9.9 Rewards Day Insider Guide

1. What is 9.9 Rewards Day?

9.9 Rewards Day is an annual industry-wide event that brings together all e-commerce and digital stores into one single platform to celebrate the innovations and conveniences that digitisation has brought to our lives. It's also a day for e-commerce companies to reward customers with special deals and discounts for shopping online!

This year's theme for 9.9 Rewards Day is "Celebrating The Smarter Way" which highlights the past and present ways of experiencing our lives. The event singles out 8 aspects of life that have changed with time. For example, The Smarter Way to Travel explores the digitisation of the travel industry - where travel for leisure has become increasingly accessible and affordable with the rise of B2C online travel agencies, budget airlines and private home accommodations which allowed people to book and rent out their homes easily. The ways of traveling have also expanded in a myriad of ways - solo travel, travel for social causes etc.

2. What can we expect on 9.9 Rewards Day?

The countdown will kickoff on 14 Aug with storewide upsized Cashback on our popular stores for different weeks. ShopBack members can expect to enjoy special Epic Cashback rates during this period, timely flash sales, exclusive giveaways and offers. Do stay tuned each week to see the various offers on ShopBack!

On 9.9 Rewards Day (9 Sep) itself, you can expect Never-Before-Seen Epic Cashback rates from over 60 top stores on ShopBack. You can also enjoy exclusive curated deals and discounts from selected stores only via ShopBack. We'll also be giving away limited sets of Mystery Reward Boxes with specially handpicked items from our merchants. Be sure to stay tuned to our site for more details!

3. Who is participating on 9.9 Rewards Day?

There will be over 150+ deals on 9.9 Rewards Day and over 60 participating stores for the event with the likes of Lazada, Shopee, ASOS, Fave by Groupon, Foodpanda, Expedia, Booking.com, Hotels.com, Scoot, ZALORA, honestbee and more. Discover the best Cashback rates on that day on top of your usual discounts and offers. 

4. When is 9.9 Rewards Day?

PRE-SALE: 14 Aug, 12PM - 8 Sep, 11:59PM

SALE: 9 Sep, 12AM - 11:59PM

The Pre-sale for 9.9 Rewards Day will begin from 14 Aug, where every week will highlight a category of digital stores culminating into a category-wide Epic Sale on 9 September.

WEEK 1: 14 Aug - 17 Aug The Smarter Way to DRESS

WEEK 1: 18 Aug - 20 Aug The Smarter Way to EAT/PLAY/RIDE

WEEK 2: 21 Aug - 24 Aug The Smarter Way to TRAVEL

WEEK 2: 25 Aug - 27 Aug The Smarter Way to EAT/PLAY/RIDE

WEEK 3: 28 Aug -31 Aug The Smarter Way to LIVE/LOVE

WEEK 3: 1 Sep - 3 Sep The Smarter Way to EAT/PLAY/RIDE

WEEK 4: 4 Sep - 8 Sep The Smarter Way to SHOP Daily Flash Deals Countdown to 9.9!

WEEK 4: 9 Sep 9.9 REWARDS DAY!

4. How can I be part of 9.9 Rewards Day?

  • Become a ShopBacker! Sign up here.
  • Download the ShopBack App here.
  • Stay tuned to the ShopBack blog here.
  • Follow our social channels Facebook & Instagram.
  • Join the Smart Shoppers Community to learn tips & tricks of a Smart Shopper!

5. Any Tips & Tricks for 9.9 Rewards Day?

#1 Add items to your Wishlist before 9.9 Rewards Day. If you wish to beat the crowd on 9.9 Rewards Day, pick out the items you want to buy before the sales start and checkout at midnight!

#2 Download the ShopBack Cashback Buddy (Browser Extension) to always be reminded to activate your Cashback while you browse your favourite stores as usual. Download here.

#3 Get Cashback on top of Cashback! Sign up for the best online shopping credit card before you start shopping. Plus, did you know can earn extra up to $50 ShopBack Cashback on selected cards when you apply for a credit card via ShopBack. Check it out here.

#4 Plan your shopping calendar. There are many exciting upsized offers during the pre-sale season that you can enjoy before 9.9. Plan your shopping according to the calendar of pre-sale offers if you don't want to bear the risk of having out-of-stock items and do your impulse shopping on 9.9 itself!

#5 Become a ShopBack Ambassador and earn Bonus Cashback! From 1-31 Aug, refer 3 friends and earn extra $69 Bonus Cashback. Check out more details here

#5 Get to know each merchant at the tip of your fingers! We recommend getting familiar the T&Cs of your favourite stores on ShopBack so that you know what to do when the time comes. Stores like Shopee requires form submission before getting your Cashback therefore, it's good to set a reminder-to-self to submit your form after your shopping is done. Plus, each store will have a different refund, shipping and exchange policy which will be good-to-know before you begin shopping.