Staycation? Come on, you can do better than that. Let’s not conform to the mainstream idea of fun! Why not cross over the ocean to get to somewhere less… local? Besides, all the hotels in Singapore are going to be packed. Fully packed. The rooms are going to be packed. The swimming pool is going to be packed. The fitness centre is going to be packed. The restaurant is going to be packed. Well, you get the idea. It’s Valentine’s Day and every Singaporean couple will be charging their relationship by sleeping on someone else’s bed. Not the best time for a staycation, really. Get out of the country where staycations aren’t exactly their thing.

If you believe travelling overseas will cost you much, much more than a staycation, then you’re wrong! A good hotel in Singapore is going to cost you over S$300 or even S$400! However, travelling around Southeast Asia with budget airlines will save you a mountain-load of money. Go ahead and look it up on Expedia! Accompany that with the best hotel at the cheapest price found amongst the various travel merchants we have on ShopBack, and you’ll have the time of your life beyond the shores of Singapore! Sit tight, we’re going to bring you all over Southeast Asia!

All prices quoted are correct as of 11/02/2015, hotel rooms are subjected to availability. Terms and conditions apply.

10 Best Accommodations That Will Beat Any Staycay

1. The Light Hotel Seberang Jaya

The Light Hotel Seberang Jaya - 1

Visit Penang! Starting at only S$82.01 for a night’s stay, you’ll definitely be coming back for more! The rooms feature fantastic views of the hills and the river. Outdoor pool? Check. Gymnasium for active couples? Check! Alternatively, the spa offers massages and the sauna will relax your muscles! Go on a romantic walk when dusk falls and be mesmerised by the incandescent lighting courtesy of the hotel’s charming design.

The Light Hotel Seberang Jaya - 2

The price of the hotel dips on Valentine’s and it starts at only S$82.01! Grab it before the price hikes!

2. Evergreen Laurel Hotel Penang

Evergreen Laurel Hotel Penang - 1

Everything that you want in a staycation is right here: tanning by the pool, relaxing while being massaged, or just spending some quality time with your other half in a room that exudes luxury. If you’re one of those people that decides to go on a staycation because you’re lazy to walk around the streets, perhaps Evergreen Laurel Hotel is your haven. You won’t have to exit the hotel for anything (unless you’re trying out Penang’s awesome food)!

Evergreen Laurel Hotel Penang - 2

Starting at only S$90.44 for the Superior Rooms, the value and hospitality of the hotel will put local hotels to shame.

3. Prama Sanur Beach Bali

Prama Sanur Beach Bali - 1

Typical hotels are lame. Hit the resorts instead! Resorts are the bomb because you can spend the whole day playing at the beach with swimming, cycling, doing water sports and more! The Sanur beach is so beautiful and fresh, it will breathe new air into a jaded relationship. Why not bask in the alluring sun rays while waves of clear water gently envelope the sandy shore? Or take nap on the beach! If you’re not too keen on burning your skin, then burrow yourself in the middle of your bed and blanket in your resort room while the air-conditioning is set to the maximum might be more of your thing.

Prama Sanur Beach Bali - 2
The Superior Room starts at S$100.82 per night. If you compare that to a staycation in Singapore, a Bali vacation is three times cheaper. Hurray! Spend less, enjoy more!

4. Bali Paradise Hotel Boutique Resort

Bali Paradise Hotel Boutique Resort - 1Imagine, if your vacation spans a hundred days, 99.5 of them will be spent in this resort and 0.5 of them spent travelling to the airport. Bali Paradise Hotel Boutique Resort, as the name suggest, is a paradise in Bali. Time stands still and everything that exists pretends to stop ageing (at least, for a while). Reviews of the resort seem firm on that fact that it sits on an extremely good location, where the rice fields, mountains and beaches are in full view. Apart from the excellent view, the staff are very friendly! Lovely people in a lovely place: vacations must satisfy these basic requirements.

Bali Paradise Hotel Boutique Resort - 2
Hurry, book one of their nine rooms at only S$72.73 per night! Yes, you read that right. They only have nine rooms. Which is awesome because then every need of yours can be catered to!

5. Bhukitta Hotel & Spa

Bhukitta Hotel & Spa - 1

SPA. A word in the vacation dictionary that sets every female’s alarm ringing in their heads. With the outdoor pool literally a stone’s throw away from the hotel room and the sauna right around the corner, we are sure that your vacation will be spent in the hotel (but outside your room) most of the time. The rooms are pretty, with dashes of elegant, contemporary design. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could visit the “Old Town” where beautiful architecture abounds. Time to snap some photos and congest your friends’ Instagram timeline with your vacation pictures!

Bhukitta Hotel & Spa - 2

The Superior room for two at the Bhukitta Hotel & Spa is priced at only S$88.16.

6. Citin Plaza Patong Hotel and Spa

Citin Plaza Patong Hotel and Spa - 1

Beautiful and serene, Citin Plaza Patong Hotel and Spa is situated just off the heart of Patong. The peaceful area attracts tourists that crave for an escape; a secret location, if you will. Nested on the roof of all five Citin Plaza Patong Hotel and Spa buildings are sun decks where the outdoor pools reveal themselves to the sky. Just imagine relaxing beneath the cloudless blue sky as time flows at its slowest. Once your soul is done recovering from Singapore’s hectic schedules, head to the ground level where you’ll be treated to a dining space that emulates the village life. Dining under the straw roof of the hut is an experience you will thoroughly enjoy.

Citin Plaza Patong Hotel and Spa - 2

There are just so many things for you to do in Citin Plaza and we do not have the capacity to really narrate the luxuriousness brought forth by the hotel. You’ll be surprised to find out that this gem is priced at only S$70.49 for its Superior Double Room!

7. Goodway Hotel Batam

Goodway Hotel Batam - 1

Classy and charming, Goodway Hotel Batam has its way with tourists in ensuring that the hotel impresses them enough to come back for subsequent visits. There is so much to do! Steam rooms for those who want to perspire their weight away, a sauna and jacuzzi for the classy ladies and gentlemen, an aerobics studio and fitness centre for the active adventurers, massage rooms for the tired and uninspired; and a beauty salon/manicure for the girls to feel fabulous! Be blown away by the furnishing and design that coats the hotel’s interior and exterior.

Goodway Hotel Batam - 2

With the Superior Double Room starting at only a meagre S$66.20 per night, it is impossible not to go gaga crazy over the prices and compete to book the rooms. By the way, the price is a massive dip from their original — S$158.87. More than 50% discount!

8. Batam View Beach Resort

Batam View Beach Resort - 1

Hurray! Another resort! And when we have a resort, naturally, beautiful beaches are bound to be close! Batam View Beach Resort takes this a notch higher, with access to a private beach. Thus, sitting pretty exclusively atop a hill in Nongsa, the view you’ll get from your resort room is magnanimous and awe-inspiring. Similarly, if the beach isn’t your idea of a great vacation (which is ridiculous), the resort will appeal to your first-world indoor heart with a snooker/billiards room, sauna, steam rooms and massages. When you’re bored of those, then the outdoor pool, 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, table tennis and even fishing might excite you!

Batam View Beach Resort - 2

Right, so here comes the most important verdict — the price for such a heavenly getaway. Fortunately, the damage you’ll incur to your financial pocket isn’t substantial at all! The Superior Double Room starts at only S$65.67. No words can describe how we feel about the astoundingly low prices after the discount.

9. Aston Tropicana Hotel

Aston Tropicana Hotel - 1

Bandung! With great ratings and reviews from its visitors, the Aston Tropicana Hotel boasts a posh and grand interior perfect for couples seeking a pseudo-high-class vacation. The hotel gives prominence to the vogue and exclusive vibe, evident from the design of the room. This makes Aston Tropicana the go-to hotel for those that want an authentic and classic hotel experience. Located at Jalan Cihampelas, the rooms feature a view of the urban district, where shopping and attractions are constantly trying to pull you in. But who needs shopping when you can spend the whole weekend cooped up inside the amazing room? Nonetheless, we are expecting the weather to be really lovely on Valentine’s! Thus, feel the deep dilemma between lazing around in the hotel the whole day or visiting Cihampelas Walk!

Aston Tropicana Hotel - 2

Prices are dropping in real-time so make sure you follow the discounts closely. The cheapest room, which is the Standard Double Room, starts at only S$60.49! That’s about 43% off from the original price! *faints*

10. Golden Flower Hotel

Golden Flower Hotel - 1

Golden Flower Hotel is another hospitality situated in Bandung. Let’s go straight to the price first because that’s what everyone wants to know; S$60.45 per night!

Now that we’ve got your attention from the insane discounts being handed out, let’s look at the discount — 50% discount from the original price of S$121.38! It gets ridiculous with every hotel! Golden Flower Hotel has a minimalist and classy design that creates an elegant stay for vacationers. With breakfast and Wifi included in the package, you’ll totally be charmed and satiated by the hotel’s services.

Golden Flower Hotel - 2

These are just some of the rooms available on our various travel merchants. Make sure you explore all of them before booking! Great discounts are always available when you least expect it! Plus, if you click through ShopBack before booking, you’ll earn cashback as well! Now go have the best valentine’s vacation of your life!

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