Whether you are great at cooking or a complete newbie in the kitchen, there is no denial that wiping a good dish takes some level of effort. There is always some cutting, slicing and washing involved that seem daunting for the more inexperienced hands. But kitchen tasks don’t have to be a drag because we now have plenty of utensils and gadgets to helps us with all this work.

Contrary to popular belief, useful kitchen tools are quite cheap and save us precious time when preparing food. Interested in leveling up your domestic skills? Read on to find new kitchen items for less than SGD 10 that will make want to cook more often. Hint: These make great gifts as well.

1. The Ice Ball Maker (SGD 4.60)

Silicone and plastic ice ball makers
Image credit: Lazada Singapore

Some people may remember a time when crushed ice was sold on the streets. They were hand shaped into balls and topped with some sweet syrup. Now ice balls are rare in the streets and very popular in cocktails bars, but you can still make your own version at home. These useful ice ball makers are made from safe eco-friendly silicone and you can even make your own flavors.

They’re pretty useful for making other desserts too, from chocolate balls to various types of jellies. Great if you’re thinking of something special to make for a party. Each set of two ice ball makers retail for only SGD 4.60. What a steal!

2. Press Food Chopper (SGD 5.51)

Hand press chopper for vegetables and meat
Image credit: Lazada Singapore

Get your veggies and meats chopped into small pieces by a press of the hand. Simply fill the container of this chopper with your ingredients and just press the upper part down several times. You’ll end up with perfectly chopped ingredients for stir-fries, baking, soups, porridge and anything else. It’s only going to set you back a mere SGD 5.51 online.

3. Microwaveable Lunch Boxes (SGD 5.40)

Microwavable bento lunch boxes
Image credit: Lazada Singapore

These lunchboxes allow you to prepare your own or your kids’ lunches in large batches beforehand and freeze them. Then you can easily just heat them up in the microwave when you’re ready to eat them. Convenient, clean and safe. Plus you’ll be able to prepare healthier meals at home to enjoy all the time. Each bento lunch box is only SGD 5.40 so you can get a few in the various colour available.

4. Electric Pepper and Spice Grinder (SGD 6.16)

Electric pepper and spice grinder
Image credit: Lazada Malaysia

Freshly ground black and white pepper can really transform any dish. Get your own pepper grinder that twists itself without you needing to work. It’s a simple contraption that automatically dispenses ground pepper onto cooked dishes or during the cooking process with a flick of your fingers. This looks straight out of Masterchef.

5. Funnel Vegetable Slicer/Spiralizer (SGD 3.00)

Cone shaped vegetable slicer and grater
Image credit: Lazada Singapore

Have you heard of zoodles or zucchini noodles? Create pretty ribbons of vegetables using this cute but practical slicer. It’s great for vegetables like radish, carrots, z, cchini and cucumbers. Cut them via the uniquely arranged blades to give you extremely beautiful strands of vegetables that can be used as part of your recipe, or just as a garnish. This vegetable slicer can be purchased for a very affordable price of SGD 3.

6. Non-Stick Rice Paddle (SGD 3.50)

Squirrel rice padle
Image credit: Amazon

This is an oldie reinvented! This classic kitchen must-have can be yours at a very affordable price. These squirrel shaped rice spoons bring a splash of color to your table and its useful design makes it perfect to use with making a mess on your counters.

7. Gethome Silicone Funnel (SGD 3.64)

Silicone funnel for water and oil
Image credit: Lazada Singapore

Have you ever had to pour away excess water or oil from your pot or pan? Sometimes this leads to dangerous and messy spills onto your kitchen counter. Now you can pour any liquid from your pot or pan out in a safe and clean manner. This silicone funnel ensures that there are no unwanted spills and that everything goes exactly where it should.

8.Manual Soymilk Grinder (SGD 7.90)

Manual hand operated soymilk grinder
Image credit: Lazada Singapore

Make your own healthy soymilk at home with this grinder that’s easily operated by hand. Now you can control the amount of sugar in your soymilk so that it’s not too sweet. Just add water and soybeans to the top of the grinder and twist the handle gently. This contraption can also be used to make beverages from any other sort of beans including mung beans and red beans.

9. Silicone Pancake Mold (SGD 4.97)

Mini round silicone pancake mold
Image credit: Lazada Singapore

Tired of your pancakes not turning out perfectly? Do you get teased for your less than round pancakes by your family? Then this is the product you need. Get perfectly round mini pancakes every time. You can even decorate your pancakes with candies and chocolates to make smiley faces for a cheerful breakfast or tea time snack.

10. Electric Egg Boiler (SGD 9.65)

Electric egg boiler
Image credit: Lazada Singapore

Loading up on protein? When you want perfectly boiled eggs, you can depend on this little contraption. You don’t have to time it and it will cook your eggs automatically once turned on. It’s a useful tool if you have a big family or need many boiled eggs at once. For example, if you’re making egg sandwiches for a party. Each boiler cooks seven eggs at once.

Kitchen gadgets to make you feel like a chef

All we need are the right tools to make us feel like a pro in the kitchen. Who knew such simple objects could be so useful? Whether you’re buying these practical and useful kitchen utensils for yourself or as a gift, don’t forget to check out the cashback promotions on all our top home appliance online stores. Did you know that you can get as much as 11% on cashback when you shop at Lazada? Well, now you know.


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