It is without the slightest doubt that polytechnic students are the coolest, most dynamic bunch of people. Here are the reasons why they are.

1. Everyday is a fashion show


Polytechnic students get to dress up to school every single day. While that may be the bane of many polytechnic students’ existence, others rejoice this ability to choose their daily fashion. Some would prefer to attend class in the thinnest t-shirt and shorts while walking casually in slippers. If you’re like me, you’d probably be a fashionista. Every morning, you’ll be conducting a briefing with your wardrobe on which top to be worn with which bottom, the jacket to wear when you’re cold, the shoes to tread on and accessories to match your skin (and your clothes).

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2. We have faculty wars


You don’t just belong in a polytechnic, you belong to a specific school, a specific faculty. School of Architecture and the Built Environment, School of Business, School of Design, School of Film and Media Studies. Every faculty represents a specific set of unique trait and they are forever forging wars. Which faculty is the coolest? We’ll never know. But the competition is fun.

3. You’ll meet so many people in 3 years, it’s almost ridiculous


In some polytechnics, you change classes every few months. Others have general elective modules, which means you’ll cross schools! You’ll meet students from other faculties. CCAs will ensure that you’ll experience this as well! By the end of your three years in tertiary, your social media contacts will surge all the way to the thousands!

4. So many opportunities to travel


Overseas Internship Programmes, overseas trips organised by different faculties, overseas CCA competitions and trips, and even post exam vacation trips with your good friends. In any case, there are so many different opportunities to travel overseas!

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5. Our camps are phenomenal


Look at Republic Polytechnic; it’s fully air-conditioned! Singapore Polytechnic — HUGE. Ngee Ann Polytechnic? Built on a gigantic hill!

6. Our facilities are extensive


Gyms, laboratories, media studios, rock-climbing walls, stadium, multi-purpose courts, skate parks, engineering labs, a plethora of lecture theatres, swimming pools, fast-food joints, many food courts, massive libraries, game rooms, clubhouses and simulation rooms. The facilities offered by polytechnics are really comprehensive and massive!

7. There’s so many exclusive clubs to choose from


Rock-climbing, Mixed-Martial Arts, Capoeira, Rock bands, Jazz bands, the comprehensive list of sports, Mindsports, Dragonboat and other water-related CCAs, councils, faculty clubs, social welfare clubs, cultural clubs and many, many, many more!


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8. We study what we want to study


Never get bored of learning (ok maybe sometimes). We choose what we want to study and what we study is cool. Media, business, engineering, psychology, architecture, design and many other cool things to embark on. Polytechnic students are always a step ahead!



What is tertiary education without pizza parties? Every cool polytechnic student would have at least once in his or her life experience a pizza party. If you’ve not, then it’s high time that you did. Here’s how you do it.

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10. Laptops = Gaming, Online shopping

P1000324Source (To tell you the truth, everyone’s on their good behaviour for the camera. Off camera, it’s probably a LAN shop)

Another reason why polytechnic students are cool — all of us are accompanied by a laptop. Whether our laptops are used as a tool for education or entertainment matters not. What matters is that the idea that everyone have their own laptop that they carry around.

We do understand that polytechnics will encourage students to purchase laptops from the vendors they’ve provided because its specifications are attuned to the school’s standards. However, if you’re looking for a laptop of an even higher quality, simply head to Lazada! You’ll find an assortment of gadgets and electronics that’ll make your jaw drop. Besides, up to 2.5% cashback for any electronics !

11. Good looking guys and girls


Dragonboat guys (ok, not all of them though! Hehe.) and business school girls (or communication/design girls whichever you prefer). ‘Nuff said.

12. Shopping centre polytechnics – Just look at Singapore Polytechnic!


Polytechnics are shopping centres masked as education institutions. The best example is Singapore Polytechnic. The institution used to have two McDonald’s outlets. Currently, there’s a Burger King, KFC, Subway, Starbucks, Ya Kun Kaya Toast and many others. It’s not just food though. There are banks and even travel agencies!

13. Polytechnics are sooooo huge, we can basically ‘lepak’ everywhere


Really, polytechnics have breeding grounds for groups to ‘lepak’. Corners are aplenty.

14. Homework is an illusion

da-vinci-2smallSource (even the libraries are for fun and games)

Homework? Isn’t that for kids only? I’m only joking though… Or am I?

15. A levels…



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