If there is one thing that can bring throngs of Singaporeans together rain or shine, it is fireworks. These beautiful explosions in the sky are a visual treat and Singapore usually puts on some of the most extravagant of displays for occasions such as New Year’s Day and National Day. If you’re not too keen on navigating the oft-impossible crowd before, during and after witnessing the spectacle of colourful combustion then let’s have a look at some of the best hotels – some of which are available for you at great rates at Expedia – to witness these fireworks. You can enjoy the view and have a staycation while you’re at it!

1. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay SandsImage credit | en.wikipedia.org

The world-renowned Marina Bay Sands resort hotel is the grandstand seat for you. Located literally along the mouth of the Singapore River, you will get to enjoy an unobstructed view of the fireworks. You can even enjoy it while sipping on a cocktail up on the deck of the rooftop club.

2. The Fullerton Hotel

The Fullerton HotelImage credit | expedia.com.sg

Housed in an massive and beautiful old-style colonial building the Fullerton hotel is one of the best and classiest hotels in Singapore.  Located in Fullerton Square it is within view of the mouth of the Singapore River and the fireworks.

Available on Expedia with cashback from: $393.76 / night

3. The Fullerton Bay

The Fullerton BayImage credit | expedia.com.sg

The Fullerton Bay Hotel is located just across the road from its cousin hotel, The Fullerton hotel. It is also closer to the river – in fact, it sits on the waterfront itself. Enjoy the fireworks while taking it easy at a pool just the way it’s supposed to be enjoyed.

Available on Expedia with cashback from: $487.60 / night

4. Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin OrientalImage credit | expedia.com.sg

Come fireworks season, Mandarin Oriental usually experiences a surge in bookings due to it having one of the best views of the Marina Bay area.  It is almost as if this hotel is purposefully built for fireworks viewing.

Available on Expedia with cashback from: $464.60 / night

5. Swissotel The Stamford

Swissotel The StamfordImage credit | expedia.com.sg

Of course, being one of the tallest hotels in Southeast Asia, Swissotel The Stamford also comes with a view that is to die for. Book a table at their famed restaurant, The Equinox, which sits at the pinnacle of the hotel and give yourself a treat for all your senses. Despite located quite a distance away from the Marina Bay Area, its height ensures you get unobstructed views.

Available on Expedia with cashback from: $272.32 / night

6. The Ritz Carlton, Millenia

The Ritz Carlton, MilleniaImage credit | expedia.com.sg

The Ritz Carlton brand is known far and wide for its unsurpassed service and luxury. Order some room service, pop a bottle of champagne and you’re good to go!

Available on Expedia with cashback from: $469.20 / night

7. Pan Pacific Singapore

Pan Pacific SingaporeImage credit | expedia.com.sg

Owing to its splendid location, during National Day, you can not only witness the fireworks from the comfort of your rooms in Pan Pacific, you can even catch some of the National Day Parade action! You get the whole package and that is bang for your buck.

Available on Expedia with cashback from: $220.80 / night

8. Conrad Centennial Singapore

Conrad Centennial SingaporeImage credit | expedia.com.sg

Located in the Marina Bay Area, the Conrad Centennial sits in prime real estate for fireworks viewing. This hotel is delightfully decorated allowing you to enjoy the views in relative style and comfort.

Available on Expedia with cashback from: $276.00 / night

9. Fairmont Singapore

Fairmont SingaporeImage credit | expedia.com.sg

Fairmont is located right next to Swissotel The Stamford and along with that also comes a similar, equally remarkable view. Just be sure to pick a room on one of their higher floors.

Available on Expedia with cashback from: $294.40 / night

10. Naumi Hotel

Naumi HotelImage credit | expedia.com.sg

Go up on the deck to enjoy a nice view of the fireworks at this very hip and boutique looking hotel located at Seah Street. This is one of the lesser known hotels to catch a view of the fireworks.

Available on Expedia with cashback from: $305.44 / night

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