1. Bed time


Sure, our geographical location denies us the privilege (or curse) of having four seasons which means winter is only a dream or a trip to Snow City (ughhh Snow City) for poor Singaporeans. But all is not lost because we can always pray for rain. And since it’s December, rain almost feel like snow. It’s cold and moist.

With rain being a constant in December, there’s one thing you can actually do – sleep. Hide under the sheets and stare at the ceiling. Do nothing. Become one with your bed. That’s the best way to spend a cold day.

2. Heal yourself


If you’re spending Christmas alone, then there’s one thing you can do – ensuring that you’re prepared for 2016. Do activities that are therapeutic, things that make you feel happy. Read a book, bake cookies, get a colouring book and colour it, shop or play the guitar. Do anything as long as it makes you focused on your own well-being.

2015 had been a year with so much going on in the news and social media feeds. I’m sure your energies are fully spent on the world. Get some time off social media and spend some time repairing your mind, body and soul.

3. Gardens by the bay

gardens by the bay christmas


Presented by AIA, Christmas Wonderland is an event held at Gardens by the Bay. Admission is free!

Featuring rides, trickarts and performances by Charlie Lim, Take Two and various others, Spending your Christmas at the Gardens is truly magical!

4. Club


Grab your group of friends and head to the plethora of awesome clubs around Clarke Quay! It’s going to be bustling with buskers, music, and alcohol!

5. Movie

night-television-tv-theme-machines (1)

There are two ways to go about doing this.

1. Grab your friends again, and head to the nearest box office. The cinema should offer you a great range of movies for the holiday period. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the best movie ever. After watching the movie, see number (6)


2. Grab your friends and make them come over your place. Watch a great movie like Mean Girls or Fight Club. See number (7).

6. Changi Airport

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 10.24.59 pm



Head to Changi Airport to see the Star Wars Exhibition. The exhibit is only up until the end of the month so you should actually spend Christmas at Changi Airport with the Storm Troopers!

7. Host a party/sleepover



A Christmas sleepover with your friends is a great idea if spending time with your close buds is your idea of fun. Order food from our favourite delivery service – foodpanda. Whatever type of food your taste buds require is all available in one place!

Play card games, watch TV programmes or movies, gossip, bake, play video games and just let your hair down!




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8. Orchard Road




This one’s full of lights, cameras and action. The festive lights and sparkly things decorated along the shopping district really injects that carnival mood. It’s pretty awesome to see everyone parading and generally acting out in hijinks. Strut down from ION Orchard till Orchard Central in the evening and you’ll be reminded of how the place is just full of interesting things to see.

Remember to take pictures of all the Christmas trees that you can find!

9. A Quieter Christmas



Not everyone is big on hyping up their lives for Christmas. If you’re one of those emo peeps, then you’d still want to head out to the outside world but you’re unwilling to negotiate the crowd. Fret not, there are places you could go for a quiet time. Remember to head out in the evening, though!

-Every beach in Singapore other than in Sentosa because everyone’s out in Orchard

10. The Esplanade



The Esplanade is a great place to hang out during holidays because there are always free performances being held in the area! At 10pm, when the performances have ended, take a sit by the river behind the outdoor stage. The stairs that lead to the river is a great place to simply enjoy the scenery! Here’s where you’ll be able to enjoy a quiet night out!

11. Family, duh

pexels-photo (4)

Christmas is really a festive season meant for you to spend quality time with your family! It’s a time of forgiveness and love. It’s a time where families set the tone for the coming year. Spend your Christmas with family because at the end of the day (or the year, for that matter), it’s all that matters!

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