What defines a Singaporean? We’re always busy and we always love good food. These are precisely the reasons that make Foodpanda delivery an ingenious idea and an absolute necessity for us! We bring to you just a few of the many dining scenarios that could seriously use some help from Foodpanda, coupled with some suggestions of what to order to match the occasion.

Dinner on date night at Botanic Gardens

Madrinaa ItalianoImage credit: www.facebook.com/madrinaa-pizza-pasta

Here’s the scenario: You really like this person and would like to leave an impression on a romantic date in the Botanic Gardens. To enjoy a swanky and delicious meal that is nevertheless convenient to eat outdoors, we suggest Madrinaa Italiano’s pizza Bergamo delivered by Foodpanda, perfect for sharing with you and your sweetheart.

Price of pizza Bergamo before cashback: $33.71
Price of pizza Bergamo after cashback: $31.00

Catering for house-warming party

I Love TaimeiImage credit: ilovetaimei.com

Moving into a new place can be a very tedious and exhausting affair. After finally settling down, you’re just drained and the last thing you want to do is go through the hassle of cooking up an entire feast for the upcoming house-warming party. A party with sumptuous and fuss-free food is entirely possible with finger food from I Love Taimei, a food outlet serving yummy Taiwanese snacks.

Price of a combination of finger food (chicken tight cutlet, mushroom combo, large crispy squid and  sweet potato fries) before cashback: $21.31
Price of a combination of finger food before cashback: $19.60

Afternoon tea time at the office

i.teaImage credit: itea.sg

Almost every office worker knows this – post-lunch food coma. Just imagine what wonders a shiok cup of bubble tea or coffee could do as you are nodding off at your desk. Foodpanda offers a plethora of options for your bubble tea fix (such as the yummy i.tea) and the best part is that the delivery fee becomes increasingly negligible the more drinks are ordered, so rope your colleagues in for a bulk order!

Price of original milk tea before cashback: $5.67
Price of original milk tea after cashback: $5.22

Breakfast on rainy Saturday mornings

Md Sultan Curry Palace Indian Muslim RestaurantImage credit: magazine.foodpanda.sg

The temptation to snuggle up in bed on Saturday mornings is real especially when it is raining outside, and you really do not want to get up to procure breakfast. Savour the ultimate Singaporean breakfast food, roti prata, from Md Sultan Curry Palace Indian Muslim Restaurant delivered to you by Foodpanda! Comfort food has never come so easily before.

Price of egg cheese mushroom prata before cashback: $7.38
Price of egg cheese mushroom prata after cashback: $6.80

Mother’s day dinner (or on her birthday)

HaizhongbaoImage credit: facebook.com/haizhongbaoseafood

It is the time of the year to express your gratitude to your mother. If you can’t cook, don’t despair as you can still prepare a heartwarming and delicious dinner with the aid of long-time zi char establishment Hai Zhong Bao, where you can get your dishes delivered by Foodpanda.

Price of fish maw with sea cucumber before cashback:  $29.00
Price of fish maw with sea cucumber before cashback:  $26.70

Lunch when rushing for assignment deadlines

SubwayImage credit: subway.com

If you are an overworked student who’s trying to finish up that chemistry project and have no time to leave for lunch, Foodpanda brings your favourite Subway cold cut trio sub right to your doorstep so you can munch happily while soldiering on with your school work.

Price of cold cut trio sub cookie meal before cashback: $12.00
Price of cold cut trio sub cookie meal after cashback: $11.00

Birthday cakes for surprise celebration


Image credit: emicakes.com.sg

Surprise birthday celebrations for friends in school are common, but the trouble always comes in when deciding who has to buy the cake and bring it to school, and how. With Emicakes’ Choco Truffle cake delivered right to your school address by Foodpanda, that dilemma is a problem no more.

Price of Choco Truffle cake before cashback: S$39.27
Price of Choco Truffle cake after cashback: S$36.10

Snacks for girls’ night out with Netflix

blackball singaporeImage credit: facebook.com/blackball.Singapore

Your girlfriends and you are meeting at your house to reminisce about the old times over the chic-flick movies that you all love so much. Sounds like a perfect occasion to indulge your sweet tooth in some tasty treats from Blackball, delivered right to your home by Foodpanda!

Price of Blackball Signature Deluxe before cashback: $11.50
Price of Blackball Signature Deluxe before cashback: $10.60

Chow-time with the boys after soccer match

4fingersImage credit: 4fingers.com

After a good game of soccer with your buddies, doesn’t wolfing some meat down together with them sound like a really great way to end off the day? Satisfy those hunger pangs with 4Fingers’ Wingettes and Drumettes Combo, delivered piping hot to you by Foodpanda.

Price of Wingettes and Drumettes Combo before cashback: $13.95
Price of Wingettes and Drumettes Combo before cashback: $12.80

Family picnic brunch at East Coast Park

Makisan Sushi RollsImage credit: facebook.com/rollwithmakisan

For the mums and dads who like to bring their children on picnic trips by the beach, imagine how much time you get to save if you did not need to prepare brunch to bring along! For a nice change, Makisan sushi’s Little San Sushi, delivered by foodpanda, offers a nutritious and scrumptious alternative to homemade sandwiches.

Price of Little San Sushi before cashback: $10.90
Price of Little San Sushi after cashback: $10.00

The food options stated above are just a glimpse of the wide variety that Foodpanda has to offer, so hurry and check it out! Do remember to shop with ShopBack to get 8% discount!


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