Children aren’t scary, at most, they are tiny little flesh imps bumbling around life. So, if you can’t make them scary, how about turning them into the most adorable bundles ever?

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Amazing Halloween Costumes

1. Peter Pan


Available in Disney Store!

Get boys into the spirit of dressing up by giving them a knife and the power of flight.

2. Captain Hook


Available in Disney Store!

Pair the first two costumes up, and put a thematic narrative to sibling fights

3. Witch Girl

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 8.47.58 pm


Available in Taobao!

The only time your girls should ever dress up as a witch is probably Halloween. So make it cute! There’s even the broomstick!

4. Crayon



Available in eBay!

How can anyone not appreciate this? Find more colours, line them up and you’ll have a crayola set!

5. Ninja Boy


Available in eBay!

Your child will look amazingly cool, and, if you lose your child amidst the crowd, it’s not really your fault, dude’s a ninja!

6. Ninja Boy 2


Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 8.32.00 pm

Available in Rakuten!

Don’t worry if your child disappears! He’s only satisfying the requirement to become a full-fledged ninja!

7. Ninja Girl


Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 8.40.00 pm

Available in Taobao!

Need one for girls? Here’s one from Taobao that looks impressive! Fully equipped with a katana too!

8. This other Ninja Boy

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 8.51.48 pm

Available in Taobao!

I’m sorry, I can’t help it. This Ninja Boy looks too awesome. You could dress up as a family of ninjas!

9. Snow White


Available in Disney Store!

If you’re looking for timeless, why not the very first Disney princess? Quick tip: If you have 7 smaller kids, dress them up as the 7 dwarves

10. Anna and Elsa


Available in Disney Store!

If your kid wants more of a modern take on princesses, why not try out the Frozen ensemble?

11. Scary Pumpkin


Available in Rakuten!

Continue Charlie Brown’s fight with this adorable Halloween onesie

12. Lion


Available in Walmart!

Represent Singapore by dressing your kid up as the national icon, sans tails.

13. Ninja Turtle

Available in Walmart!

Costume works for up to 4 kids.

14. Minion


Available in Walmart!

Make sure your child mumbles incoherently too.

15. The Hulk


Available in Disney Store!

Talking about incoherent mumbling, why not expose your kid to the safest form of gamma radiation.

16. Thor


Available in Disney Store!

Ok, I’ll be honest, there’s going to be a lot more superheroes coming up, don’t blame us, blame society’s glorification of marvel films.

17. Darth Vader

Hey, if you know your kid’s going to be evil, why not let him be himself, with this Darth Vader ensemble.

18. Archer


Bring the hunger games world into HDB flats with this Katniss style costume.

19. Ultimate Spiderman


Available in Disney Store!

Maybe your kid will be the next Spiderman in their next Spiderman reboot

20. Annoying Orange



Available in eBay!

There’s always the option to embarrass your child in public. Heh

21. Werewolf



Available in eBay!

Or you can make him the scariest child the world has ever seen.

22. Zombie Girl



Available in ebay!

If you’ve got a girl, then she’s better off as a zombie than a werewolf.

23. Pikachu!

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 9.47.11 pm

Available in AliExpress!

Dress your cutest in the cutest costume and then proceed to scream at the sight of cuteness overload.

24. Woody


Available in Disney Store!

Wait till your child ask what the costume is supposed to be, use that as an excuse to re-watch all three Toy Story movies.

25. Old School Pirate


Available in Walmart!

Use this as a time to teach your kids the offline version of what pirates mean.

26. Iron Man


Available in Disney Store!

Tell them not to be Iron Man 2 though, cos that will make them a disappointment

27. Musclebob Buffpants


Available in Walmart!

Spongebob has been working out, man.

28. Mulan


Available in Disney Store!

Confuse Caucasians even further on whether Singapore is part of China, by dressing up as the only Disney Princess.

29. Superman


Available in Walmart!

How can you go wrong with the man of steel? Put some gel on your child’s hair, style it into an S and watch them fly.

30. Chef

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 8.58.35 pm

Available in Rakuten!

Dress your child in an occupation instead so that he or she will be passionate about the future!

For Adults

Ok, i know we’ve been focusing on children costumes, but adults also need some flights of fancy away from their mundane lives (in fact, they might need it even more)

So this section will be a tad more mature, more sophisticated than the previous twenty.

1. Batman


Available in Walmart!

Batman is not for kids, it’s Bat-MAN.

2. Rock Paper Scissors

Available in Walmart!

If you have 6 friends, it becomes Chee Ko Pah

3. Cleopatra


Available in Walmart!

Unleash your inner Pharaoh, with this stunning Egyptian themed dress.

4. Evil Queen


Available in Walmart!

Everyone loves being the villain, indulge yourself for a night with this evil queen getup

5. Whatever this is

Available in Walmart!

I don’t know man, adults are weird.

So get your fix of adorable, scary and downright perplexing costumes at our merchants today, for some much-needed cash back.

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