website as displayed in S$.

2. Filters

Honestly, if you haven’t been using filters when you online shop – you’ve probably been browsing with a very liberal budget in mind. ASOS has one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly filter systems onsite, allowing you to sort items by colour, style, brand, size, and most importantly – from Price Low to High. You can even toggle the price range to accommodate your budget, so not only are you presented with a more concise selection of fashion products to browse, but you also get to root out the best steals on the site.

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3. Wait For A Bigger Sale

Playing the waiting game is a must-do with ASOS. Though it certainly is tempting to check out your entire cart during the “Insane 50% Off!” sale, it’s also worth waiting a little longer for the hype to die down – and for when ASOS pushes out an all-improved ‘Final Reduction’ 70% off sale. 

Image Credit: ASOS

As an avid ASOS shopper myself, I can vouch for the fact that 50% off always becomes 70% off, with a little patience. Not only do a whole bunch of other items flood into the Sale section, but some sales items even go on further discount than before. If what you’ve got your eye on isn’t bearing the ominous pale orange ‘Low in Stock’ label, a temporary break from the website is a good idea. After all, good things come to those who wait.

4. Join The Mailing List

If you haven’t already gotten the memo, signing up for the ASOS newsletter is actually beneficial. The biggest names in online retail reward customer loyalty – with advance notice on upcoming sales and new coupon codes – and ASOS is no exception. Close an eye to the inbox spam, and keep the other one open for the exclusive ASOS promo and discount codes ASOS sends you every now and then. They also inform you of the best sale items so you never have to miss out again!

Image Credit: ASOS

On top of that, once your elusive email is in their massive database, ASOS (and creepy Internet cookies) keeps tabs on dates special to you like local holidays and, of course, your birthday. And when you receive a special, exclusive discount code on your birthday, newsletter spam will hardly seem like an issue anymore.


Image Credit: ASOS

5. Use ShopBack!

Heads up – you can get a portion of your money back from shopping at ASOS. The British retailer has partnered several Cashback websites to give shoppers cash rebates when they shop the site, via the Cashback website – and ShopBack is one of them (in fact, the first in Southeast Asia!).

Here at ShopBack Singapore, you can get 3.5% Cashback on all your ASOS purchases, no minimum spend or restrictions. Plus, we have Upsized Cashback from time to time that will grant you even more Cashback from ASOS and other merchants! Furthermore, we have some of the best discounts codes for you to use at any time!

Besides, once you’ve accumulated at least S$10 of Cashback in your ShopBack account, you can transfer it to your bank accounts or PayPal account at any time. Easy. Find out how to do so here

With all these new tricks under your belt, your wallet will be back in shape in no time.

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