The fasting month, also known as Ramadan, is fast approaching for fellow Muslims across the globe. Apart from abstaining from doing sinful acts throughout the month, Muslims must also abstain from the consumption of food and drink from sunrise until sunset.

The pre-dawn meal, also known as sahur, is extremely important as it will fuel you throughout the day. For some, waking and preparing sahur can be a tough thing to do. But don’t skip it just yet! You’ll seriously need that energy boost to last you throughout the day.

Important nutrition goals for pre-dawn meals

Every sahur meal should be balanced and packed full of nutritional benefits. Snacking on some digestive cookies won’t be sufficient.

Each meal should have a sufficient amount of carbohydrates, especially complex carbohydrates which will provide you with a steady level of energy throughout the day during your fast. Also, make sure that you’ve got some protein in your pre-dawn meal as well since it is important in maintaining the strength of our muscles and tissues.

Thus, we compiled a list of quick, easy and balanced recipes that will not only save you time in the wee hours of the morning but also give you sufficient energy to last during your fast!

Hold up! Download the PDF first!

Before we start, we’ve compiled all the recipes into a single PDF file for your convenience. Download it here!

Sweet Recipes

Perfect for the healthy mornings, and especially if you have kids! These bowls look great for Instagram and taste great as well.

1. ramadan recipes

2. ramadan recipe hazelnut granola bowl


ramadan smoothie recipe

Download the PDF here!

Savoury Recipes







Download the PDF here!

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