Valentine’s Day is right in the nose once Lunar New Year passes so the festive season is still in full swing once Valentine’s Day becomes the present. Time to start treating your bae more lovingly en route the special day!

We’ve got a proposition on how you can be a cooler boyfriend or girlfriend – simply use a different term of endearment. A new nickname, if you will.

So here are 22 names you can try out. Warning though, the names get ridiculous as you read further into the article. LOL

For the un-romantics:

1. Eh


Some may argue that one usually calls another by his/her name if they are friends and those who’ve transcended mere friendship don’t even need to call out each other’s name.

So technically, ‘Eh’ is still legit!

2. Oi




For the gangster couples out there, ‘Oi’ reflects the pillars that the relationship is based upon – toughness.


“What lah”

“I love you lah”

“I also lah”

3. Wei


‘Wei’ is like ‘Oi’. Its usage usually a prelude to a session of reprimand. Like “Wei! Stop using me for your own personal gain hor!” or “Wei! You keep using my towel to wipe the table!”. Sure, ‘Wei’ is probably a bad endearment to be using but everything depends on intention right?

If you use ‘Wei’ and then show love and tenderness to your partner, it all good… right?

4. I/You

i you

We hear this often from Malay couples.

“I sayang you” (I love you)

“I pon” (Me too)

And yes, saying ‘I’ and ‘You’ and then reverting back to your native language actually sounds really endearing for some reason.

5. Girl/Boy


This works too.

“Girl, shall we have dinner at my place?”

“Sure, boy”

Gives me hope that we’ll all stay a young boy or girl forever.



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6. Mister/Missus

This one’s contributed by a ShopBack staff. She said, “I call my boyfriend ‘Mister’.”

So I replied, “How does he address you then?”

She said, “Mister.”

What a cute couple.


7. Darling



What typical couples would say.


8. Ling


What cooler typical couples that have been together for a longer time would say.

9. Honey/Hun


The difference between calling your bae ‘Honey’ and ‘ Darling’ is that honey sounds cuter. That ‘ey’ part of the syllable makes it sound more cute.

Like fuzzy wuzzy bubbly wubbly honey!

10. Caramel


Since we’re at the topic of sweetness that you can eat, ‘Caramel’ should be an alternative for a ‘honey’ couple! Besides, ‘Caramel’ borders around cool and hipster.

11. Citrus


And since we’re into food, let’s just go slightly overboard. Admittedly, Citrus is quite an unsual word to use as an endearment for your bae at first, but you’ll get used to it. Just like everything else in life.

12. Love


How else can you refer to someone you love other than using the word ‘love’ itself? Furthermore, this is how you and your partner will remind each other that love exists in the relationship.

13. Baby


Cliche, but it works the best.


14. B


Cliche, and it works only if you’ve been calling him/her ‘Baby’ for the longest time.

15. BB


Sounds stupid, but it’s a stupidity that can only exist between a loving couple.

16. Muffin/Muff


Muffin is probably what you lovingly call your pet cat or dog. I’m not saying that your partner mirrors a cat or dog (not a dog, especially), but ‘Muffin’ is definitely an endearment that’s playful and cute.

17. Cake


An advanced version of ‘Muffin’, for your sweet sugar-coated, heavenly, indulgent, irresistible, girl.


18. Babycakes


This second evolution of ‘Muffin’ is even better. But really, up until now, we haven’t had much fun with the names at all. So hold on, it’s going to get ludicrous.

For the ridiculous couples.

19. Babylicious



This one actually sounds like some kind of vogue dance crew. Every time you have to call your bae, grab a mic and introduce her to the public before you actually talk to her.


20. Carameliciouslybabycakes


Let’s add an adverb to the babycakes. ‘Carameliciouslybabycakes’ is a great one for delusional couples.

21. Poopey


Remember how I used the word ‘Honey’ and then expanded the point, saying that the ‘ey’ syllable made the word cute? Technically, if we add ‘ey’ to the word ‘Poop’, it should sound cuter too right?

Half right.

Yes, it sounds slightly cuter, but the risk of dying by the hands of your bae is higher. Please use this with discretion!


22. ______-ie

Use -ie or -ly by attaching it to the last alphabet or the last few letters of your bae’s name.

Rachel – Rachie

Lisa – Lissie

Lydia – Lydie

It doesn’t work for everyone though.

Jasmine – Jaminie (Jas-meanie)

Sarah – Sarie (Sari?)

Joey – Joeyie (what?)

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