Have you ever gone through the vicious cycle of lamenting about having nothing to do in Singapore or that every new thing that you do is too expensive before ending up going through the same old routine – doing the same thing you always do at the same place? Well, there’s actually lots to do on this little island that you probably never knew existed.

Hang on, correction: There are actually lots of amazing free things to do in Singapore that you never knew existed! It’s not just budget-friendly things to do in Singapore – it’s absolutely free of charge and regardless of what you like to do, be it visiting museums, doing some sports or watching a movie, you’ll be going:


13 Amazing Free Things To Do in Singapore That You Never Knew Existed

1. Go on an adventure with Geocaching

Geocaching Hidden BoxImage Credit | pixabay.com

Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity where ‘X’ marks the spot! If you’re up for an adventure to explore hidden and/or unfamiliar spots, then Geocaching is the thing for you. It’s a fantastic way to make new discoveries in your area and even around the world – and it’s easy to do so.

Adventurous excitement like a little boy

Think of it as a treasure hunt. Register for free, download the mobile app, select a geocache of your choice and GPS your way to there! There are many hidden geocaches that are littered around the island so you’d definitely be spoilt for choice. Make it more fun for other participants by filling in the log book and returning the geocache to where you found it.

2. Farm-hopping at Kranji

Goat Farm Goat FarmImage Credit | facebook.com/haydairies

Instead of playing Farm Life on your phone all the time and living vicariously through some 2D cows, why not head to Kranji and farm-hop? It’s free and you get to experience a mostly unseen side of Singapore. You can disconnect from stressful city life and be entranced by the sight, taste and smell of farms located in the Kranji countryside.

turtle fish farmImage Credit | facebook.com/pages/Qian-Hu-Fish-Farm (Wkeat Lim)

Check out goats at Hay Dairies, ornamental fishes at the Qian Hu Fish Farm, and see how vegetables and fruits are grown at the Kin Yan Agrotech. Don’t forget Farmart Centre where children can get some hands-on learning by interacting with the farm animals!

qian hu fish farm

qian hu fish farm

3. The Animal Resort: Our very own kampung-style Zoo

animal resortImage Credit | Instagram: @tiffany_anganimal resort

Image Credit | Instagram: @cowseatsushi

The Animal Resort is off the beaten track, located at Seletar West Farmway and slightly inaccessible, but totally worth the trip. Home to some of Singapore’s most exotic birds, a retired horse called Pin Number, rabbits, and rodents, the charming 1960s kampung-style farm allows for a more interactive and hands-on experience as compared to the grand Singapore Zoo or River Safari.

12599463_1593282584331635_1396121533_nImage Credit | Instagram: @macadamian.nut

It’s hidden away from all the hustle and bustle of the city and admission is free – just the right weekend getaway after a stressful week!

4. Explore with nature-themed guided walks

Pupa of an arctiine moth. Fascinated by the common mahang and its symbiotic antsImage Credit | facebook.com/lovemacritchie

If you’re always amazed by the critters and desolate relics that are photographed on this little island or have always wondered about the past behind some of our beloved landmarks, then you should take this chance to join and explore with nature/history-themed guided walks!

Volunteers from Toddycats’ Love MacRitchie Walks, a.t.Bukit Brown, Naked Hermit Crabs, and NParks are pretty active and constantly plan guided walks so they can share some interesting facts and experiences with people.

naked hermit crabs nature walk singapore Young boy at Chek JawaImage Credit |nakedhermitcrabs.blogspot.sg

5. Mass workouts: All sweat, no cash

Why pay for an exercise class when you can work out for free? Say goodbye to yoga packages worth hundreds of dollars and join others every Tuesday till 28th June at either Clifford Square, near Fullerton Bay from 6.30pm or 7.30pm onwards for an hour of yoga or clubbercise!

Yoga at Clifford SquareImage Credit | facebook.com/underarmoursea

This April, the Singapore Sports Hub is also opening free classes where the public can pick up speedminton or tag rugby everyday Saturday or Sunday respectively. Sports and exercise is more than just running around the track, so don’t miss out the chance to do something new, for free!

If none of these sound quite up your alley, you can head over to HealthHub.sg to check what they have to offer there! There are plenty of classes you can take part in for free from yoga to running clinics!

6. History for the soul

National Gallery SG buildingImage Credit | wikipedia.org

Before the moment of paintingImage Credit | flickr.com | jack_tt_lee

For all you history lovers out there, this is the segment for you. If you  haven’t heard of and/or been to the National Gallery or The Philatelic Museum, then you’d better set aside a day or two to explore these places. Singaporeans enjoy free admission into these wonderful venues where you can learn more about Singapore’s or even Southeast Asia’s history.

Heritage Room in SPMImage Credit | spm.org.sg

How about joining the Singapore Footprints for an authentic tour around the Singapore River at 4.15pm on weekends or Chinatown at 9.15am on Saturdays? No sign ups are required, so just turn up at the meeting points: Raffles MRT exit B or Chinatown Visitor Centre respectively!

7. The art of Gillman Barracks

Sketching the butterfly-man art piece

Image Credit | facebook.com/ArtOutreachSG

The former military camp is now home to about 11 art galleries and is an art museum that’s unlike those you’ve seen before! Admission is free and you can admire the artworks, sit at a corner to sketch or attend an interactive, hands-on session to create your own art pieces!Woman painting treesImage Credit | facebook.com/ArtOutreachSG

8. Wallet-friendly movie screenings
People watching Phua Chu Kang show

Movie Mob drive inImage Credit | moviemob.sg

When someone mentions movies, it usually means money for tickets and money for snacks like popcorn. Before you’re even sitting down to watch the show, your wallet is probably already crying in your pockets. How about some wallet-friendly movie screenings for a change?

The Substation front view Image Credit | substation.org

Occasionally at The Substation, local films will be screened and admission is free! If you wish to watch a movie under the stars instead, Movie Mob does film screenings that take place all around Singapore. With a unique drive-in concept, MovieMobbers can also vote for their favourite movies prior to the event. DBS Movies by the Bay, held at Marina Reservoir every third Friday and Saturday of the month is very similar, so bring along some popcorn or snacks and don’t miss out on these freebies!

DBS movies by the bay crowdImage Credit | dbs.com

9. One and only – The Singapore Really Really Free Market

Mind blown

As the name of this flea market goes, everything from goods to skills, is really at zero cost all the time. The Really Really Free Market community gathers to share everything for free and that includes free clothes, books, even spiritual healing and massages.


Image Credit | facebook.com/srrfm

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” With so many items available for you to grab and so many skills for you to learn and enjoy, you’ll definitely find something to love here at the one and only Singapore Really Really Free Market!

10. Bring out your inner Durian hunter

Picking DurianImage Credit | facebook.com/SingaporeDurianPicking

Recreational Durian picking is a fun activity, and a mouth-watering one too! Once Durian season hits, the Singapore Durian Picking community will organise night trips to pick Durians that have fallen from the trees so that the group can feast on this local favourite in the morning. Watch out for updates!

Plump durian fleshImage Credit | facebook.com/SingaporeDurianPicking

11. Wanted: Masochistic Foodies

Earn yourself the ‘Legendary Food King/Queen’ title and get to eat for free by succeeding in ultimate food challenges. The Dempsey Roadhouse is home to one of Singapore’s most monstrous food challenges. If you can finish The Terminator ($58) within 20 minutes, the burger is on the house!

The terminator at dempsey roadhouseImage Credit | theprivegroup.com.sg

The Beast’s Beast Burger ($125) is another monstrous challenge that you can take up! It’s recommended that you pre-order this, and if you manage to finish this burger, it’s free. Note: Nobody has completed this challenge yet!

12. Coupons to eat for free

Chicken rice with chilli Chilli CrabImage Credit | wikipedia.org [Singaporean Cuisine]

Singaporeans don’t just love to complain, we also love to eat. I mean, we live in a food paradise, so that’s no surprise! But I know something that people may love more than just food.

Free food. (No complaints here!)

Free Famous Food promo

 Hyderabadi Dum BiryaniImage Credit | facebook.com/Freefamousfood

No – no need to rub your eyes or scoff in disbelief. April Fools’ has just passed and this is no joke. With Free Famous Food, you get to eat and fill your tummies, for free. Their company’s slogan is ‘We pay! You eat!’ and they’re for real!

13. Stargaze at no cost

EclipseImage Credit | facebook.com/AngMoKioSidewalkAstronomy

Who wouldn’t want a chance to stargaze at no cost? Observe the Sun, Moon, stars, planets and many more at the Science Centre OBservatory (SCOB)  or at the Stargazing Singapore community. Till mid 2016, Jupiter, Mars as well as Saturn are in view, so don’t miss this chance to view these planets!

30 second exposureImage Credit | facebook.com/SCOBservatory

Singapore may have been voted as the most expensive city for expatriates to live in for three consecutive years but there are many free things that you can enjoy doing here on this small, sunny island.

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