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We’ve all had one of those days when all we have an irrepressible yearning to look, for the first time in our lives, cool. Not the regal-ice-queen-Jadis kind of cool, but the I-could-start-waacking-without-batting-an-eyelid kind of cool. Of course, easier said than done: there’s a reason why dreams remain, well, dreams.

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Back in reality, what most of us probably don’t realise is that we are our own worst critics. Most of the time, we’ve set impossibly high standards for what being trendy or stylish means when it comes to our appearances. Fortunately, we’ve a list of items from ASOS you’d love to help you along with honing your own street style.

1. adidas Originals Adicolour Leggings With 3 Stripe

Image 1 of adidas Originals Adicolour Leggings With 3 StripeKick off your journey to become the coolest kid (or young-at-heart) on the block with these adidas leggings. With the signature monochromatic style of three white stripes against a black base, this is a pair of bottoms that’ll comfortably accompany you to anyplace you can think of.

2. ASOS Bomber Jacket in cropped Length with Metallic Trim

Image 1 of ASOS Bomber Jacket in cropped Length with Metallic TrimWhoever said that colours were off limits in street style got it all wrong – stand out from the crowd with this unique yellow bomber jacket. Counterbalancing the sprightly yellow body with muted sand-coloured sleeves and cool lilac cuffs, this harmonious palette would turn a few heads on the streets.

3. Monki High Neck Crop Top

Image 1 of Monki High Neck Crop TopYou’re a force to be reckoned with. Embody that with this statement piece – a sleeveless, high-necked crop top. This is the perfect way to up your street style game: make a bold declaration of your athletic prowess with a bared midriff and (literal) chops with those toned arms!

4. Nike Black & White Juvenate Trainers

Image 1 of Nike Black & White Juvenate Trainers

Who could forget a comfortable, stylish pair of kicks? Nike strikes back with what it does best, and exactly what you need to complement your entire getup. With the iconic white logo and white soles against black, you’ll be on your feet and hitting the streets in no time.

5. Puma Box Logo High Neck Sweatshirt

Image 3 of Puma Box Logo High Neck SweatshirtAn ASOS exclusive, this comfy pullover by Puma would easily be a favourite in any fashion-forward youth’s closet. With a bold logo splashed across an off-white, raglan-sleeved sweater, this stylish design would grow to be your go-to addition on a chilly day in no time at all.

6. Le Coq Sportif Oversized Boyfriend Colour Block T-Shirt

Image 1 of Le Coq Sportif Oversized Boyfriend Colour Block T-ShirtWhat better way to make an impression than with a jersey-inspired shirt? Le Coq Sportif strikes again with its oversized, yet figure-flattering design. With uniquely mismatched sleeves of blue and red – as if daringly rooting for not one but both sports teams – this shirt is a definite a game-changer.

7.  Pull&Bear Message Trainer

Image 1 of Pull&Bear Message TrainerNo streetwear combi is complete without a pair of slip ons. These shoes have chunky soles, allowing you to tower over the tallest of your friends and the snobbiest of your foes. With a defiant proclamation of “whatever”, you’ll be winning the hearts of many with your brazenness anywhere you go.

8. Monki Printed Leggings

Image 1 of Monki Printed LeggingsWhat’s streetwear without injecting a cheeky little bit of fun to it? Monki’s cotton leggings showcase a repeated print of abstract, black and white profiles across the fabric. If you’re looking for a pair of bottoms that will showcase eccentricities, these quirky leggings are a must-have for you.

9. New Look Printed Floral Bomber

Image 1 of New Look Printed Floral BomberWhat could be more appealing than a stately bomber jacket? A bomber jacket with eye-pleasing prints! This outerwear by New Look marries a delicate print associated with daintiness and grace with a boldly defiant style of clothing with unexpected ease. Spruce up your closet with these cheery florals!

10. adidas Originals Drawstring Backpack in Black

Image 1 of adidas Originals Drawstring Backpack in BlackAs snazzy as you already are, any street-smart dresser needs a trusty tote to pile all their belongings in. This drawstring bag is the perfect fit for you – store everything you could possibly need on a day out without hassle, while looking great at the same time. This durable material would guarantee a worry-free time on the streets.

With these stylish additions to your wardrobe, you’ll be ready to roll (or stroll) on the streets in no time. Don’t forget that you’ll be snagging a 7% cashback when shopping for ASOS items through ShopBack, so go forth and grab the latest street styles today!

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