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You see them appearing for a few weeks in your neighbourhood and then they’re gone. I never figured out how the Pasar Malam nomad system works but when I do see them, I know there’s bound to be good food.

I have also included substitutes so you can enjoy these Pasar Malam goodies even when its off-season!

And here are 30 types of food you’ll always see at our local night markets.

30 Types Of Irresistible Pasar Malam Food

1. Taiwan Sausage

taiwan sausages
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Because biting into one of these juicy sticks makes you go ahhhhh~ TOO HOT!!!

Off-season substitute: Grab a $25 cash voucher for only $15 at Lee’s Taiwanese and enjoy Taiwanese Sausages and a plethora of other Taiwanese dishes courtesy of Groupon.

2. Muah Chee

muah chee
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That chewy goodness coated in sweet peanut bits is the taste of my childhood.

3. Kebab

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Served with lettuce in a pita bread, this seems to be healthier choice compared to all the other deep fried food (ok, not really).

Off-season substitute: It’s 2 Kebab and 2 Drinks for only $8.90 (worth $15) at EPIKebabs courtesy of Groupon. Only available at 2 outlets.

4. Cotton Candy

cotton candy
Image Credit: Spencer Tweedy | Flickr

The perfect sweet treat for a kid.

5. Wheel Crackers

wheel crackers
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Don’t have a sweet tooth? This is my favourite savoury indulgence!

6. Takoyaki

takoyaki balls
Image Credit: 5th Luna | Flickr

I love the idea of mixing the flavours of these starchy balls. You never know if you’re going to bite into a prawn, salmon or ham and cheese one because they all look the same!

Off-season substitute: Takoyaki your hearts out in the comfort of your own home with J-one Foods’ Takoyaki (50 pieces) for only $18.50 (U.P. $24.00) from Rakuten.

7. Steamed Chickpeas

chickpeas steamed
Image Credit: Kyle Killam | Pexels

This mildly savoury snack is super addictive. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

8. Tea Egg

tea eggs
Image Credit: sneakymegita | Flickr

These eggs are boiled in a tea mixture that gives them a unique aftertaste.

 9. Ayam Percik

ayam percik
Image Credit: Ayam Percik | Flickr

Literally Chicken Splash in Malay, this is the epitome of grilled marinated chicken.

10. Steamed Rice Cakes

steamed rice cakes
Image Credit: Alpha | Flickr

These colourful rice cakes fit right into the vibrant pasar malam scene, don’t they?

11. Shark Fin Soup

 shark fin soup
Image Credit: Alpha | Flickr

Don’t worry, no sharks were hurt in the process.

12. Fried Chicken

fried chicken cutlet
Image Credit: Brian Jeffery Beggerly | Flickr

XXL Chicken Cutlet, Honey Chicken Chop or Salted Crispy Chicken? I want them all!

13. Pig in a Blanket

pig in a blanket
Image Credit: David Kessler | Flickr

Two of my favourite foods in one – genius!

14. Kueh Tutu

kueh tutu
Image Credit: Jonathan Ooi | Flickr

Peanut, coconut shavings or chocolate enveloped in steamed rice flour? I love them piping hot!

15. Goreng Pisang

goreng pisang
Image Credit: punzy | Flickr

Bananas dipped in batter and fried till golden brown. Am I in heaven?

16. Ding Ding Sweet

ding ding tang
Image Credit: Banalities | Flickr

Also known as Kok Kok Candy, this sweet treat always comes with the accompanying metal-hitting sounds.

17. Dragon Beard Candy

dragon beard candy
Image Credit: bionicgrrrl | Flickr


18. Seaweed Chicken

seaweed chicken
Image Credit: RedMart

Three on a stick is never enough. They make you crave for more!

19. Ice Popsicle

traditional popsicle
Image Credit: Emilio Labrador | Flickr

The perfect cure for a scorching hot day. My favourite flavour is Sarsi. What’s yours?

20. Bird’s Nest Drink

Not the real deal but still loved by many!

21. Cheese Tofu

cheese tofu
Image Credit: evitadiaz.abdurahsi | Instagram

We all love some oozing cheese. Just try not to scald your tongue.

22. Cup Corn

sweet corn in cup
Image Credit: happytummynp | Flickr

Have you seen how much butter and salt they dump in a cup? Do you actually care? It’s okay, I don’t either!

23. Biscuit Piring


Are these colourful discs the cousins of those steamed rice cakes?

24. Tapioca Cake

tapioca cake
Image Credit: theeatingmama | Instagram

I love how these are pan-fried to perfection! Crispy on the outside, sticky on the inside.

25. Lekor

malay fish cake
Image Credit: Li Tsin Soon | Flickr

These Malay fish crackers always come with that addictive stinky chilli sauce.

26. Curry Fish Balls

curry fishballs
Image Credit: Lucas Richarz | Flickr

Springy fish balls drenched in spicy curry gravy? Challenge accepted!

27. Smelly Tofu

smelly tofu
Image Credit: Yuli Chua | Flickr

Be thankful that you can’t smell this through your screen. And don’t ever underestimate these innocent looking cubes.

28. Vadai

Image Credit: Jonathan Lin | Flickr

These savoury fritters always keep you going back for more, don’t they?

29. Roti John

roti john
Image Credit: HungryGoWhere

This omelette sandwich is always drenched in a truckload of ketchup, chilli, mayonnaise and mustard. Always.

30. Ramly Burger

ramly burger
Image Credit: Daniel R | Flickr

And leaving the best for the last, the most irresistible Ramly Burger! Now, where can I get my hands on one of these?

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