As much as we hate to admit it, when the clock strikes midnight, our streets resemble a scene from Silent Hill (unless you’re in the city), only more urban and bright. It’s difficult to bump into a congregation of humans in the first place, much less be occupied with something fun to do. By midnight, stores (or anything at all) have been shut for more than two hours. Sigh. Boring.

So is there actually anything fun to do in Singapore when the hour of the night turns 12? Well, it seems yes, there is. While I admit that Singapore’s nightlife isn’t all that happening and rah-rah, to be honest, I’m quite enlightened because there is actually quite a surmountable amount of things to do at night.

So here are 21 activities you can squeeze out of the night when you’re a bored Singaporean insomniac.


When it comes to entertainment, music owns the night with bars, pubs and clubs the only source of nightly activities. Time to let your ears bleed from the exposure to the speakers screaming your favourite songs.

1. The Analog Factory

shopback the analog factory

Image credit | The Analog Factory

The Analog Factory is actually a jamming studio in the heart of the heartlands of Woodlands (actually, it’s closer to Admiralty). The studio doesn’t really have any opening hours, but located at the 7th and 9th floor of a light industrial/commercial building, the rehearsal space doesn’t actually open before 7pm, when office workers have left the building. Thus, you can bet your bottom dollar that the jamming space is open when everyone is asleep!



Image credit | The Analog Factory

Maybe you’re not musically inclined enough to play in a band… fret not! Jamming isn’t just for serious musicians, it’s just another activity that’s an outlet for many. Imagine banging furiously on the drums! You know, there’s that satisfying feeling that brings about transient tranquility when you recklessly drum it out.

The Analogy Factory
Primz Bizhub
21 Woodlands Close
PO 737854
Mobile: 81894361

2. K.

No, not “K” as in a reply your annoying friends furnish you with. K as in karaoke.

shopback cash studio shopback cash studio 2

Image credit | Cash Studio

Two studios that we recommend would, of course, be Cash Studio and Teo Heng KTV because of their stature as of one of few best places to scream your heart out. Also, because they stay in operation till late. Hurrah!

Cash Studio @ Ming Arcade
12 Cuscaden Road, Ming Arcade,
#B3-00, Singapore 249720
(Opp. Hard Rock Cafe)
Tel: 67356087 | Fax: 62356949

Teo Heng @ NTU Alumni Club
Tel: 6775 1500

3. Hood Bar & Cafe

Hood Bar & Cafe is located on the top floor of Bugis+, where Filmgarde is also nestled. The restaurant-cum-gig-venue is a melting pot of local and the occasional regional music. When it’s not slated for its repertoire of nightly live band performances, the cafe hosts local gigs where young musicians can shred their talents on stage.

ShopBack hood bar

Hood Bar and Cafe
Bugis+, 201 Victoria Street #05-07
Tel: +65 62218846
[email protected]

4. Blu Jaz Cafe

shopback blujaz


Image credit | Blu Jaz Cafe

Blu Jaz Cafe is another cafe that occasionally hosts local gigs and parties. The place exudes a level of intimacy for its patrons and is suitable for romantic dates or after-dinner hangout. Visit the cafe during the eve of the New Year – probably the best place for a New Year party!

Blu Jaz Cafe Pte Ltd.
11 Bali Lane, Historic Kampong Glam
Singapore 189848
Contact No. : +659 1990610


shopback Roti_prata

National pastime or not, let it be known that if you’re awake through the night, you’re hungry and most of the time, you’d do anything for food (which is usually Prata). These options are what we Singaporeans proudly and incessantly sing praises about – the availability of extremely good food when the sun’s down.

5. 2am : dessertbar

It’s midnight and you’ve just had a really late dinner – without dessert. You curse and moan from the lack of sweet treats to satisfy your after-dinner craving but it seems the availability of desserts after 11pm is non-existent. Sad.

shopback 2am dessertbar 2

shopback 2am dessertbar


Image credit | 2am : dessertbar

Kiss that sadness away because 2am : dessertbar is one hell of a cafe for dessert lovers. Phew. From classics like Tiramisu and Cheese Cake to contemporary delicacies like Apple Gold and Truffle Infinity, 2am : dessertbar is a dessert Nirvana materialised on Earth. There are even savoury treats too!

2am : dessertbar
21a Lorong Liput
Holland Village
Singapore 277733

For reservations:
Tel: 6291 9727

6. The Roti Prata House

shopback the roti prata house

Image credit |

Affectionately nicknamed by Indian-food-craving-insomniacs as ‘Prata House’, The Roti Prata House is really, a mecca of everything Roti Prata (or as our Malaysian counterpart calls it, Roti Canai). Whether you’re satisfied with the ordinary kosong and egg (or ‘telur’ in Malay) or would love to have something inherently exotic like durian-flavoured or Milo-cheese-flavoured, you’ll be able to order it here. If you’re feeling adventurously brave, how about trying the Tuna Mayo Prata? *shudders*

shopback the roti prata house menu


Image credit |

What’s even more grand, is that Salted Caramel sits pretty right beside The Roti Prata House! Dessert after a South Indian meal is close. So no moaning and cursing, guys.

The Roti Prata House
246M Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574370
6459 5260

Salted Caramel
246 Upper Thomson Rd, 574370
6753 1718

7. Rochor Original Beancurd

shopback Rochor Original Beancurd

Image credit |

Open till 1am on most days and 3am on Fridays and Saturdays, Rochor Original Beancurd is one beancurd restaurant that’s small, humble but mind-blowing. You’d never imagine ‘mind-blowing’ to be used as an adjective to describe beancurd – till now.  It’s not just beancurd that’s available and delicious here. Try their Youtiao too!

Rochor Original Beancurd
2 Short St, Singapore 188211
6334 1138

8. Kko Kko Nara

shopback kko kko nara


Image credit | Kko Kko Nara

Probably one of the best Korean fried chicken in Singapore (in my most humble opinion), Kko Kko Nara is open till 3am every other day other than Sunday (1am). Delicious chicken all around. Doesn’t matter what you order. There are other Korean fried chicken restaurants located surrounding it which you can definitely try once you’ve had a taste of Kko Kko Nara’s ridiculously tasty fried chicken. Tanjong Pagar, man.

Kko Kko Nara
68 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088489
Tel : 6225-9282    Fax : 6224-7901

Opening Hours
Mon-Sat : 11am – 3pm / 6pm – 3am
Sun : 6pm – 1am

9. Loof

10382347_10153105996114619_8996266206046638949_o 12605307_10155718322409619_4423060663064012675_o


Image credit | Loof

How about ending your night at Odeon Tower’s extension rooftop with Loof? You’ll find yourself at the mercy of elegance and a spectacular view of the Singapura skyline. If Zouk or F Club parties aren’t your thing, perhaps Loof is right up your alley! Besides, McDonalds is right beside. There’s never a time when you don’t need McDonalds. Or you could order some food and drinks at Loof itself, because they serve up a mean (reads: delicious) Truffle Fries platter at only 11 bucks!

331 North Bridge Road
#03-07 Odeon Towers Extension Rooftop
(Opposite Raffles Hotel Shopping Arcade)
Singapore 188720

Opening Hours
Mon-Thu: 5pm-1am
Fri-Sat: 5pm-2am
*Closed on Sun


shopback orchard road


Image credit |

City-state, concrete jungle, garden city, red dot and many other names we’ve been called, but not retail haven. Shopping is a part of our culture just as MRT to breakdowns. I mean, the retail industry is mind-bogglingly competitive that we’ve seen so many brand-exits (River Island, Lowry’s Farm and now New Look and Celio). So what’s open through the night? See here:

10. Mustafa Shopping Centre

shopback mustafa centre

Image credit |

Mustafa Shopping Centre is 24 hours, yes. Everything you’ll ever need in a lifetime is here. If I were Macaulay Culkin, I’d prefer to be left alone in Mustafa Centre. Not at home. Or New York.

Mustafa Shopping Centre
320 Serangoon Road, 218108
6295 5855

11. Online Shopping

person-apple-laptop-notebook (4)

If Mustafa is too far to be worthed any travelling effort at all, perhaps the best alternative is to log in to your computer and scour the internet for whatever you need. Shop online! Just like Mustafa, everything you need in a lifetime is sold online. Best of all, you’ll be able to accumulate Cashback (on top of your regular card rebates) when you click through ShopBack’s portal.

With Lazada, Zalora, ASOS, Groupon, Taobao, Expedia and 500 other brands onboard ShopBack, not only will you be able to purchase anything you’ll ever want online, you’ll also receive Cashback for your purchases!



The basis of why you’re still awake and kicking in the wee morning is pretty clear – to have fun. You could simply be sitting down with your best buds, down by the void deck like true blue Singaporean-blooded kids and still be enjoying the night. So what’s fun in Singapore?

12. Bowling

shopback cosmic bowling


Image credit |

There are many bowling alleys in Singapore that end their operations beyond midnight so if you’re an insomniac, perhaps you could take this chance to become a pro bowler. Voila! You’ve just turned sleepless nights into training sessions (the same can be said about jamming).

Cool stuff:

Go for a cosmic bowling session at the Orchid Bowl @ THE CHEVRONS every Wednesday from 8pm to midnight. Get spaced out.

Orchid Bowl @ THE CHEVRONS
48 Boon Lay Way The Chevrons #04-01 Singapore 609961
Tel: 6795 5900
Fax: 6795 5902
Email: [email protected]

13. Darts

shopback idarts


Image credit | iDarts

The interest in darts is going on a crescendo, with the opening of many darts bars and other cafes installing darts boards in their premises. Just as sleepless nights can be bowling training sessions, it can also be Darts practice if you’re keen enough. iDarts, with its five branches here in Singapore, open till 1am on weekdays and 3am on eves and weekends. Time to flock for some bull’s eye fun!

14. Futsal

shopback futsal


Image credit |

You can find a plethora of Futsal pitches and cages around Singapore. Wherever you’re living in Singapore, you’ll be able to find a futsal pitch close by!


15. Midnight Hike @ Southern Ridges

shopback southern ridges

Image credit |

Don’t be surprised if you spot other hikers around the area too! The Southern Ridges look immensely beautiful at night, especially when you’ve found yourself surrounded by grandeur views of urban Singapore. Ironic how you’re gazing upon spectacular urbanisation while you’re standing amidst the natural beauty of the forests instead of vice versa, isn’t it?

If you’re not keen on walking for kilometers on end, perhaps you could head directly to Henderson Waves and enjoy the scenery. The forests act as a border while your focus is towards the road that leads to the city.

16. Brave Haunted Haunts

shopback old changi hospital

Image credit |

Singapore doesn’t really offer any horror theme parks unless it is Halloween, and that’s when s*** gets pretty real and spooky. However, from November through to the next September, our only option is actual haunted venues. In which case, if you do visit them, you’ll run the risk of getting possessed or even better, bringing some ghouls home to play with for free.

Neo Tiew Estate

shopback neo tiew estate

Image credit |

Neo Tiew Estate is an abandoned neighbourhood and is now used as a venue for SAF’s urban operations exercises. Like most abandoned neighbourhood, the level of creepiness is through the roof. Its walls are ‘decorated’ by horror-seeking scheming vandals so you’ll be identifying pentagrams and ‘666’s throughout your visit (if you’ll ever visit it).

Sembawang Park

shopback sembawang park

Image credit |

Sembawang park is one place I actively avoid. Not only is the beach touted by many (especially northerners) to be a quite a hotbed for the ones unseen, I’ve actually personally encountered my fair share of spooks within the area. This place is a no-go for me.

Bedok Reservoir

shopback bedok reservoir

With about 10 deaths happening around the area so far, it’s one mysterious plot of land (and water). Bedok residents used to stay away from the reservoir on the account of the deaths that had happened. We wonder if Bedok Reservoir will eventually spiral into something like Japan’s Aokigahara!

17. Singapore Night Festival

shopback singapore night festival


Image credit |

Organised by National Museum for the Bras Basah.Bugis precinct, the Singapore Night Festival happens over 2 weekends. City Hall becomes a massive gallery for art installations while stages are erected around SMU as well as the Substation. Best of all, Armenian Street is closed off for a street party!

This yearly affair should never be missed. Besides, it’s a good excuse to stay out all night!

18. Waterfronts

Grab your friends and head to these waterfronts! Bring some snacks and be sure to enjoy the cool breeze (or typhoon, because it’s pretty windy and chilly at these places).

Woodlands Waterfront

shopback woodlands waterfront

Image credit |

One great thing about Woodlands Waterfront is the long jetty that’ll pretty much transport you to the middle of the sea. Sit in a circle with your friends (like every other group of friends that find themselves in a wide, open space) and enjoy hours of talking cock and singing songs.

Punggol Point

shopback punggol point

Image credit |

Punggol Point is slightly deeper to get into than Woodlands Waterfront, but you’ll get to watch the humongous ships sail through the seas. Alternatively, The Punggol Settlement is around for you to enjoy good food before you hang around the beach during the night!

Still think Singapore isn’t really a place for insomniacs to enjoy the night? If you’ve got night activities that seem to triumph over our list, hit us up!

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