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Allianz Travel Promo Code & Offers for Singapore July 2024

Up to $50 CashbackWas Up to $52 Cashback

Cashback Rates

  • $600 and above$50
  • $400 - $599$33.33
  • $200 - $399$25
  • $100 - $199$8.33
  • $50 - $99$6.67
  • Less than $50$3.33
To ensure Allianz Travel Cashback and promo code eligibility.
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  • Return to ShopBack and clickthrough to Allianz Travel every time you are making a new transaction or encounter an error
  • Applicable only on
  • Changes or cancellations
When will I get my Cashback?
Tracked In
Claim In
2 days
35 days after travel


Excludes coupons, shipping fee, discounts & any other fees

Terms & Conditions

By purchasing merchant's travel insurance with the promotional code advertised, you are deemed to agree to the terms and conditions and benefit limits of Allianz Travel Insurance Policy Wording. Refer here for more information: https://www.allianztravel.c
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