If you were asked to conjure a mental image of a tech start-up, how would it look like?

Most people would probably imagine a room full of geeky nerdy guys typing away on computers and operating other cool gadgets. But that’s not the case for us. With over 50 employees in four markets, we’re proud to say that ShopBack has a fair gender and power distribution.

Half of our employees are ladies. And another half of these ladies actually sit on the management level. Here are some thoughts and appreciation relayed by our Co-Founder, Joel Leong.

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In spirit of International Women’s Day, I would like to take the chance to highlight four of the ShopBack’s lady bosses. Helming from Singapore , Malaysia , The Philippines  and Indonesia , every one of them has contributed tremendously to ShopBack’s growth. Without whom, I couldn’t imagine where we’ll be today.

Disclaimer: Looks were never a criteria in our interviews. Their good looks are purely coincidental.

  1. Josephine K Chow, Country Head, ShopBack Singapore


Words of Wisdom: “Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor.”

Josephine is the lady boss of ShopBack’s anchor market. She sets directions for all eight departments to ensure smooth operation and consistent growth of ShopBack Singapore. Under her strong leadership, ShopBack Singapore maintains a steady month-on-month sales increment. The team broke the sales record with the largely successful 9.9 campaign, held in celebration of ShopBack’s first anniversary. Her daily routine includes keeping a close watch on targets, strategising with her team and pushing forward growth via a mix of channel optimisation and creativity.

  1. Sharmeen Looi, COO, ShopBack Malaysia


Words of Wisdom: “The only thing that’s stopping you from success is yourself. Break the wall, make dreams happen, and live life to the max.”

Performance-driven, determined, and ambitious. These are the traits that describe Sharmeen, the first lady of ShopBack Malaysia. She actually gave up an attractive offer from an MNC for a start-up. Sharmeen oversees all marketing collaborations that help to strengthen the company’s presence. She also helms the development of ShopBack Malaysia’s merchant and customer base. Under her lead, ShopBack Malaysia has been growing strong and steady. Malaysian shoppers have cashed out more than RM4M (without counting the remaining amount saved in account) in 2015 alone.

  1. Kristina Ay-ay, Head of Merchants & Partnerships, ShopBack Philippines


Words of Wisdom: “Compare yourself only to who you were yesterday. Be your own competition.”

The cheerful sun-kissed lady is ShopBack’s first lone ranger in The Philippines market. Equipped with strong e-commerce experience, Kristina lights up the path for ShopBack’s development in The Philippines, bringing her cultural knowledge and market insights to the table. The growth of online retailers in The Philippines has been impeded by the nature of the market, which is largely unbanked with low credit card penetration. Kristina has come up with ways to better reach those with credit cards, as well as work with banks to improve the value proposition for a credit card to strike up win-win situations for all parties.

  1. Inge Kosasih, Marketing Manager, ShopBack Indonesia  (coming soon)



“A woman should not expect special privileges just because of her sex but neither should she adjust to prejudice and discrimination.”

Beyond her young and sweet looks, Inge is pumped with endless energy and strong will to steer the start-up formation in Indonesia. Her never-say-die attitude allows her to don multiple hats within a short period of time. She has achieved wonders on all fronts and has successfully set a solid foundation for ShopBack Indonesia. With her ground seeding effort, the company is well prepared for its official launch in due time.

Doubtless as I say this, these ladies have shown how women play an integral part in not just the e-commerce eco-system, but also in any organisation and community of any field and sector. Lastly, I am proud to admit that ShopBack has been a suitable, enriching platform for both ladies and gents to achieve greatness.

Thank you.

Joel Leong


Do you know of any other tech start-ups powered and driven by ladies? Do share with us in the comments below!


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