Korean Ice Kacang, they say. Well, that’s quite true. Korean Bingsu is a shaved ice dessert much like our ice kacang except, it’s slightly more trendy when we look at the ingredients.

So here are 12 places in Singapore you’ll be able to find Korean Bingsu!

Best Bingsu In Singapore

1. Chick and Ken



Chick and Ken (which we’ve already featured in the Korean Fried Chicken article. Click here to read it!) offers Injeolmi, the crowd’s classic where corn flakes meet rice cakes, and the Cha-Yen, a Thai-inspired bingsu, with its Thai tea elements and red rubies amongst other ingredients.

Remember to try its fried chicken too!

2. Nunsaram Korean dessert cafe

Nunsaram is located in Orchard Central and is usually packed with youths hanging out or studying during the weekend. But if you patient enough to snag a sit, then hurray! Time for some delicious bingsu.

Nunsaram_green tea_faebb4c3-d687-4e0f-b810-717d51331cc1_560x462


This ‘Snowman’ cafe (because Nunsaram means Snowman in Korean) boasts a few flavours, all of them very, very, tasty!




3. Tom N Toms Coffee



I’m a huge mango fan so it was an incredibly easy choice for me to make. There were a few bigger chunks of ice on it but that’s alright. I actually love those chunks – gives some sort of texture to bingsus.

Also, try their French Toast and coffee!

4. Cafe Insadong

Cafe Insadong is one fine example of how ice kacang is lagging behind (although I appreciate how ice kacang is sticking to its roots!). Just look at this:





Other than that, there’s Red Bean, Sweet Potato, Oreo, Mango and Green Tea – the usuals.

5. Snowy Village

Snowy Village offers a good range of bingsu flavours. They are bingsu innovators! Look!



Chocoreo Bingsu



Mango Bingsu



Mintchocolate bingsu


Blacksesame bingsu

6. O’ma Spoon

O’ma Spoon is slightly expensive (being in Marina Square and all) and its flavours are the common ones, just like most of the other cafes mentioned here. Its Mango Cheese bingsu is interesting though. Because Cheesecake.



It’s a great place to just relax while you’re in Marina Square!

7. Nunsongyee Korean Dessert Cafe

Nunsongyee is a splendidly furnished cafe located in Burghley Dr (never heard of the road? neither did we.). It’s slightly tedious to get there, but don’t worry, it’s worth it.




Strawberry bingsu!



Coffee bingsu with granola, nuts and even a shot of espresso! Caffeine dreamland.

8. One Ice Cafe

One Ice Cafe’s bingsu isn’t as expensive as many of the cafes listed here. Common flavours are available here plus chocolate banana bingsu, which is gorgeous and delicious! It reminds me of Spizza’s Zara pizza for some reason.


9. Bing Go Jung

Bing Go Jung isn’t just a cafe for Bingsu, there are also delicious waffles and toasts.


Coffee bingsu!

10. Banana Tree

Banana Tree is a chic destination for those looking for a Korean dessert. Its themed interior looks fresh and pretty, pretty for those Instagram outings. Even the snacks are served beautifully and innovatively!



11. Snowman Desserts

Snowman Desserts is part of the Ministry of Food multi-concept where it features SsikSin Chicken, DaeSsikin and others. Thus, the great thing about it is, bingsu after your main course – fried chicken.




Melon Bingsu. That is what you need to try (or Mango bingsu!).

12. I Scream


I Scream is predominantly, an ice cream cafe actually. However, they do have a small range of bingsu for bingsu fans. Berry Awesome Bingsu and Mon-Go-Mad Bingsu, amongst others, will give you a taste of Korea’s popular dessert at only $6.90!

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