The Mid Autumn Festival is just around the corner (it’s on 15 September 2016!). As we all know, the most delicious thing about this festive period is the amazing mooncakes that we stuff our faces with. What could be better than paying tribute to this wonderful snack (technically, if we ate a few mooncakes, it could be considered a full meal) by adorning our bodies with moon accessories? I’ll tell you what: paying less than retail prices for these following adorable moon accessories thanks to ShopBack’s cashback deals for ASOS

1. Check out these moon studs

crescent moon earrings

They smile along with you as you smile lovingly at your mooncake. These would have cost SGD$13.04, but with cashback, it’s only slightly over SGD$12.00 for you!

2. More ear candy for you?

crescent moon earrings

They dangle on your ears while the mooncakes dangle temptingly in front of you. While it would have previously cost you more than SGD$25.00, now you can succumb to the temptation for less than SGD$25.00!

3. You know what’s better than one dangly moon on each ear?

crescent moon and stars earrings

Two moons dangling from each ear! And accompanied by delicate little stars and pearls. While this would have cost you more than SGD$17.00 previously, you can wear your heart on your sleeves and the galaxy on your ears for only SGD$16.70!

4. Upgrade your hairdo

crescent moon clip

Instantly look more put together with this spectacu-lunar statement hair piece. The price of a well-tamed mane? Only SGD$12.50 after ShopBack’s cashback!

5. Lack of sleep from midnight mooncake snacking?

moon sunglasses

Cover up those dark eye circles with these moon-shaped sunnies. Without cashback, it would have cost almost four mooncakes to pay for this (assuming each mooncake is SGD$10.00) but with ShopBack’s help, you’ll only have to fork out a little over SGD$36.00 for these!

6. Feel a longing for mooncakes?

crescent moon pendant

With this moon necklace, the Mooncake Festival will always be close to your heart. After ShopBack’s cashback, this will set you back SGD$20.00.

7. For the Instagrammer

crescent moon phone cover

What could be more photo-worthy than a candid shot of you taking a photo of your mooncake with your phone aptly covered with moon prints? Up your Insta-game for only SGD$12.26 after cashback.

8. For the food Instagrammer

moon and star ring

Hold up your mooncake while wearing this dainty moon ring as a subtle nod to your favorite orbiting rock. Without cashback, this would have cost you almost SGD$11 .00 but with Shopback’s help, this additional detail in your Instagram photos only costs SGD$10.22!

9. Dress to impress

moon and sun dress

With this dress, no one will question your love for the moon(cake). ShopBack’s cashback puts this dress comfortably under SGD$60.00 so you can dress to impress and still have enough leftover to accessorise to impress.

10. The perfect final touch to your outfit

crescent moon pouch

Complete your outfit by carrying this moon that’s shyly peeking out from behind a cloud, much like how you shyly peek around to check that there won’t be any witnesses before you set yourself upon your mooncakes. This glittery beauty is only SGD$20.44 with cashback, and not its original SGD$21.74.

With Shopback’s ASOS cashback promotions, you can dress head-to-toe in moon-themed items while indulging in mooncakes. You can finally be the moon child you’ve always knew you were.

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