Singaporeans are soon becoming an endangered species due to our declining birth rates. Having to keep up with the rat race in Singapore puts a dent on one’s romantic life and there is simply no privacy in the shoeboxes that are HDB flats. Also, Singapore is not big on love hotels. So what are the alternatives? Are there any private places left in the city?

If you are looking for quiet places to chill or where to make out in Singapore (and as far as possible from Marina Bay), you have landed on the correct place. While you and your partner can have a romantic staycation and some of the many hotels in Singapore, here are a few alternatives places to get your romance on that might just provide you with the much-needed privacy. If cost is an issue for you then fret not, you can earn Cashback and look for the best offers like a discount code from ShopBack to help you out with that!

1. The Yellow Tower East Coast

This one’s a little bit of a doozy. It’s elevated so you can be sure there are no prying eyes. Also, no one really goes there so you can ensure maximum privacy, well except for a vengeful spirit…or two.

East Coast Park Yellow Tower
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2. Staircases

The best ones are HDB blocks with lifts available on every floor. That means that the staircases are probably not utilised. It’s quite a popular spot and there are videos online to prove it.

HDB Staircase

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3. Tents

This is like having your very own waterfront hotel room! You can erect it anywhere and get your loving on all the while being serenaded by the soothing sounds of the crashing waves, illuminated by the soft glow of distant ships and being caressed by sand getting all up your everything and also, sand flies. Sounds perfect!

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4. East Coast Car Park

East Coast Park is a haven for those looking for some in-vehicle action. Research has yielded (not from personal experience) that car parks F onwards offer the best spots in terms of the level of illumination and seclusion.

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5. Balestier Cinema

What? There is a cinema in Balestier? You mean you didn’t know? Well maybe it’s because barely anyone goes there let alone knows of the existence of such a place. ‘Nuff said.

Balestier Cinema

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6. Jurong Hill Park

Jurong Hill Park is a dimly lit place with carparks located in perfect seclusion and at its climax is a tower that overlooks Jurong Islands. There you go, two options available just like that. You can either do the deed in the car or the horizontal tango at the tip of the tower.

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7. Orchard Central Sky Garden

This place provides the ultimate thrill! It’s in Orchard Road, it’s a mall, and it’s what STOMP articles are made of!  Complete with dim lighting and secluded stairwells.

Orchard Central Roof Garden

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8. Singapore Botanic Gardens

Fancy some romance in a UNESCO World Heritage Site? Well, this is just the place! Plenty of gazebos with minimal lighting and also maximum vegetation with barely anyone (look out for swans though).

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9. Playgrounds

One word, tube slides! Wait, that’s two words. In any case, make sure there are no kids around.


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10. Changi Beach

After dark, Changi Beach is quite deserted especially near the airport or at the car park near the ferry terminal.  You can watch planes (amongst others things) lifting off!

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11. Punggol beach

Punggol beach is one of the lesser-known beaches Singapore and thus human traffic there is quite low. I myself have not heard of the presence of a beach in Punggol and would like to go have a look-see myself…for research purposes of course!

Punggol beach

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12. Kranji Dam Carpark

Get yourselves in the mood by taking a stroll along the reservoir but beware of the buayas that have been spotted in the proximity – well buayas of both the aquatic and the land kind.

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13. Schools

Now tell me you’ve never heard of or indulged in those water cooler talks about the naughty going-ons happening within the campus compounds. The possibilities are endless – handicap toilets, clubhouses, stairwells etc. Best done after hours – think of it as an extra-curricular activity.

Campus romance

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14. Office

Here’s a reason for you to stay back late in the office. You kill two birds with one stone. Firstly you make a good impression with your bosses clocking in overtime (at least that’s what he thinks). Secondly, your office is probably air-conditioned, spacious and private. So yea, next time if you see two of your colleague’s suddenly staying back late for reasons you can’t seem to pinpoint, it is probably they’re indulging in some naughty office pantry action.

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15. Library

The silence that envelops libraries can be used to your advantage to indicate when someone is coming. Pages won’t be the only thing you’ll be fiddling on at the corner of the library obscured by the rows of shelves.

Library romance

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16. Little Guilin

Like the miniature version of its namesake, Little Guilin has cliffs you can climb on top of with sufficient vegetation that offers good hiding spots away from prying eyes. So it’s safe to say cliffs won’t be the only thing you’ll be climbing on top of though.

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17. Top floor of double-decker bus

Grab the backseat of a bus touring the city, make sure there are not that many passengers around and enjoy the ride – if you know what I mean.

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18. Handicap toilet

It’s behind closed doors; it’s got a seat and even a place to wash up after. Just make sure it is in an acceptable state of hygiene.

Handicap toilet

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19. Macritchie Reservoir

Macritchie is bigger and quieter than Mount Faber Park. After-dark the nature trails are dark enough for you to indulge in some exercise of the sensual kind.

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20. Chinese Garden

The pagodas are a nice place to stow yourself away but do beware of the human traffic there. Going there after dark is the best bet for you.

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21. Multi Storey Carparks

The rooftops of multi-storey car parks are a great place for some intimacy – be sure though to look out for parking attendants though.

Multi storey car park

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22. Cable Car

Here’s taking romance to new literal heights. It’s just you, your partner and nothing in between except hundred feet of air. It’s the ultimate high – not recommended for those with vertigo though.

Cable car

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23. Cemetery


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Barely a soul in sight – except maybe literal ones. But you’ll probably be too hot under the collar to be afraid.

24. Beach

The water on Singapore’s beaches are less than clear and no one really knows what lurks below.  Your face might look calm and composed but the same can’t be said for what’s happening underneath. Just don’t let that occasional look of ecstasy betray you. Best done when it is raining where there are less people around and visibility is at its minimum.

Changi Beach

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25. Swimming Pool

Especially a private pool in a condominium and at night when no one is around. Breaststroke anyone? If you want to go somewhere (much!) more public, then head to Marina Bay Sands’ infinity pool.


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26. Labrador Park

There is a car park near the Coast Guard camp that is quite secluded. Just make sure you go to the right car park and not the one nearer to the coast which is brightly lit.

Labrador park

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27. Palawan Beach Towers

This is the less popular cousin to the more famous Siloso Beach and hence, less human traffic! You can take a late night dip with your partner or climb up the lookout towers for some fun at the Southern Most Point of Continental Asia – majestic!

Palawan Beach TowersImage credit:

28. Pulau Ubin

It’s practically uninhabited so all you need to do is get your trekking shoes on and find some secluded spot. The whole island is practically yours for the taking!

Pulau Ubin

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29. Dairy Farm / Bukit Timah Hill

The trail towards Bukit Timah Hill is quite secluded when it is dark but be aware though, for the bites you receive won’t be only those from your partner but also from the mosquitos!

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30. Budget Hotel

If public displays of affection are not your thing, why not go get a room on the cheap at one of the budget hotels in Singapore? It’s got privacy and everything. Your little home away from home!

Budget Hotel Room

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Get your romance on!

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