With the release of Pokemon Go, everyone and their cats are playing with it! Well, some of us on the other hand, have felt that excitement more than a decade ago with the release of the first generation of Pokemon on the first generation Game Boy. Those pre-smartphone days were much simpler times and the fun we had – especially during recess – was also much simpler but equally exciting.

So let us revisit those days with his list of things we did to fill our time with excitement during recess!

1) Play country rubber

Every recess was a World War back in the 90’s. And all’s fair in love and war… except dragging the eraser with your thumb. That’s blatant cheating sia.

Country Erasers

Image credit | hedgehogcomms.blogspot

2) Monkey bar fight

The Singapore version of gladiator. If you lost your grip, you lose your life… or at the very least, go back to the end of the line lor.

Monkey Bars

Image credit | giphy.com

3) Play soccer, 90’s style

That means using a plastic ball or empty water bottle or even crushed cans of soda as 20 kids ran up and down the court kind of unsure whether you’re chasing thrash or soccer balls. In our mind, the school court looked a lot this.


Image credit | youtube.com

4) Flirt subtly with the girl you hate but kinda like


Image credit | ntd.tv

What you want to say: I love you with the intensity of a thousand exploding supernovas, you are my light through the dreariest of maths lessons.

What you really say: Eeeeeh, your hair so dirty, so stupid, i hate you!

5) Finish homework for the lessons after recess

See la, never do in advance, now you have to copy from your friends

Doing Homework

Image credit | flickr.com

6) Digivice battle

Then you gotta buy a new file afterwards because you keep cutting off small parts of the plastic to use a cheat code.


Image credit | photobucket.com


Pokemon took whatever Digimon did, and just added more everything, more monsters, more characters, more storyline. Most recesses were spent trading our Haunter for another kid’s Machoke. WIN-WIN


Image credit | giphy.com

8) Make fun of the kid playing tamagotchi


Image credit | asiaone.com

Go get a gameboy la Xiao Ming

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9) Buy some super cheap snacks

Replenish the energy sapped away from morning lessons with a healthy dose of unhealthy snacks!


Image credit | twitter.com

10) Browse the bookshop

Everyone who was anyone piled together at the bookshop to find interesting things to show off after recess.


Image credit | blogspot.com

11) Impress your friends with Yo-yo tricks

Around the world, walk the dog, cradle the baby. The really pro ones will shout out the trick before attempting it. Whoever did it well, became the undisputed king of recess.

Yo Yo Tricks

Image credit | giphy.com

A decade later, you can still show your yo-yo prowess… with the help of Lazada!

Yo Yo

12) Update your autograph book

This was before social media became a thing. So we had to go around with our autograph books, “liking” each others post and telling everyone individually your status updates and list of best friends.

Autograph Book

Image credit | mothership.com

13) Pepsicola

Half of our friends got crippled during recess and the other became masters of the ancient martial art of PepsiCola. Wait, why is it called Pepsicola again?

Pepsi Cola Game

Image credit | photobucket.com

14) The Principal’s office

See la kick people leg until kena see principal. We might laugh at it now but the Principal’s office was large, cold and intimidating to a kid back in the 90’s

Principal's Office

Image credit | cranmermemorial.org

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15) Collecting saga seeds

We placed the seeds lovingly into clear bottles and just admired them, no hashtags or Instagram needed.

Saga Seeds

Image credit | english.xtbg

16) Rushing out to get malt candy from the MRT auntie

So sticky but soooo delicious and the way the auntie wraps it up around the stick… perfect

Malt Candy

Image credit | flickr.com

17) Old Maid

It was our Daidi before we could get our hands on actual poker cards

Old Maid

Image credit | flickr.com

18) Catching in the school hall

So much space! And if you were lucky, the fans would be on as well

School Hall

Image credit | geylangmethodistpri.moe

19) Wrestling

Back when Dwayne Johnson was still The Rock, everyone rushed off to carry out ankle locks and Walls of Jericho on their helpless friends.


Image credit | giphy.com

“Just tap out Xiao Ming, you still have your Tamagotchi to think about”

20) Put salt in pepsi

It might sound disgusting but after one brave friend tried it and converted to the salt life, we all started sprinkling salt onto our soft drinks

 Drinking Cocktail

Image credit | giphy.com

21) We were never happy with just one drink

Kids in the 90’s were never happy with just one drink, but we couldn’t afford more than one cup. Sooo


Image credit | giphy.com

Uncle, mix drink, mix drink, give me Sprite, Coke, Ice Cream Soda, Green Tea, Oolong Tea and everything else

22) Love letters as straw

I don’t know who he or she was but using a love letter (the snack, not a declaration of romance) as a straw is nothing short of genius!

Love Letters

Image credit | flickr.com

23) Catch spiders

Just get yourself an empty matchbox and start your spider fighting career! Useful tip: look under the leaves after rainy days for a cluster of spiders to join your army.


Image credit | behance.net

24) Zero Point

Like jump rope, but with an extremely long cluster of rubber bands meshed together. Yeah, even then, Zero Point was quite weird.

Rubber Jump Rope

Image credit | photobucket.com

25) Chee Ko Pa

No one liked Scissors, Paper, Stone. It was just so childish.

Lame Expression

Image credit | giphy.com

But double the options, dialect up the name and you have yourself hours of mindless Chee Ko Pak fun.

26) Capteh

We battled to see who could keep the Capteh up the longest, be it 3 hits or an unfathomable 4 hits.


Image credit | photobucket.com

27) Chopsticks

The only maths we enjoyed, go past 5 fingers sticking out and KABOOM, your hands gone.

Chopsticks Game

Image credit | wikihow.com

28) Prank teachers (Ding dong dash)

Back when there were no cameras and teachers still understood that we were children and not really short, young looking adults. Press the bell to the staff room, run away a safe distance and watch as your teacher answers the door with confusion painted on her face. Repeat until you get caned.

Doorbell Rings

Image credit | giphy.com

29) Unfriend someone

Recesses were also a great time to unfriend  someone even easier than using Facebook. Just go up to someone, yell “I don’t friend you” and walk away, maybe cancelling their name from your autograph book. But no fear, you’ll probably be friends again by the end of the day.

Class Photo

Image credit | fionaseah.wordpress

30) Eat a proper meal

If you had the time after doing all those 29 other things, maybe you could grab a proper meal. Everything was so cheap and delicious and cheap and had such variety and cheap.

Food Spread

Image credit | lifestyleasia.com

All this for $2.50. (No, not really)

Ahhh 90’s, we miss you

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