Stay Tuned for ShopFest 12 12 Sales on 12 Dec 2019!

ShopBack Singapore has become a sale galore with the 12 12 sale! As the last sale before Christmas, make use of 12.12 deals and grab your last chance to get all you need for the holidays. Held on 12/12/%cur_year%, the explosive sales that come on that one day will blow you away! Mark ShopFest 12.12 on your calendar so you won’t miss your last chance at getting rad presents for both your loved ones and yourself!
Whether you want to look at anything that is fashion, food and beverages or electronics, there should always be a 1212 discount available for your needs. So join in the fun and shop with your favourite merchants on 1212!

Save time, shop online, and make use of last minute savings with 1212 promos

If you are too busy to shop for Christmas gifts, this is the greatest, last chance for you to do so online! Yes! Just shop online for all your necessary Christmas gifting obligations! 12.12 promotions & vouchers will be abound for the season, so make full use of those to get the best out of your online shopping experience! The end of the year might be coming, and work might really piling up for you, so cut the queue and order online. Besides saving time, who knows? You might even be able to find a great 1212 special offer that can only be found online!

Fashion a wardrobe for yourself through the 12.12 sale!

This is your last chance to get awesome clothes for the festive season! Get your clothes for cheap with some 1212 discount codes, and then you can go all out and doll yourself up for Christmas (and quite possibly New Year). What’s even better, save on shipping by ordering your outfits together! Show your solidarity with your friends and order matching outfits, especially if you are thinking of going to the same event together! Get the 1212 discount codes, and enjoy the season for giving by sharing what coupons you have with your loved ones!

Get great 12.12 deals for your electronic devices!

Get your loved ones their favourite, most desired electronic devices for the holiday season by shopping online and getting the products delivered right to your doorstep! That’s not the only benefit of shopping online: you can also get great online 12.12 promotions and save on items that would normally have blown a hole in your wallet! iPads, gaming consoles, and whatever you need, be spoilt for choices with our merchants’ products. Your wallet would also be rejoicing when you choose to shop with a 1212 discount voucher, because those are great!

Order in, or cook your own festive food with the great 12 12 sale.

12.12 sales have never tasted this good! If you want to beat the crowd, you can, similarly, order your food or groceries in and enjoy cooking and eating with your favourite people. Better yet, order with a 1212 coupon code and enjoy even greater savings while treating your palate to gastronomical delights. If you want to take it to a whole other level, order your entire Christmas feast online with ShopBack Singapore, and just enjoy your guests’ exclamations of satisfaction without so much as lifting a finger, except those you use to punch in ShopFest 1212 promo codes!

ShopBack Singapore gives you awesome cashback on top of 12.12 offers

That’s right, ShopBack Singapore will give you some 1212 cashback when you shop with us. On top of your 1212 Singapore offers, ShopBack Singapore will also give you extra savings when you shop with ShopBack! So the next time you shop online, be sure to use ShopBack Singapore to get cashback on top of all your 12/12 discounts. This way you can enjoy buying all you want online, and get even greater savings on all your 1212 online purchases!

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