Boracay Island, The Philippines


This tropical island boasts white sandy beaches, blue skies and fresh air. What’s better are the deals on Expedia for you to stay overnight on this beautiful island for less than SGD 100 per night!

Oasis Resort & Spa, SGD 77 avg/ night

Dates: 21/02 to 24/02

oasis-guest-houseThis photo of Oasis Resort and Spa is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Rest your mind and relax your body at Oasis Resort & Spa. After a day out exploring Boracay, enjoy a massage in the rooms overlooking the beaches and palm trees. You’ll definitely have a restful sleep well after that!

Boracay Holiday Resort, SGD 81 avg/ night

Dates: 24/02 to 27/02


This resort is surrounded by the island’s lush greenery, so enjoy the freshness of the crisp air. And if you haven’t gotten enough of the waters while you’re at the beach, you can always enjoy a late night swim in the resort’s swimming pool!

Koh Tao, Thailand


With clear waters, Koh Tao is great for snorkelling and diving, so book your stay and connect with nature during your getaway- it’ll be perfect for watersports enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Koh Tao Hillside Resort, SGD 68 avg/ night

Dates: 03/03 to 06/03


Stay in these quaint resort houses on a budget. Plus, you get to wake up to spectacular views of the sky and sea, so what’s not to like?

Dunsit Buncha Resort, SGD 69 avg/ night

Dates: 08/03 to 11/03


This is another resort surrounded by greenery, located atop a hill facing the vast expanse of the sea. The resort also has a bar for you to wind down before the night ends, as well as a restaurant with a view of the clear blue waters!

Gili Islands, Indonesia

Forget Batam; Indonesia also offers Gili Islands, with pristine beaches for you to suntan, swim, and relax. Being so close to Singapore, its perfect for a quick getaway!

Hotel Villa Julius, SGD 85 avg/ night

Date: 01/03 to 04/03


Chill on the sunbed and watch the sunset overlooking the sea. While you’re at it, order some juice and take a dip in the pool. This will be just the kind of vacation for you to de-stress!


Villa Almarik, SGD 83 avg/ night

Dates: 21/02 to 24/02

With splendid facilities for a wallet-friendly price, this will be a great place to hide from the hectic city life. Relax for a weekend at this beautiful resort to energise yourself; you’ll be much more alert and motivated after a restful getaway!

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*Dates selected are random. Room rates and availability are subject to change.

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