The plethora of entertainment options available for children these days are as modern as they are technologically-advanced. Forget gadgets like Nintendo Wii, Kinect, Playstation Portable and even the trusty smartphone – all we had as 90s kids were our Tamagotchi, Gameboy Colour and the trusty old television screen. I fondly remember planted myself in front of the television to catch my favourite shows like clockwork. At 5:30pm every weekday was Hi-5, and I’ll get up bright and early on Saturdays to catch the 9:30am screening of Pokemon.

Growing up as a 90s kid might mean that we didn’t get exposed to Angry Birds at a tender age, but does not mean that we were any less lacking in terms of entertainment options. Kids Central (I was very very sad when they revamped it to the now Okto channel) has, and always will be, the prime source of entertainment for us. Let us take some time to give thanks and revisit these TV shows that will always hold a special place in our hearts. If you’re a true 90s kid, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Here’s A Trip Down Memory Lane…

1. We Are REM

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“I’m Rachel, I’m Ee-ching and I’m Mo”. I can practically hear the intro of the series play in my mind as I’m typing this. We are REM was our very own version of Totally Spies, with the trio running around and solving various mysteries every week.

2. Groom My Room

groom my room

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Who else watches this show with a tinge of jealousy? Every week, one lucky kid gets a complete makeover of his or her room according to their chosen theme. And the best part? They get to invite their friends over to show off the finished room.

3. Mr Kiasu

mr kiasu

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This caricature of a character embodied all the traits of a typical Singaporean. Essentially our answer to Mr Bean, Mr Kiasu was featured on a variety of platforms from TV shows to comics. Remember when he even had his own musical, or when his figures were being sold as part of McDonald’s Happy Meal?

4. Jobs For Juniors


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This show was as much fun as it was educational. Each week, the show provide a glimpse into the dream occupation of these children, allowing them to get a taste of what it feels like to be in the working profession. And if you’re anything as invested as I was, you would have been real nervous when they were giving the final grade to assess the performance of the contestants.

5. Whizzes Of The Void Deck


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Science always looked cooler on television that it was in school. Especially when you get to perform experiments under your void deck and embark on crazy adventures with three of your friends. In hindsight, it seems like the formula to a successful kids show is one that has a mystery-busting trio.  

6. Robbie And The Book Of Tales

Video credits | bakugan

This was one show that fed our appetites for fantasy and magic. Our protagonist, Robbie, enters the magical world of a storybook that he found. If you’ve tried sneezing three times in front of a storybook, you and me can become the best of friends.

7. Growing Up

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Most of us probably grew up with Growing Up, which was one of Singapore’s longest-running English dramas serial. The six long seasons were a testament to how invested we were in their family’s affairs.

8. Schoolhouse Rockz

schoolhouse rockz

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Admittedly, this show had nothing on Zac Efron and the High School Musical series. But with catchy tunes and infections dance steps, the show definitely got me to hum along once or twice. Much coolz.  

9. Art Factory

art factory

Image credits | thesmartlocal

His adorable caricatures, fun DIY craft projects and exaggerated speech patterns makes this a highly enjoyable show to watch. And who could forget his almost iconic cow illustrations in Cows N Crayons that looks deceptively easy to draw.

10. Record Breakers: Singapore Edition



Think Amazing Race for kids. Record Breakers was a show where children work in pairs to solve a series of clues and race around Singapore with various guest celebrities. Who wouldn’t like the chance to be able to run around and explore the country as a kid? 




Video credits | Lance Loong

We had our very own Just For Laughs way back in the 90s. Seeing our fellow Singaporeans been placed under hilarious situations was certainly a great way to crack up and laugh at all those silly reactions.

12. Triple Nine


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One of the very first police drama most of us watched, it surely was cool watching the cops run around wielding guns and nabbing those bad guys. And let’s face it, James Lye and Wong Li Lin probably made the eye-candy list for many of us.

These shows might never be screened again, but they’ll always mean something to all the Singaporean 90s kids that grew up watching the TV, before the Internet’s interference!

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