Looking for ways to spend your New Year’s Eve in Singapore? Fret not as we’ve compiled this helpful list for you to choose from.

Usher The New Year In Style

1. New Year’s Countdown @ The Floating Platform hosted by MediaCorp




Last year we saw Korean mega-idol group, Big Bang gracing the stage, igniting screams of fandom alongside faces still brimming with excitement and disbelief. I mean, as a person who is a total mainstream hater, even I was entertained by Big Bang charismatic stage presence. Unlike the instalment back in 2013 – when I got hopelessly fed up of watching and turned in instead – last year’s was pretty much not bad.

If this year’s anything like the last (MediaCorp promises ‘glam’ with Adam Lambert headlining the show), I’m sure the Marina Bay Countdown is a huge delight to those who are looking to kick off 2016 with quite a bang. Awesome!

2. Marina Bay Countdown

sg fireworks



Outside the floating platform lies the massive New Year’s countdown celebration. The Marina Bay Countdown itself is an expanded celebration where performances and installations are dispersed at various venues around the Marina!

Fullerton Hotel, Esplanade Waterfront stage and the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade are some locations that’s a part of the countdown!

3. Heartland Celebrations

boon lay countdown


Boon Lay,  Yishun, Woodlands, Yew Tee, you can really celebrate the new year in the heartlands! Did you know that some of them even have fireworks too?

Betcha didn’t know there are fireworks in the heartlands since you’re always out in town during the new year!

4. Hit The Clubs

Tanjong beach club nye party



Tanjong Beach Club is probably a great place for you to dance and drink your night away. Located right in party heaven, Sentosa, Tanjong Beach Club is where the party rises to a climax. The club will be featuring a 2-day celebration with DJ Modium and DJ Shawn Livewire!

5. Watch The Fireworks

fireworks in singapore



There are a few choices for those seeking to appreciate the explosions in the sky. There are firework displays in Boon Lay’s New Year’s celebration. Or, you can simply head over to the Marina Bay Countdown, where you’ll be accompanied by the whole of Singapore’s population. The Jubilee bridge had already been built so there are actually more places to view the fireworks at Marina Bay!

6. Go To Town

orchard road

Just like Christmas Eve, Orchard Road’s going to be one place that’s incredibly full with people expecting some form of celebration. Once the new year hits, you’re going to be sprayed with celebratory party sprays! Enjoy this mini Songkran-inspired mini block party!

7. The Coasts


flickr.com | image by aamanatullah

Woodlands Waterfront, Punggol Jetty or west coast! All these places are great for a quiet night out for the New Year’s Eve. The scenery is amazing, with all the lights from the other side hauntingly calling out to you. Plus, You’ll be able to watch the ships pass by!

8. Be In The Comfort Of Your Home


While many believe the year-end must be concluded extravagantly, others find joy by embracing the quietness at home. You can always tune into MediaCorp’s New Year’s Party while enjoying your comfy bed! Besides, there’s no better way to spend the welcoming of another year than with your quirky family.

9. House Party!


Perhaps you just want to get away from the festive crowd, but will not compromise on the celebration. Then it’s clear that you’re supposed to throw a party in your own home. Invite your closest friends and let the party mood fill the room!

10. Spend It Nonchalantly

pexels-photo (3)

Like sitting out in McDonald’s through the night unfazed that 2015 just passed by. Or timing yourself perfectly so that 0000hrs is spent in the MRT train that’s chugging between Khatib and Yio Chu Kang station.

11. Get Out Of Singapore


flickr.com | Image by Jennifer

Anywhere, as long as it’s beyond our borders. Malaysia even. Actually, you’ll realise that Malaysia is a hotbed for fireworks! Woodlanders would know this all too well.

12. Catch Up On Sleep


It’s probably what most of us losers will be doing anyway… Zzzz…

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